Sir Walter Scott MCQs [English Literature & Famous Authors]

Collection of important MCQs on Sir Walter Scott

Walter Scott became lame when he was only:

(A) Eighteen years old

(B) Fourteen years old

(C) Eighteen months old

(D) Fourteen months old

Question’s Answer: Eighteen months old

What was Scotts’ Rokeby?

(A) A novel in verse

(B) A satirical poem

(C) A long prose work

(D) A play

Question’s Answer: A novel in verse

In the second and more successful phase of his literary career, Scott produced a number

of novels, numbering about:

(A) 18

(B) 27

(C) 20

(D) 25

Question’s Answer: 27

Scott’s most widespread novels are about which of the following?

(A) London Life

(B) Ireland

(C) Scotland

(D) England

Question’s Answer: Scotland

Most of the novels of Walter Scott are ___ .

(A) Romances

(B) Historical

(C) Narrative Verse

(D) None of these

Question’s Answer: Historical

The most successful of his novels is:

(A) Kenilworth

(B) The Monastery

(C) Guy Mannering

(D) Waverley

Question’s Answer: Waverley

“The Lay of the Last Minstrel “ written by Sir Walter Scott is a ______ .

(A)  A Ballad

(B) A Narrative Poem

(C) A series of Sonnets

(D) A series of Lyrics

Question’s Answer: A Ballad

Scott was a great favourite of George IV who made him a Baronet in:

(A) 1910

(B) 1820

(C) 1838

(D) 1822

Question’s Answer: 1820

Within ______ literary Age Walter Scott lived and wrote.

(A) The Age of Wordsworth

(B) The Age of Pope

(C) The Age of Dryden

(D) The Age of Tennyson

Question’s Answer: The Age of Wordsworth

The idea/theme s of Scott’s historical novels cover a period of nearly:

(A) Six Centuries

(B) Eight Centuries

(C) Seven Centuries

(D) Four Centuries

Question’s Answer: Eight Centuries

Walter Scott was basically:

(A) A poet

(B) A dramatist

(C) An essayist

(D) A novelist

Question’s Answer: A novelist

John Gibbon Lockhart, the renowned novelist and poet was:

(A) Scott’s cousin

(B) Scott’s son-in-law

(C) Scott’s friend

(D) Scott’s nephew

Question’s Answer: Scott’s son-in-law

Marmion is _______.

(A) A poetical story

(B) A novelet

(C) A ballad

(D) An ode

Question’s Answer: A poetical story

The Lady of the Lake presents:

(A) A galaxy of characters

(B) A series of songs

(C) A series of exciting incidents

(D) A series of buffoonery

Question’s Answer: A series of exciting incidents

There are total _______ number of plays did Scott write?

(A) Two

(B) Four

(C) Three

(D) Five

Question’s Answer: Four

The Lord of the Isles is a powerful:

(A) A dramatic work in verse

(B) Adaptation of an old ballad

(C) Historical poem

(D) A series of adventures in verse

Question’s Answer: Historical poem

The Bride of Lammermoor is rightly famous for its:

(A) Sustained tragic intensity

(B) Enchanting romance

(C) Gothic atmosphere

(D) Poetical quality

Question’s Answer: Gothic atmosphere

Scott wrote his Lay of the Last Minstrel on the model of which of the following?

(A) Cowper’s John Gilpin

(B) Coleridge’s Christalbel

(C) La Belle Dame Sans Merci by Keats

(D) Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Coleridge

Question’s Answer: Coleridge’s Christalbel

Who is the writer of the Biography of Walter Scott?

(A) Leigh Hunt

(B) Charles Lamb

(C) Lockhart

(D) Southey

Question’s Answer: Lockhart

Where Walter Scott was born?

(A) Berwickshire

(B) Cambridge

(C) Edinburgh

(D) None of these

Question’s Answer: Edinburgh

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