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“He was as fresh as the month of May.” This line is part of the Prologue. This line refers to _______ .

(A) Squire

(B) Franklin

(C) Doctor of Physic

(D) None of these

Question’s Answer: Squire

chaucer basic info
chaucer basic info

Which work is not a work of Chaucer?

(A) The House of Fame

(B) The Legend of Good Women

(C) The Owl and the Nightingale

(D) Romaunt of the Rose

Question’s Answer: The Owl and the Nightingale

Which is Chaucer’s prose work?

(A) Treatise on the Astrolabe

(B) The Legend of Good Women

(C) Troylus and Cryseyde

(D) The House of Fame

Question’s Answer: Treatise on the Astrolabe

Who is the writer of a famous poem mourning the death of Chaucer?

(A) William Dunwar in The Thistle and the Rose

(B) Lydgate in Falles of Princes

(C) James I of Scotland in The King’s Quair

(D) Occleve in The Governail of Princes

Question’s Answer: Occleve in The Governail of Princes

chaucer basic books names
chaucer basic books names

Which was the closest contemporary of Chaucer ?

(A) John Gower

(B) Wyclif

(C) William Langland

(D) John Barbour

Question’s Answer: William Langland

____ called Chaucer “the Father of English Poetry”?

(A) Dryden

(B) Spenser

(C) Sidney

(D) Arnold

Question’s Answer: Dryden

______ says about Chaucer’s ‘Characters-“Here is God’s Plenty.”

(A) Dr. Johnson

(B) Dryden

(C) Pope

(D) Coleridge

Question’s Answer: Dryden

In which month did Chaucer’s pilgrims go on their pilgrimage?

(A) January

(B) April

(C) March

(D) February

Question’s Answer: April

How many pilgrims in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales are going on the pilgrimage?

(A) 27

(B) 40

(C) 30

(D) 29

Question’s Answer: 29

How many pilgrims in the Prologue to the Canterbury Tales represent the knighthood class?

(A) One

(B) Two

(C) seven

(D) Three

Question’s Answer: Three

One of the portraits in the Prologue is that of the Wife of Bath. What is Bath?

(A) The Christian name of the lady

(B) The name of the town to which she belonged

(C) The name of her husband

(D) The surname of the lady

Question’s Answer: The name of the town to which she belonged

It is believed that the Host at the Inn was a real man. Who is the Host?

(A) Henry Bailly

(B) Hoary Bailly

(C) Horney Bailly

(D) Harry Bailly

Question’s Answer: Harry Bailly

What is the name of the Inn where the pilgrims assemble for the night?

(A) Southwark Inn

(B) Temple Inn

(C) St. Becket Inn

(D) Tabard Inn

Question’s Answer: Tabard Inn

To which shrine are the pilgrims going?

(A) Shrine of St. Thomas a’ Becket at Canterbury

(B) Shrine of St. Lucas at Jerusalem

(C) Shrine of St.Agnes at Canterbury

(D) Shrine of St. Mark in Southwark

Question’s Answer: Shrine of St. Thomas a’ Becket at Canterbury

One of the Tales in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales is in prose.

(A) The Pardoner’s Tale

(B) The Knight’s Tale

(C) The Monk’s Tale

(D) The Parson’s Tale

Question’s Answer: The Parson’s Tale

Chaucer was not indebted for his sources to one of the following, Identify him:

(A) Dante

(B) Virgil

(C) Homer

(D) Ovid

Question’s Answer: Homer

Between which sets of dates did Chaucer live ?

(A) 1348-1410

(B) 1329-1330

(C) 1340-1400

(D) 1349-1400

Question’s Answer: 1340-1400

Chaucer lived during the reigns of ___.

(A) Edward 3, Richard 2, and Henry 4

(B) Edward 3 and Henry 4

(C) Richard 2 and Henry 4

(D) None of these

Question’s Answer: Eward 3, Richard 2, and Henry 4

Who mention Chaucer as “The Well of English Undefiled”?

(A) Dryden

(B) Sidney

(C) Pope

(D) Spenser

Question’s Answer: Spenser

“With Chaucer is born our real poetry.” Who has that opinion?

(A) Addison

(B) Spenser

(C) Dryden

(D) Matthew Arnold

Question’s Answer: Matthew Arnold

“Chaucer found his native tongue a dialect and left it a language.”  ________  makes this observation?

(A) 1. A. Richards

(B) Lowes

(C) F.R. Leavis

(D) Walter Pater

Question’s Answer: Lowes

“Chaucer is the earliest of the great moderns.” Who has that opinion?

(A) Dryden

(B) Matthew Arnold

(C) T.S. Eliot

(D) Ben Jonson

Question’s Answer: Matthew Arnold

“If Chaucer is the Father of English Poetry, he is the Grandfather of the English Novel “

Who makes this remark?

(A) GK Chesterton

(B) Ruskin

(C) Walter Pater

(D) Coleridge

Question’s Answer: GK Chesterton

Total ______  ecclesiastical characters are portrayed in the Prologue?

(A) Three

(B) Eight

(C) Seven

(D) Six

Question’s Answer: Eight

How many women characters figure in the Prologue to the Canterbury Tales?

(A) Five

(B) Three

(C) Two

(D) Four

Question’s Answer: Three

Chaucer basic info

Full Name Geoffrey Chaucer
Born Around 1340
Died October 25, 1400
Nationality English
Occupation Poet, Author, Diplomat
Literary Period Middle English
Famous Works “The Canterbury Tales”, “Troilus and Criseyde”, “The Book of the Duchess”, “The Parliament of Fowls”

Chaucer books names

The Book of the Duchess c. 1370
Anelida and Arcite c. 1379
The House of Fame c. 1380
Parliament of Fowls c. 1382
Troilus and Criseyde c. 1385
The Legend of Good Women c. 1386
The Canterbury Tales c. 1387-1400
Treatise on the Astrolabe c. 1391
The Legend of Saint Cecilia c. 1394
The Complaint of Chaucer to His Purse c. 1399

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