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Daniel Defoe Basic info
Daniel Defoe Basic info

“The shortest way with the Dissenters”, is a remarkable pamphlet written by

(a) Samuel Richardson

(b) Smollett

(c) Fielding

(d) Defoe

Question’s Answer: Defoe

Which book of Defoe made him famous all over Europe?

(a) Moll Flanders

(b) Roxana

(c) Captain Singleton

(d) Robinson Crusoe

Question’s Answer: Robinson Crusoe

Roxana is a fiction by

(a) Defoe

(b) Johnson

(c) Steele

(d) Sterne

Question’s Answer: Defoe

Daniel Defoe books names
Daniel Defoe books names

In which work of Defoe, the horrors of a frightful plague are minutely recorded?

(a) Journal of the Plague Year

(b) Memoirs of a Cavalier

(c) Captain Singleton

(d) None of the above

Question’s Answer: Journal of the Plague Year

Who wrote the book Mall Flanders?

(a) John Gay

(b) Robert Blair

(c) Dr Jonathan Swift

(d) Daniel Defoe

Question’s Answer: Daniel Defoe

What  ironical satire on High Church extremism by Defoe leads to arrest?

(a) The Shortest way with year Dissenters

(b) The Complete English Gentleman Tradesman

(c) The Complete English

(d) A Journal of the Plague

Question’s Answer: The Shortest way with year Dissenters

Defoe was tried, found guilty of seditious libel and was imprisoned. He was released from prison in

(a) 1704

(b) 1705

(c) 1706

(d) 1707

Question’s Answer: 1704

In Robinson Crusoe, Man Friday is

(a) Hero

(b) Cannibal

(c) Whiteman

(d) Sailor

Question’s Answer: Cannibal

Who has been hailed as ‘_the master of illusionist”?

(a) Defoe

(b) Sterne

(c) Samuel Richardson

(d) None of these

Question’s Answer: Defoe

Daniel Defoe books names

Robinson Crusoe 1719
Moll Flanders 1722
A Journal of the Plague Year 1722
Colonel Jack 1722
Roxana 1724
The Fortunate Mistress 1724
A Tour Thro’ the Whole Island of Great Britain 1724-1727

Daniel Defoe Basic info

Full Name Daniel Defoe
Birth Date c. 1660 (Exact date uncertain)
Birthplace London, England
Occupation Writer, Journalist
Literary Period Augustan Age
Notable Works – “Robinson Crusoe”
– “Moll Flanders”
– “A Journal of the Plague Year”
– “Roxana: The Fortunate Mistress”
Literary Genres – Novel
– Journalism
– Travelogue
Key Themes – Adventure
– Survival
– Morality
– Individualism
Significant Events – Imprisonment for political pamphleteering
– Participation in the Monmouth Rebellion (1685)
– Writing of “Robinson Crusoe” (1719)
Death Date April 24, 1731

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