Network model in database with examples and characteristics

Network model in the database – examples – characteristics

In this tutorial, we will try to learn the following topics;

  1. Network model
  2. Examples of Network model
  3. Characteristics of a Network model

What is the database network model?

When we want to design the database, there is a variety of database model. Relational, hierarchical and network model are famous models. You can read the tutorial about these topics here by clicking the model name. In this tutorial, we will explore the database network model.

The network database model is a model for modeling the entities in such a way that one child entity can have more than one parent entities.

Give an example of a network model?

network database model

Figure: a network model

In this figure, we can see that the subject is the child class and student and degree are the parent classes.

So, the subject has two parent classes. STUDENT has one child and Degree class also have one child.

This kind of relationship among entities represents the network model. 

Characteristics of the network model

There are many characteristics of the network model, some of these characteristics are mentioned below;

    1. The network model is better than a hierarchical model.
    2. Supports many to many relationships.
      • Many parents can have many children.
      • Many children can have many parents (as shown in the figure).
    3. Entities are represented as a connected network with each other.
    4. One child entity can have more than one parent entity. For example, in the figure,  Subject has two children. One child is a STUDENT and another one is Degree.
    5. Represented as a network and one child can have more than one parent. This model represents a complex structure.
    6. Entities can have multiple parent entities and leads to a complex structure.
    7. Not very flexible to reorganize the model.
    8. High performance
    9. Relationships among databases are done by programmers by using 3GL programs.
    10. Query facility is not available in the network model.
Test Your Understandings

1. Network model supports many to many relationships  ? YES / NO

Answer - Click Here:

2. Network model is more complex than hierarchical model? YES / NO

Answer - Click Here:

3. Network model relationships are written in ………language?

(a) 1GL

(b) 2GL

(c) 3GL

(d) None of them

Answer - Click Here:

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  1. By reading this tutorial I have understood what Network model means and Hierarchical model mean too. thank you Sir

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