100 ideas to start a new website

100 ideas to start a new website

1. Dancing websites:

Talk about dancing on your website and have photos, videos, and tutorials on how to dance.

2. Niche site:

Choose a focused topic and only write about that every day.
3. Company and industry Website:

Create a website for your small business and promote it through social media.
4. Review site:

Dedicate your website to reviewing things, and become an Amazon affiliate to get paid while doing it.
5. Online portfolio site:

Online portfolio site of your illustrations, designs or another unique talent.
6. Personal site:

Write about anything and everything in your life, for fun.
7. Gaming zone website:

Create a website on making games and the development process.
8. Fashion website:

Write about popular fashion styles and tips and upload videos showing it off.
9. Company history site:

Talk about the history of companies and how they came to be.
10. Painting websites:

Sell your painting on your website. Sell digital copies for cheap.
11. Video Game website:

Upload videos of your screen while you play your favorite game.
12. Dream interpretation website:

Create a site and let others submit their dream.
13. Product and Services comparison site:

Talk about and compare to similar product or services.
14. Resource list site:

Create a site full of resource for other things.
15. Origami website:

Where you show step-by-step photos of your process.
16. MMA form:

Create a WordPress powered form about MMA and invite friends to join in the conversation.
17. Education sites:

Create an E-learning site for kids.
18. Troubleshooting site:

Pick a subject and become an expert at that helping other troubleshoot their issues.
19. MLM website:

Become an MLM Boss and recruit other online.
20. Poems website:

Write your original and compelling poems online.
21. Scrapbooking website: Show off your scrapbooking skills on your own website and teach others.
22. Career guides: Be a professional and teach others how to be a professional in a field.
23. Infographic website: Create unique and useful digital infographics and post.
24. Singing websites: Create a website to start singing lessons to your loyal fans
25. Personal Music website: Start spreading the word about your musical talents.
26. Donation website: Make up an interesting story and ask yourself as a human experiment.
27. Guitar website: Make videos and teach others how to play the guitar.
28. Stamp collecting website: Show off images of the old and unique stamp.
29. What would you do website: Where you create hypothetical situations and ask readers, what would they do?
30. Zorbing websites: Teach others the art of zorbing and upload funny videos.
31. Self-Help website: Encourage and motivate other with a self-help website.
32. Fishing site: Tips and tricks on how in your area, and upload viral videos of you fishing.

33. Save the World website: Write about saving the world and world peace.
34. Cats lovers website: Blog about cats and share funny photos on your website.
35. Online marketing site: Make a site and teach others to succeed with internet marketing.
36. FanFiction site: Write made-up stories of your favorite movies and books.
37. Family Tree site: Make your family tree and share with your whole family.
38. Paint-balling: Put a Go-Pro on your head and record videos of you paint-balling.
39. Split Personality site: Write as if you were someone else, and gain a fan base.
40. Politics websites: Create a site on your political views.
41. Retro website: Create a retro site with scrolling marquees,snowflakes falling.
42. Food diaries site: Eat food, videotape, review and do it again.
43. New ideas websites: Both creatives ideas that others can suggest and comment.
44. Foreign language learning website: Learn how to speak a new language and write about it.
45. Research site: Do major research on a certain subject and go in depth on the situation.
46. Photo Bombing site: Take pics of you photobombing.
47. Weight gain site: A reverse site about gaining weight and helping others do the same.
48. Hiking site: Capture the excitement of hiking and backpacking in a non-edited videos site.
49. Cake pop site: Make cake pop designs and sell your cookbook online.
50. Confession form: Create a WordPress powered form that powered users to make confession online, and have others respond.
51. Color Blind site: A site that tests your color blindness.
52. Advertisement site: Sell space on your sites just to advertise.
53. Meditation website: Where you have your own meditation podcast and blog on tips to a better mind.
54. Choose your destiny site: Create a site where you give the reader different paths at the end of each page.
55. News websites: Capture the latest news first, and share with social media sites.
56. Meme site: Collect images of memes and post it on your blog.
57. Star Gazing websites: Offer your galactic advice on the stars and universe through photos.
58. Quotes websites: Create original and inspirational quotes, and share on social media networks.
59. Holiday websites: Create a sie for all the holiday and sell eCards during hole seasons.
60. Long Bow tips site: Make a site dedicated to how to use a longbow, shooting techniques and videos tutorials.
61. Zombie websites: All about Zombies likes Zombie shows, movies, books, and podcasts.
62. Sports site: All about your favorite thing about sports.
63. Online web store Site: Why not sell something or a service you provide?
64. GiftRocket websites: Giftrocket combines the thoughtfulness of a gift certificate with the flexibility of cash.
65. Funny Clips websites: How about a site with your favorite Youtube,Instagram or original funny videos?
66. Dojo website: Dojo lets fan page admins create coupons sweepstakes and more easily via Facebook fan apps.
67. Dropbox website: Dropbox present an easy-to-follow videos presentation about the company and how you can benefit from their app.
68. Greenways website: A nature-inspired backdrop paints the picture for this waste management service for your business.
69. Stitch labs websites: The website for stitch labs is warm and inviting which helps in selling a complex product that much easier.
70. Worksheet sites: worksheets are similar to templates, but they serve a more specific purpose and allow the user to work through some kind of problem.
71. Photography sites: Photography is another visual medium you can use to gain visibility for your content marketing campaign.
72. Illustrated videos: Simple monologue videos can be effective, especially if you’re planning a complex topic.
73. Question and answer sites: You can also collect a series of common customer or under question and answer them, one by one.
74. Votifi websites: Votifi is a mobile polling and analytics company that facilitates political exploration and networking building through their platform and related technology.
75. Hypothetical studies site: hypothetical studies are similar to case studies,but they don’t need to be grounded in reality.
76. Books site: Book reviews are always a good excuse to read a book;we always encourage other entrepreneurs and professional to read as much as possible.
77. Results site: one of the most powerful of content you can make is the presentation of original research.
78. Apartment living site: This could range from renter issues to decor etc.
79. Charity and activism sites: Any type of charitable actions, events or activism you support should be blogged about.
80. Public debates websites: You can use your site as a platform for debates in a number of different ways.
81. Product site: Not only are product review a trusted resource online that will draw traffic, but they are also a revenue stream for bloggers.
82. Travel agency sites: No matter how to connected we get,travel will always be a popular topic for online searches.
83. Self-employment: The logistics behind how to start working for your self e.g: How to leave your job, find health insurance, set up an LLC etc.
84. Running events site: Mudruns, Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, Warrior Dash.
85. Great Recession site: A blog based on a sustainable lifestyle with a smaller footprint.
86. Inspire Bootstrappers site: A blog to inspire bootstrappers by posting real bootstrapper success stories.
87. Choose your density site: create a site where you give the reader different paths at the end of each pages.
88. Hashtag website: create a site where you make everything a hashtag.and probably get penguins by google.
89. Tutorial based sites: You can present tutorials on any of the topic of your choice.
90. Create your city/town website: Write articles your city businesses, institutions streets attraction, people and whatever else you may think would be interesting for others to find out.
91. Quiz sites: online quizzes also provide a way for people to gauge their skill in certain subjects such as grammar, spelling, and history.
92. Complication site: Create a site that compiles everything of a certain niche.
93. Create an entertaining satirical news website: A web development who is up to date with current affairs, technology, why not create a satirical.

94. Frugal website: How to save money as a college student or just show others how you can get rich by not buying anything.
95. Playing cards collection site: Dedicate a website on buying, selling and trading your favorite cards.
96. Poll and surveys website: Create a site with surveys and polls to learn about others.
97. You deserve it websites: Create a site where others can tell stories about getting revenge.
98. Ask a question website: Allow people to ask you anything, and answer them back.
99. Weight loss websites: Document yourself losing weight and record everything that you do.
100. Wedding websites: Dedicated a site on you and your loved one with photos and sweet memories.