Elizabethan Drama MCQs [14th to 17th century]

Which William Shakespeare’s tragedy is at tragedy of misanthropy?

(a) Hamlet

(b) Timon of Athens

(c) Othello

(d) King Lear

Question’s Answer: Timon of Athens

Imogen is a character in

(a) Cymbeline

(b) Coriolanus

(c) Tempest

(d) Pericles

Question’s Answer: Cymbeline

Last plays of William Shakespeare are tragic-

comedies and also known as

(a) Comedies

(b) Farces

(c) Tragedies

(d) Romances

Question’s Answer: Tragedies

Which play by William Shakespeare is known as autobiographical?

(a) The Tempest

(b) Cymbeline

(c) Pericles

(d) The Winter’s Tale

Question’s Answer: The Tempest

William Shakespeare was born in

(a) 1550

(b) 1505

(c) 1564

(d) 1510

Question’s Answer: 1564

Venus and Adonais and The Rape of Lucrece’ are

(a) Tragedies

(b) Love poems

(c) Comedies

(d) Novels

Question’s Answer: Love poems

William Shakespeare pass away in

(a) 1616

(b) 1601

(c) 1610

(d) 1600

Question’s Answer: 1600

Life of William Shakespeareis the creation of

(a) Sidney Lee

(b) Philip Sidney

(c) Spenser

(d) Marlowe

Question’s Answer: Spenser

Holinshed’s Chronicle was used by which Elizabethan dramatist?

(a) Heywood

(b) Marlowe

(c) William Shakespeare

(d) Dekker

Question’s Answer: William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare took hint from Spanish.Tragedy in his

(a) Macbeth

(b) Hamlet

(c) Othello

(d) King Lear

Question’s Answer: Hamlet

Out of William Shakespeare’s 37 plays_____plays were published in quarto form.

(a) 12

(b) 15

(c) 16

(d) 20

Question’s Answer: 16

William Shakespeare’s First Folio was published in

(a) 1600

(b) 1623

(c) 1620

(d) 1610

Question’s Answer: 1623

Who spoke?

“The lunatic, the lover and the poet,Are of imagination all compact.”

(a) Thisbey

(b) Bottom

(c) Pyramus

(d) Theseus

Question’s Answer: Theseus

In which William Shakespearean play all are guilty?

(a) As You Like It

(b) Twelfth Night

(c) Measure for Measure

(d) All’s Well That Ends Well

Question’s Answer: Measure for Measure

The famous song. Take, a take those lips away’ occurs in

(a) As You Like It

(b) Merchant of Venice

(c) Measure for Measure

(d) Much Ado About Nothing

Question’s Answer: Measure for Measure

Falstaff is a character in which of the following historical play of William Shakespeare ?

(a) Henry I

(b) Henry IV

(c) Henry VIII

(d) Henry V

Question’s Answer: Henry IV

According to_____,’It is the stars, The stars above us, govern our conditions.”

(a) Kent

(b) Edgar

(c) King Lear

(d) Fool

Question’s Answer: King Lear

“The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars. But in ourselves that we are underlings” are said by which of the following author?

(a) Brutus

(b) Ceasar

(c) Cassius

(d) None of these

Question’s Answer: Ceasar

Which Shakespearean play is a dramatisation of a tale Chaucer presented in “The Knight’s Tale”?

(a) The Two Noble Kinsmen

(b) As You Like It

(c) The Merchant of Venice

(d) The Tempest

Question’s Answer: The Two Noble Kinsmen

“Merry Wives” was written by William Shakespeare at the advice of ______ .

(a) his father

(b) Queen Elizabeth

(c) his beloved

(d) his friend

Question’s Answer: Queen Elizabeth

Benedick and Beatrice appear in which of the following comedy by William Shakespeare?

(a) The Tempest

(b) The Winter’s Tale

(c) Much Ado About Nothing

(d) Pericles

Question’s Answer: Much Ado About Nothing

Mythology, folklore and magic find their way into William Shakespeare’s?

(a) Last plays

(b) Comedies

(c) Tragedies

(d) None of these

Question’s Answer: Last plays

Which play of William Shakespeare ends without a climax?

(a) Troilus and Cressida

(b) Antony and Cleopatra

(c) Twelfth Night

(d) All’s Well That Ends Well

Question’s Answer: All’s Well That Ends Well

Which play of Ben Jonson is the most expansive of mature satiric comedies?

(a) The Poetaster

(b) Volpone

(c) The Silent Woman

(d) Bartholomew Fair

Question’s Answer: Bartholomew Fair

Sejanus and Catiline are moved by William Shakespeare’s

(a) The Taming of a Shrew

(b) Romeo and Juliet

(c) As You Like It

(d) Julius Ceaser

Question’s Answer: Julius Ceaser

Which comic character of William Shakespeare is famous for his knowledge, and sense of understanding?

(a) Feste

(b) Bottom

(c) Fool

(d) Puck

Question’s Answer: Fool

Jonson’s drama which is an unfinished pastoral drama is

(a) The Staple of News

(b) The Tale of a Tub

(c) The Sad Shepherd

(d) The New Inn

Question’s Answer: The Sad Shepherd

Sidney’s Arcadia is drawn by William Shakespeare in

(a) The Winter’s Tale

(b) Macbeth

(c) King Lear (a tragedy)

(d) The Tempest

Question’s Answer: King Lear (a tragedy)

“Drink to me only with thine eyes” is the statement of  __________.

(a) William Shakespeare

(b) Milton

(c) Ben Jonson

(d) Marlowe

Question’s Answer: Ben Jonson

Which is the Jonson’s first important and successful play?

(a) Volpone

(b) The Silent Woman

(c) Everyman Out of His Humour

(d) Everyman in His Humour

Question’s Answer: Everyman in His Humour

Cynthia’s Revels was first acted in which year?

(a) 1605

(b) 1600

(c) 1619

(d) 1650

Question’s Answer: 1600

The Fox is the sub-title of

(a) The Alchemist

(b) Everyman in His Humour

(c) Volpone

(d) None of these

Question’s Answer: Volpone

Mosca is a character found in which of the following?

(a) The Poetaster

(b) The Alchemist

(c) Volpone

(d) None of these

Question’s Answer: Volpone

Sejanus of Jonson was written in which year?

(a) 1609

(b) 1603

(c) 1610

(d) 1599

Question’s Answer: 1603

Boccaccio’s Decamenon is echoed in which creation of William Shakespeare?

(a) Twelfth Night

(b) Troilus and Cressida

(c) As You Like It

(d) All’s Well That Ends Well

Question’s Answer: All’s Well That Ends Well

Ben Jonson’s The Poetaster was directed against which of the following?

(a) Nashe

(b) Deloney

(c) Marston

(d) Kyd

Question’s Answer: Marston

The drama by Ben Jonson that Dryden analyse is _________ .

(a) The Alchemist

(b) Volpone

(c) Epicoene

(d) Bartholomew Fair

Question’s Answer: Epicoene

Face and Subtle are the characters of which novel/play?

(a) The Poetaster

(b) Volpone

(c) The Alchemist

(d) Epicoene

Question’s Answer: The Alchemist

Which is the play jointly written by Marston, Jonson,  and Chapman?

(a) Volpone

(b) The Silent Woman

(c) Eastward Hoe

(d) The Poetaster

Question’s Answer: Eastward Hoe

John Fletcher was senior to Beaumont by.

(a) 15 years

(b) 10 years

(c) 5 years

(d) 20 years

Question’s Answer: 5 years

John Fletcher pass away of

(a) Cholera

(b) Fever

(c) Tuberculosis

(d) Plague

Question’s Answer: Plague

Catiline of Jonson was written in which year?

(a) 1611

(b) 1613

(c) 1600

(d) 1610

Question’s Answer: 1611

Which Jonson’s play is a more regular play complete with ghosts and chorus?

(a) Sejanus

(b) Catiline

(c) Volpone

(d) None of these

Question’s Answer: Catiline

” The White Devil” is a play by John Webster and is founded on Italian history and dramatize events that took place in which year?

(a) 1580

(b) 1550

(c) 1573

(d) 1500

Question’s Answer: 1580

The white devil in “The White Devil” is  ____ .

(a) Courtesan

(b) Villain

(c) Satan

(d) Ghost

Question’s Answer: Courtesan

The only one of the plays of John Webster presented on the modern stage was

(a) The White Devil

(b) Appuis and Virginia

(c) The Devil’s Law Case

(d) The Duchess of Malfi

Question’s Answer: The Duchess of Malfi

How many plays are assigned to Beaumont and Fletcher alone and in collaboration?

(a) 45

(b) 40

(d) 52

(c) 30

Question’s Answer: 45

“Philaster” is a Play by Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher and it is fine study in which of the following?

(a) Romance

(b) Jealousy

(c) Supernaturalism

(d) Human psychology

Question’s Answer: Jealousy

Fletcher did not collaborate with Beaumont in which of the following?

(a) Faithful Shepherdess

(b) The Scornful Lady

(c) The City Madam

(d) A King and No King

Question’s Answer: The City Madam

John Webster’s chronicle’ plays are written to appeal to which of the following?

(a) Gallants

(b) Groundlings

(c) Contemporary society

(d) Aristocrats

Question’s Answer: Groundlings

The Woman Hater was full of comedy and it was written by ______ .

(a) William Shakespeare

(b) Fletcher

(c) Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher

(d) Marlowe

Question’s Answer: Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher

John Webster followed the trade of a_____as a means of livelihood.

(a) Barber

(b) Blacksmith’

(c) Carpenter

(d) Tailor

Question’s Answer: Tailor

In The Malcontent Webster collaborated with

(a) Marston

(b) Middleton

(c) Dekker

(d) Massinger

Question’s Answer: Marston

Webster’s The White Devil was published in which year?

(b) 1608

(a) 1611

(c) 1605

(d) 1610

Question’s Answer: 1608

The style and treatment of the subject in the story of “The Duchess of Malfi” by John Webster has been inspired by which author?

(a) William Shakespeare

(b) John Keats

(c) Shelley

(d) Sidney

Question’s Answer: Sidney

Francis Beaumont wrote The Woman Hater in which year?

(a) 1600

(b) 1603

(c) 1612

(d) 1607

Question’s Answer: 1607

John Fletcher’s The Wild Goose Chase is a kind of Elizabethan version of Shaw’s

(a) Pygmalion

(b) Candida

(c) Arms and the Man

(d) Man and Superman

Question’s Answer: Man and Superman

Which play is widely recognized as Webster’s masterpiece?

(a) The Duchess of Malfi

(b) The Malcontent

(c) The White Devil

(d) The Devil’s Law Case

Question’s Answer: The White Devil

What did Middleton do that got him into trouble?

(a) The Changeling

(b) A Game of Chess

(c) The Old Law

(d) A Faire Quarrel

Question’s Answer: A Game of Chess

Massinger collaborated with Thomas Dekker in which play/novel?

(a) The Unnatural Combat

(b) The City Madam

(c) The Virgin Martyr

(d) Empire of the East

Question’s Answer: The Virgin Martyr

Which of Middleton’s plays is most known for its link with Macbeth rather than for its own merit?

(a) The Changeling

(b) The Old Law

(c) Witch

(d) A Trick to Catch the Old One

Question’s Answer: Witch

Thomas Middleton’s “A Chaste Maid in Cheapside” and “A Trick to Catch the Old One” are ____ .

(a) Tragic

(b) Satirical comedies

(c) Tragedies

(d) Comedies

Question’s Answer: Satirical comedies

The title of the play “A Woman Killed with Kindness” is taken from a proverb quoted in which of the following?

(a) King Lear

(b) The Taming of the Shrew

(c) Macbeth

(d) The Tempest

Question’s Answer: The Taming of the Shrew

Which of the following is the famous tragi-comedy of Middleton?

(a) The Family of Love

(b) Anything for a Quiet life

(c) The Changeling Old One

(d) A Trick to Catch the

Question’s Answer: The Changeling Old One

Who described Thomas Heywood as a sort of prose William Shakespeare?

(a) Johnson

(b) Charles Lamb (English essayist)

(c) Samuel Taylor Coleridge

(d) Middleton

Question’s Answer: Charles Lamb (English essayist)

Which is the most remarkable work of Thomas Middleton?

(a) Fair Maid of the West

(b) The English Traveller

(c) Arden of Feversham Kindness

(d) The Woman Killed with

Question’s Answer: The Woman Killed with

In “A Woman Killed with Kindness” by Thomas Heywood, author sounds a______note.

(a) Domestic

(b) Lyrical

(c) Satirical

(d) Comical

Question’s Answer: Domestic

Philip Massinger was born in which year?

(a) 1503

(c) 1574

(b) 1583

(d) 1530

Question’s Answer: 1583

In which play Middleton collaborated with Thomas Dekker?

(a) The Roaring Girl

(b) A Game of Chess

(c) The Mayor of Quinborough

(d) The Changeling

Question’s Answer: The Roaring Girl

The first part of Thomas Dekker’s The Honest Whore is thought to be influenced by

(a) William Shakespeare

(b) Heywood

(c) Marston

(d) Middleton

Question’s Answer: Middleton

The “Shoemaker’s Holiday” was the creation of?

(a) Heywood

(b) Dekker Jonson

(c) Marston

(d) Ben

Question’s Answer: Dekker Jonson

James Shirley was born in London in  which year?

(a) 1506

(b) 1596

(c) 1599

(d) 1560

Question’s Answer: 1596

Nearly all the weaknesses of William Shakespearean school are seen in Massinger’s

(a) The Virgin Martyr

(b) The Unnatural Combat

(c) The Roman Actor

(d) The Duke of Milan

Question’s Answer: The Unnatural Combat

John Ford’s ‘Tis a Pity She’s a Whore has for its theme.

(a) Revenge

(b) Jealousy

(c) Over-ambition

(d) Incest

Question’s Answer: Incest

he Broken Heart is a Play by John Ford  and it was published in which year?

(a) 1607

(b) 1631

(c) 1620

(d) 1619

Question’s Answer: 1629

Ford’s ‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore has the same theme as Beaumont and Fletcher’s

(a) The Knight of the Burning Pestle

(b) The Maid’s Tragedy

(c) Philaster

(d) A King and No King

Question’s Answer: A King and No King

Old Fortunatus is a morality play based on______legend.

(a) Russian

(b) German

(c) French

(d) Italian

Question’s Answer: German

Simon Eyre is a character of

(a) Eastward Ho

(b) The Shoemaker’s Holiday

(c) Poetaster

(d) None of these

Question’s Answer: The Shoemaker’s Holiday

Where James Shirley settled in 1636?

(a) Dublin

(b) Italy

(c) Paris

(d) London

Question’s Answer: Dublin

“The Gamester and The Lady of Pleasure” was written by Shirley in which year?

(a) London

(b) Italy

(c) Dublin

(d) France

Question’s Answer: Dublin

Which is the best known play of Shirley?

(a) The Wedding

(b) The Maid’s Revenge

(c) The Witty Pair One

(d) The Grateful Servant

Question’s Answer: The Maid’s Revenge

The Shoemaker’s Holiday was written in

(a) 1550

(b) 1610

(c) 1616

(d) 1600

Question’s Answer: 1600

Philip Massinger pass away in which year?

(a) 1640

(b) 1604

(c) 1600

(d) 1650

Question’s Answer: 1640

James Shirley forms a link between the

(a) Elizabethan and Post Elizabethan drama

(b) Elizabethan and Restoration drama

(c) Elizabethan and Classical drama

(d) Elizabethan and Jacobean drama

Question’s Answer: Elizabethan and Restoration drama

Which work of Dekker is a graphic picture of London smitten by plague?

(a) The Gull’s Hornbook

(b) The Shoemaker’s Holiday

(c) The Wonderful Year

(d) The Seven Deadly Sins of London

Question’s Answer: The Wonderful Year

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