MCQs on Non-Dramtic Poets Of The Elizabethan Age

“The Shepherd’s Calendar” inspired by which of the following?

(a) Virgil and Theocritus

(b) Beaumont and Fletcher

(c) Sackville and Norton

(d) None of these

Question’s Answer: Beaumont and Fletcher

When “The Shepherd’s Calendar” was published?

(a) 1550

(b) 1573

(c) 1560

(d) 1579

Question’s Answer: 1579

Who has been referred to be the poet’s poet?

(a) Sidney

(b) Spenser

(c) William Shakespeare

(d) Ben Jonson

Question’s Answer: Spenser

Which is the Spenser’s autobiographical poem ?

(a) “Colin Clouts Come Home Again”

(b) “Cynthia”

(c) “The Shepherd’s Calendar”

(d) “Fairie Queene”

Question’s Answer: “Fairie Queene”

The first English tragedy written by Thomas Sackville and Thomas Morton was

(a) Everyman

(b) Gorboduc

(c) New Custom

(d) King John

Question’s Answer: Gorboduc

The word ‘sonnet’ is derived from______word ‘sonetto’.

(a) English

(b) Greek

(c) Italian

(d) Latin

Question’s Answer: Italian

Spenser’s “The Shepherd’s Calendar” was written in

(a) 1597

(b) 1660

(c) 1579

(d) 1507

Question’s Answer: 1579

Who is at once the child of the Renaissance and the Reformation?

(a) Nashe

(b) Sidney

(c) Kyd

(d) Spenser

Question’s Answer: Spenser

Of the five acts of Gorboduc, Thomas Sackville wrote the

(a) First and second

(b) Second and third

(c) Fourth and 5th period

(d) Third and fourth

Question’s Answer: Fourth and 5th period

Sackville’s Gorboduc treats of an episode in

(a) Philosophy

(b) National history

(c) Witchcraft

(d) Politics

Question’s Answer: National history

When Chapman’s comedy “All Fools” was written?

(a) 1601

(b) 1610

(c) 1599

(d) 1602

Question’s Answer: 1599

Drayton’s “The Owl and The Man in the Moon” is an illustration of

(a) Fantasy

(b) Sacred verse

(c) Historical verse

(d) Satire

Question’s Answer: Satire

Chapman’s The Admiral of France was

(a) A French tragedy

(b) A satire

(c) A burlesque

(d) A comedy

Question’s Answer: A French tragedy

“A Parting” is a creation of

(a) Hall

(b) Lodge

(d) Donne

(c) Drayton

Question’s Answer: Drayton

Drayton’s literary life opens in

(a) 1591

(b) 1581

(c) 1590

(d) 1580

Question’s Answer: 1591

Who dedicated some of his plays to the Earl of Essex?

(a) Heywood

(b) Marston

(c) Webster

(d) Chapman

Question’s Answer: Chapman

Who was the scholarly translator of Iliad, Odyssey and Hymns?

(a) Massinger

(b) Chapman

(c) Webster

(d) Middleton

Question’s Answer: Chapman

Drayton’s “Shepherd’s Garland” is an experiment in

(a) Allegorical verse

(b) Sacred verse

(c) Pastoral verse

(d) Italian sonnet

Question’s Answer: Pastoral verse

The well-known historical poem of Michael Drayton is

(a) “Harmony of the Church”

(b) “Ballad of Agincourt”

(c) “Shepherd’s Garland”

(d) “Nymphidia”

Question’s Answer: “Ballad of Agincourt”

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