New Englanders Authors MCQs

Why did Thomas Carlyle love Emerson?

(a) Honesty

(b) Love for nature

(c) Kindness

(d) Philanthropy

Question’s Answer: Honesty


According to John J. Chapman, Emerson represents a protest against the tyranny of ______ .

(a) Feudalism

(b) Democracy

(c) Monarchy

(d) Christianity

Question’s Answer: Democracy


In ______ ,  Emerson has the phrase, “Little things are often filled with great beauty:

(a) Nature

(b) American Scholar lecture

(c) Journal for March 1852

(d) Harvard Divinity School Address

Question’s Answer: Journal for March 1852


For Emerson, Nature served as a major source of which of the following?

(a) Inspiration

(b) Pain

(c) Joy

(d) Ecstasy

Question’s Answer: Inspiration


According to ________ ; “Mysticism for mysticism’s sake”?

(a) Nathaniel Hawthorne

(b) H. D. Thoreau

(c) Edgar Allan Foe

(d) Herman Melville

Question’s Answer: Edgar Allan Foe


Emerson’s central doctrine-that of ‘submission to emotion’ is inadmissible to

(a) LA. Richards

(b) F. R. Leavis

(c) Yvor Winters

(d) Wilson Knight

Question’s Answer: Yvor Winters


Which of the following was promoted by H.D. Thoreau, like Emerson?

(a) Joy

(b) Pantheism

(c) Independence

(d) Kindness

Question’s Answer: Independence


Hawthorne typically observes man in _____.

(a) Nature

(b) Society

(c) Variance with nature

(d) Woods

Question’s Answer: Society


Nathaniel Hawthorne is a writer of which of the following?

(a) Prose

(b) Drama

(c) Plays

(d) Fiction

Question’s Answer: Fiction


Who claimed that “the thyme and marjoram are yet not honey” while referring to Thoreau’s poems?

(a) Nathaniel Hawthorne

(b) R.W. Emerson

(c) H.D. Thoreau

(d) Herman Melville

Question’s Answer: R.W. Emerson


What kind of writer was Henry David Thoreau?

(a) Satirical

(b) Poetical

(c) Rhetorical

(d) Conversational

Question’s Answer: Conversational


Who was claiming that Thoreau gathered surplus fruit from Emerson’s orchards?

(a) Nathaniel Hawthorne

(b) Thomas Carlyle

(c) Herman Melville

(d) J.R. Lowell

Question’s Answer: J.R. Lowell


Thoreau’s poetry is comparable to Emerson’s in which of the following ways?

(a) Unsatisfactory

(b) Satirical

(c) Poetical

(d) Political

Question’s Answer: Unsatisfactory


Emblem, symbol, moral, analogy, type, image are the favourite words of

(a) Emerson

(b) Thoreau

(c) Hawthorne

(d) Melville

Question’s Answer: Hawthorne


Who called Nathaniel Hawthorne a ‘harmless Hawthorne”?

(a) R.W. Emerson

(b) H.D. Thoreau

(c) Edgar Allan Poe

(d) Herman Melville

Question’s Answer: Herman Melville


In _______,  Melville leave the sea and far off places to write in the third person?

(a) Moby Dick

(b) Pierre

(c) Mardi

(d) Typee

Question’s Answer: Pierre


Which book of Melville reflects Shakespearean, soliloquies?

(a) Moby Dick

(b) Brother

(c) Omoo

(d) Pierre

Question’s Answer: Moby Dick


Herman Melville wrote Typee and Omoo on the basis of his experiences of

(a) Forest life

(b) City life

(c) Sea

(d) Family life

Question’s Answer: Sea


Who, regarding Hawthorne, posed this question: ‘Could he have been more self-assured”?

(a) Henry James

(b) Jack London

(c) Stephen Foster

(d) Mark Twain

Question’s Answer: Henry James


For _____,  the sea a great source of metaphor?

(a) R.W. Emerson

(b) Henry James

(c) H.D. Thoreau

(d) Herman Melville

Question’s Answer: Herman Melville


On which work does Melville castigate white civilisation?

(a) Omoo

(b) Moby Dick

(c) Mardi

(d) Typee

Question’s Answer: Typee


Which of the following book of Melville is interesting to be stupass away as a preliminary to his ‘Moby Dick”?

(a) Typee

(b) Omoo

(c) White Jacket

(d) Mardi

Question’s Answer: Mardi


There are traces of Dickens in Herman Melville’s

(a) Dick

(b) Mardi

(c) Typee

(d) Bertleby the scrivener

Question’s Answer: Bertleby the scrivener


In Omoo, Melville takes up the narrative where he left it in

(a) Omoo

(b) Moby Dick

(c) Typee

(d) Mardi

Question’s Answer: Typee

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