English literature MCQs

English literature MCQs

“English literature MCQs” is the set of frequently asked Multiple Choice questions and these MCQs are asked in different test in the past in different test. Here, we are presenting those MCQs in a different style. Let’s begin with Set 1.

Famous English Authors MCQs

  1. William Wordsworth MCQs
  2. William Shakespeare MCQs
  3. Robert Browning MCQs
  4. W B Yeats MCQs
  5. Edmund Spenser MCQs
  6. Chaucer MCQs
  7. John Milton MCQs
  8. S T Coleridge MCQs
  9. Lord Byron MCQs
  10. PB Shelley MCQs
  11. John Dryden MCQs
  12. John Keats MCQs
  13. Charles Dicken MCQs
  14. Alfred Lord Tennyson MCQs
  15. Charles Lamb MCQs
  16. D.H Lawrence MCQs
  17. Thomas Hardy MCQs
  18. Matthew Arnold MCQs
  19. John Galsworthy MCQs
  20. George Bernard Shaw MCQs
  21. T.S Eliot MCQs
  22. Ben Jonson MCQs
  23. Francis Bacon MCQs
  24. Alexander Pope MCQs
  25. Oliver Goldsmith MCQs
  26. Joseph Addison MCQs
  27. Dr Samuel Johnson MCQs
  28. Henry Fielding MCQs
  29. Sir Walter Scott MCQs
  30. Jane Austen MCQs
  31. Dr. Samuel Johnson MCQs
  32. English Comedy MCQs (Oliver Goldsmith)
  33. Alexander Pope MCQs (Neo-Classical Age of English Poetry)
  34. Daniel Defoe MCQs
  35. Dr. Jonathan Swift MCQs
  36. Richard Steele MCQs
  37. English Drama MCQs
  38. Elizabethan Drama MCQs [14th to 17th century]
  39. Elizabethan Prose MCQs

More English Literature MCQs

  1. English Poetry MCQs
  2. History of English Literature MCQs
  3. Sentimental Novels MCQs
  4. Sentimental Poetry MCQs
  5. Legends Of English Literature MCQs
  6. English Literature Quiz
  7. English Literature Important Multiple Choice Questions Answers
  8. Sons And Lovers by D H Lawrence MCQs 
  9. The Waste Land, A Poem by T. S. Eliot MCQs
  10. Drama Origin MCQs
  11. History of the Renaissance Period MCQs 
  12. English Pros MCQs
  13. Non-Dramtic Poets Of The Elizabethan Age MCQs
  14. The Cavalier Poets of 17th-century MCQs
  15. Metaphysical Poets of 17th century MCQs
  16. Renaissance Period of 14th, 15th, and 16th centuries MCQs
  17. Puritan Poet MCQs
  18. Restoration Comedy by William Congreve & Wycherley MCQs
  19. Satire MCQs – Renaissance Period by John Dryden
  20. English Essayists MCQs
  21. Romantic Period of Romantic Poets MCQs
  22. English language MCQs
  23. English Humour MCQs [American Literature]
  24. Early Writers of American Literature MCQs
  25. History of American Literature MCQs
  26. American Prose MCQs [English Realism ]
  27. American English Critics
  28. New Englanders Authors MCQs
  29. MCQs on American Literature After Independence
  30. American Playwrights MCQs
  31. New American Poetry MCQs
  32. British English Critics MCQs
  33. Ancient English literature MCQs
  34. Important English Literature MCQs for Public Service Commission
  35. English Literature Repeated Important MCQs
  36. CSS English Literature MCQs
  37. History of Early Period MCQs 
  38. The Anglo-Saxon period MCQs
  39. The Age of Chaucer in the Early Period MCQs
  40. The Anglo-Norman Period of French Writers MCQs 
  41. Metrical Romances MCQ (Anglo-Saxon Period)
  42. Revival of Learning MCQs (1400-1550)
  43. Applied Linguistics MCQs
  44. Language Change MCQs

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Set 1: English literature MCQs – FAQ in NTS Test

1. Means “advance guard” or “vanguard” and is used to mention to people that are experimental, particularly with respect to culture, and politics, art.
A. Avant-garde
B. Anachronism
C. Catharsis
D. Vernacular
E. None of these

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2.Repetition of sentences using the same structure.
A. Adage
B. Parallel Structure
C. Aphorism
D. Pastoral
E. None of these
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3. Which of the following period of literature came first?
A. Regency
B. Romantic
C. Victorian
D. Restoration
E. None of these
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4. Name the first Englishwoman who earns her living as a playwright was:
A. Ann Hathaway
B. Nell Gwynn
C. Lady Teazle
D. Aphra Behn
E. None of these
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5.Jean Baptiste Poquelin, The most popular French playwright is known as____________.
A. Caleron
B. Moliere
C. Couperin
D. Corneille
E. None of these
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Set 2: English literature MCQs – FAQ in GRE Test

6. The period of maturation, intellectual growth, and social graces during the Renaissance is called the:
A. aristocracy
B. Enlightenment
C. Reformation
D. New Age
E. None of these

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7. ___________ literary sub-periods does NOT fall under the Neoclassical Period?
A. The Restoration
B. The Augustan Age
C. Jacobean Age
D. The Age of Sensibility
E. None of these
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8. Periods of English literature which came last?
A. The Commonwealth Period
B. The Elizabethan Age
C. The Jacobean Age
D. The Middle English Period
E. None of these
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9. Which of the following work was published first?
A. Lord Byron’s “Don Juan”
B. Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein”
C. Blake’s “Songs of Innocence”
D. Sir Walter Scott’s “Ivanhoe”
E. None of these
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10. __________ was not a Renaissance writer.
A. William Shakespeare
B. Sir Philip Sidney
C. Christopher Marlowe
D. Sir Thomas Malory
E. None of these
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Set 3: English literature MCQs – FAQ in GRE Subject Test

11. Which poet did NOT write during the 16th century?
A. John Skelton
B. Thomas Carew
C. Sir Thomas Wyatt
D. William Shakespeare
E. None of these

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12.________ writers would be an appropriate subject for a class on “The Literature of the British Empire”?
A. Rudyard Kipling
B. Edward Fitzgerald
C. Charlotte Bronte
D. Any of these
E. None of these
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13. This work was NOT originally published in the 20th Century.
A. Henry James’s “The Ambassadors”
B. Virginia Woolf’s “Mrs. Dalloway”
C. E.M. Forster’s “A Room With A View”
D. Thomas Hardy’s “Tess of the D’Urbervilles”
E. None of these
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14. In which city was Milton?
A. Norwich
B. London
C. York
D. Canterbury
E. None of these
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15. What was the date of birth of John Milton?
A. 9 December 1608
B. 19 August 1604
C. 6 June 1606
D. 22 April 1600
E. None of these

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16.Which of the followings school did Milton attend?
A. Merchant Taylors’
B. Christ’s Hospital
C. St Paul’s
D. Westminster
E. None of these
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