English Comprehension & Composition MCQs

English Comprehension & Composition MCQs is the set of frequently asked important and repeated MCQs asked in many of the previous admission, jobs and public service commission tests.

The railway track runs —— the river ?
(A). over
(B). on
(C). by
(D). across

Answer (D). across

Select the Antonym of ONEROUS
(A). Burfensome
(B). Difficult
(C). Light
(D). Fluent

Answer (C). Light

Select the meaning the De novo
(A). Calm in arm
(B). To any extent
(C). Prominent
(D). New

Answer (D). New
What the meaning of the following Idiom To make amend for

(A). Make possible effort
(B). To bring chance in something
(C). To compensate for damage
(D). None of these
Answer (C). To compensate for damage

A book provides information on all branches of knowledge is called
(A). Desperado
(B). Cynic
(C). Encyclopedia
(D). Elysium

Answer (C). Encyclopedia

identify the disease that is liable to be transmitted to people by the environment is called
(A). Contagious
(B). Fatal
(C). Infectious
(D). Incurable
(E). None of these
Answer (C). Infectious

Select one of the is antonym of word ” Perpetrator ” while others are synonyms
(A). Police
(B). felon
(C). Culprit
(D). miscreant
(E). None of these

Answer (A). Police

Select the Antonym of HYPOCRISY
(A). Uprightness
(B). Doubt
(C). Budensome
(D). Fluent
(E). None of these

Answer (A). Uprightness

The market is nearer to them than ——- ?
(A). we
(B). ourselves
(C). ours
(D). us
(E). None of these

Answer (D). us

A person who talks in his/her sleep is called
(A). Bourgeois
(B). Somniloquist
(C). ventriloquist
(D). Insomnist
Answer (B). Somniloquist

Something that is hard but likly to crack easily is called
(A). Resilient
(B). Flexible
(C). Brittle
(D). Supple

Answer (C). Brittle
A person who helps another do a crime is called
(A). Cuckold
(B). Amateur
(C). Accomplice
(D). Changeling

Answer (C). Accomplice

The antonyms of Stale
(A). Old
(B). Break
(C). Tale
(D). Fresh

Answer (D). Fresh

The process of Forcing some person to make payment for not revealing discreditable secrets is called

(A). Assassin
(B). Despotism
(C). Blackmail
(D). Elysium
Answer (C). Blackmail

Identify the Items of business to be considered at a meeting is known as
(A). Elysium
(B). Bulletin
(C). Agenda
(D). Epicture

Answer (C). Agenda

The Antonym of APATHY is

(A). Zeal
(B). Conclude
(C). Sleep
(D). None of these
Answer (A). Zeal

My friend said to me,” I will meet you tonight.” ?

(A). My friend told me that he would meet me that night.
(B). My friend told that he will meet me tonight.
(C). My friend told me that I will meet you tonight.
(D). My friend said to me that he will meet me that night.

Answer (A). My friend told me that he would meet me that night.

She said,”I need some money.”

(A). she said that I need some money.
(B). she said that she need some money.
(C). she said that I needed some money.
(D). she said that she needed some money.

Answer (D). she said that she needed some money.

He said,” I visited Lahore yesterday.

(A). He said that He visited Lahore yesterday.
(B). He said that I had visited Lahore yesterday.
(C). He said that He had visited Lahore the previous day.
(D). He said that He has visited Lahore the previous day.

Answer He said that He had visited Lahore the previous day.

She said, “I need your help now.” ?

(A). She said She need my help now.
(B). She said that I needed your help now.
(C). She said that he needed my help then.
(D). all of these

Answer (C). She said that he needed my help then.

What is the meaning of Idiom “To cut long story short” ?

(A). Tell the story briefly
(B). Miss the main points
(C). Come to the point
(D). None of above
Answer (C). Come to the point

She said.”I am studying now.” ?

(A). She said that he was studying then.
(B). She said that I was studying then.
(C). She said that I am studying then.
(D). Shesaid that he was studying now.

Answer (A). She said that he was studying then.

Sekect the the antonym of ” Prosaic ” while others are synonym.

(A). Pedestrian
(B). Interesting
(C). Tedious
(D). Prosy

Answer (B). Interesting

Select the antonym of Flaunt while others are synonyms.

(A). Brandish
(B). Cover
(C). Display
(D). Exhibit
Answer (B). Cover

Which one of the following is antonym of ” Flummox ” while others are synonyms ?

(A). Baffle
(B). Enlighten
(C). Perplex
(D). Confound
Answer (B). Enlighten

Select the antonym of Perdition

(A). Infernal
(B). Doom
(C). Hell
(D). Heaven
Answer (D). Heaven

What is the meaning of Idiom “A slap on the wrist”

(A). Hard Punishment
(B). Beating Someone
(C). Make someone sad
(D). Warning or Small Punishment

Answer (D). Warning or Small Punishment

Select the antonym of Raucous while others are synonyms

(A). Hoarse
(B). Discordant
(C). Strident
(D). Subdued
Answer (D). Subdued

Idenyift the antonym of Minuscule while others are synonyms

(A). Majuscule
(B). Lilliputian
(C). Miniature
(D). Diminutive

Answer (A). Majuscule

Select from the following antonym of ” Mordant while others are synonyms.

(A). pleasant
(B). caustic
(C). corrosive
(D). acerbic
Answer (A). pleasant

Select from the following the antonym of ” Apocryphal
(A). Unsubstantiated
(B). Mythical
(C). Obscure
(D). Genuine
Answer (D). Genuine
Slect one of the following is antonym of ” Welter ”

(A). Order
(B). Fuddle
(C). Jumble
(D). Clutter
Answer (A). Order

She writes — ink.

(B). FOR
(C). IN
(D). ON
Answer (C). IN

Leaving one’s country and go to another foreign land for living is called

(A). Immigrate
(B). Eradicate
(C). Emigrate
(D). Extempore
Answer (B). Eradicate

Select the antonym of Eclat while others are synonyms

(A). Eminence
(B). Dullness
(C). Plaudit
(D). Esteem
Answer (B). Dullness

Select from the following the antonym of (Picayune) while others are synonyms

(A). Colossal
(B). Trifling
(C). Piddling
(D). Trivial
Answer (A). Colossal

A collection of similar things is called

(A). Elysium
(B). Plainness
(C). Constellation
(D). None of the above
Answer (C). Constellation

select from the following is antonym of ” Epitome ”

(A). abstract
(B). abridgment
(C). antithesis
(D). compendium
Answer (C). antithesis

A large enclosure for imprison birds is called

(A). Volary
(B). Columbary
(C). Aviary
(D). All of the above
Answer (C). Aviary

Kindly wait for mI will be finished ——- ten or twenyt minutes ?

(A). at
(B). from
(C). by
(D). in
Answer (D). in

Q.11: Select the Antonym of GREGARIOUS.

(A). Talkative
(B). Cheerful
(C). Lonesome
(D). Boring
Answer (C). Lonesome

Select the Antonym of “Paucity”

(A). Scarcity
(B). Presence
(C). Surplus
(D). Shallow
Answer (C). Surplus

A person who has lots of a great love of books is called

(A). Pluviophile
(B). Bibliophile
(C). bCosmopolitan
(D). Changeling
Answer (B). Bibliophile

Q.14: The meaning of Word “En-route”
(A). oneway direction
(B). Long distance
(C). On the way
(D). None of these
Answer (C). On the way
The term secretly listening to a conversation is known as

(A). Overhearing
(B). Eavesdrop
(C). Pigeonholing
(D). Spying
Answer (B). Eavesdrop

A person gracefull in two languages is called

(A). Bigamy
(B). Bigot
(C). Bilingual
(D). Brittle
Answer (C). Bilingual

The person who is not able to pay debts owed is called

(A). Insolvent
(B). Foreclosed
(C). Bankrupt
(D). All of the above
Answer D). All of the above

What is meaning of this “Brain Drain”
(A). Mad Person
(B). Emigration Of Intellectuals
(C). Migration Of Skilled Person To Other Country
(D). None
Answer (C). Migration Of Skilled Person To Other Country

Select the same relation as Joke: Laughter?

(A). Cry: Sorrow
(B). Miracle: Surprise
(C). Death: Life
(D). Disease: Medicine
Answer B

Which is th following Synonym of ” Uproar ”?

(A). Turmoil
(B). Calm
(C). Acquiescence
(D). Placid
Answer A

Select the same relation as PORK: PIG?

(A). mutton: sheep
(B). rooster: chicken
(C). steer: beef
(D). lobster: crustacean
Answer A

The rains have set_____?

(A). Out
(B). Of
(C). On
(D). In
Answer D

Select the Synonym of effigy.

(A). exit
(B). profundity
(C) boldness
(D). proxy
(E). dumpy
Answer D
Select the Synonym of tepid.

(A). enraged
(B). lukewarm
(C). transported
(D). equatorial
(E). embarrassed

Answer (B). lukewarm

choose the correct Synonym of abettor

(A). encourager
(B). slaughter-house
(C). gambler
(D). factor
(E). author

Answer (A). encourager
Select one who has stubborn and narrow religious views is.

(A). fanatic
(B). bigot
(C). theologian
(D). egotist
Answer (B). bigot

My brother was trembling —- cold ?

(A). from
(B). by
(C). of
(D). with
Answer (D). with

Select the Synonym of impeccable.

(A). poverty-stricken
(B). criminal
(C). dirty
(D). faultless
(E). impervious
Answer (D). faultless

He always comes —– home late ?

(A). to
(B). at
(C). Both A & B
(D). None of above
Answer (D). None of above
Select the Synonym of professedly is.
(A). ostensibly
(B). cruelly
(C). bravely
(D). pedantically
(E). meekly
Answer (A). ostensibly

Select the Antonym of GUMPTION.

(A). Sagacity
(B). Nerve
(C). Initiative
(D). Apathy
Answer (D). Apathy

Prime Minister of Pakistan has arrived —- London ?

(A). at
(B). in
(C). to
(D). from
(E). none
Answer (B). in

We congratulate you —- your achievement ?

(A). for
(B). to
(C). at
(D). on
(E). by
Answer (D). on

I don’t see any —– in arriving early at the theatre if the show doesn’t start until 9 o’clock ?

(A). aim
(B). reason
(C). point
(D). cause
Answer (C). point

Select te hSynonym of inundate.

(A). flood
(B). surrender
(C). overwhelm
(D). destroy
(E). conquer
Answer (A). flood

He is using backstairs influence to resolve his matter.

(A). Political influence
(B). Secret and unfair influence
(C). Deserving and proper influence
(D). Backing influence
Answer (B). Secret and unfair influence

Select the Synonym of Trail.

(A). To disturb
(B). To fix
(C). To divert
(D). To chase
Answer (D). To chase

His application for a visa was turned —– by the consulate. ?

(A). down
(B). over
(C). out
(D). aside
Answer (A). down

select opposite words Triumph

(A). Defeat
(B). Loyal
(C). None
(D). Victory
Answer (A). Defeat

Choose The correct PROPOSITIONS: The aeroplane is account to leave——–Karachi ?

(A). For
(B). By
(C). Of
(D). To
Answer (A). For

Select correct PROPOSITIONS: He is afraid——dog ?

(A). For
(B). Of
(C). From
(D). To
Answer (B). Of

Fill the blanks with suitable word l——ne ?

(A). P
(B). C
(C). A
(D). I
Answer (D). I

Select the Anonyms of SWIM ?

(A). Float
(B). Sink
(C). Drown
(D). Occupy
Answer (C). Drown
Select correct one ?

(A). Handkerchaf
(B). Handkerchief
(C). Henkerchief
(D). Handcarchief
Answer (B). Handkerchief

Select the anonyms of LIVE ?

(A). Do
(B). Dye
(C). Dead
(D). Die
Answer (D). Die

Fill the following blank with suitable word: Pa—–ch ?

(A). C
(B). Ra
(C). Un
(D). Nu
Answer (C). Un

Select the opposite word o INDEPENDENT.

(A). Dependent
(B). Clever
(C). None
(D). Dependable
Answer (A). Dependent

Much justice and mercy did he show———-all ?

(A). For
(B). From
(C). To
(D). By
Answer (C). To

Choose the correct Alphabets.

(A). Supritendent
(B). Supperitanden
(C). Suprientend
(D). Superintendent
Answer (A). Supritendent
Change the folloowing Direct into Indirect from She said ,i do not agree with you ?

(A). She says that she was not agree with me
(B). She told that she was not agree with him
(C). She told that she is not agree with me
(D). She told that she did not agree with me

Answer (D). She told that she did not agree with me
Choose the correct ARTICALS: man standing in the street is my brother ?

(A). The
(B). None
(C). An
(D). A
Answer (A). The

Select the Compound NOUN: SUN ?

(A). Store
(B). lind
(C). Shine
(D). Steam
Answer (C). Shine

Change the following Active Voice to Passive Voice I am visiting my friend ?

(A). My friend is being visited by me
(B). My friend is been visited by me
(C). My friend was visited by me
(D). My friend is visited by me
Answer (C). My friend was visited by me

He lives —— America ?

(A). In
(B). With
(C). On
(D). At

Answer (A). In

I slept——–8-o clock ?

(A). At
(B). From
(C). For
(D). In
Answer (A). At
Select the opposite words of Import

(A). Internal
(B). Deport
(C). Export
(D). External
Answer (C). Export
Select the meaning of PATRIOTIC.

(A). Friend
(B). Enemy
(C). Loyal
(D). Rebellion
Answer (C). Loyal

Select the opposite words of Stationary?

(A). Book
(B). Not moving
(C). Moving
(D). Pen and pencil
Answer (C). Moving

Select the correct Option ?

(A). The teacher makes me friend
(B). The teacher make me friend
(C). The teacher make me friend
(D). The teacher made me friend

Answer (A). The teacher makes me friend

Choose the correct Alphabets ?

(A). Friday
(B). Furiday
(C). Fridey
(D). Fraday
Answer (A). Friday

Complete the following sentence through correct word: My house is there——from railway station ?

(A). Kilometer
(B). Kilogram
(C). Liter
(D). Meter

Answer (A). Kilometer

Complete the following sentance by suitable word: He measured out ten——of rope ?

(A). Kilogram
(B). Meter
(C). Kilometer
(D). Liter
Answer (B). Meter

She was engaged——–a rich man ?

(A). For
(B). To
(C). In
(D). With
Answer (B). To

Select The correct PROPOSITIONS: I shall abide ——– my promise ?
(A). For
(B). With
(C). To
(D). By
Answer (D). By


The cat sprang——the table ?

(A). At
(B). Over
(C). By
(D). From
Answer (A). At

The Table is made—–wood ?

(A). From
(B). On
(C). Upon
(D). Of
Answer (D). Of

Select the correct form of Verb: Did you ever ——- her ?

(A). Had visiting
(B). Visited
(C). Visit
(D). Visiting
Answer (C). Visit

His office is always in apple-pie order. Identify the idiom or phrase “apple-pie order” means ?
(A). Mismanaged
(B). Disordered
(C). Neat & tidy
(D). Ornamental

Answer (C). Neat & tidy

I’m —— pleased with it ?
(A). Much
(B). Too
(C). Very
(D). None
Answer (C). Very
Q.3: Select the Antonym of Pessimistic.
(A). Devoted
(B). Hopeful
(C). Despondent
(D). Cheat H

Answer (B). Hopeful

Ali cut his finger——– the knife ?
(A). By
(B). through
(C). with
(D). From

Answer (C). with

Select the Synonym of Kidnap
(A). Appaling
(B). Renounce
(C). Abduct
(C). All the above

Answer (C). Abduct

James want Saveen thousand dollars to buy a Bike. He won’t be happy with less. define is “less” in this sentence ?
(A). Adverb
(B). Verb
(C). Noun
(D). Adjective

Answer (C). Noun
Select the Synonym of Calm
(A). Nervous
(B). Agitated
(C). Serene
(D). Faint

Answer (C). Serene

Select the Antonym of FALLACY .
(A). Abandon
(B). Truth
(C). Blunder
(D). Error

Answer (B). Truth

Select the Synonym of GAINSAY
(A). Suppress
(B). animation
(C). Yielding
(D). Oppose

Answer (D). Oppose

Select the Antonym of Chaste
(A). Shrewd
(B). Promiscuous
(C) Aspirant
(D) Celibate
(E) Talkative
Answer Promiscuous
Select the Synonym of Tyrant
(A). Suspicious
(B). Victim
(C). Persecuter
(D). Sagacious
(E). Chatter box

Answer (C). Persecuter

Select the Synonym of Boulevard
(A). Vortex
(B). Turbulence
(C). Turmoil
(D). Whirlpool
(E). Avenue

Answer (C). Turmoil

Choose the Antonym of Sceptical
(A). Unconvinced
(B). Certain
(C). Scoffing
(D). Reticent

Answer (B). Certain

I have already —– a new manager ?

(A). found
(B). finded
(C). founded
(D). find
(E). none

Answer (A). found
Select the Synonym of Undergo

(A). Lambast
(B). Proclaim
(C). Lay to rest
(D). Experience
(E). Theive
Answer (B). Proclaim
Select the Antonym of Provoke ”

(A). Arouse
(B). Induce
(C). Allay
(D). Produce
(E). Evoke
Answer (C). Allay
We are sensible —– the difficulties he faces ?

(A). to
(B). on
(C). with
(D). at
(E). of

Answer (E). of

Select the Antonym of Incur

(A). Attract
(B). Avoid
(C). Earn
(D). Suffer
(E). Invite
Answer (B). Avoid

One who looks on the Shining side of things is called

(A). Optimist
(B). Novice
(C). Pessimist
(D). Credulous
(A). Optimist

A composition which allow no name of the author is called

(A). Signed
(B). Identified
(C). Anonymous
(D). Apostate
Answer (C). Anonymous

Select the Antonym of ADAPT .

(A). Unfit
(B). Applaud
(C). Approve
(D). None of these

Answer (A). Unfit
Select the meaning of the following Idiom “Tie the knot” means ?

(A). Friendship
(B). Getting married
(C). Criticism
(D). Enmity
Answer (D). Enmity
Select the Antonym of PATHOLOGICAL

(A). Sick
(B). Selective
(C). Chemicals
(D). Healthy
Answer (D). Healthy

The Students protested —– the ill-treatment of their leader ?

(A). over
(B). for
(C). against
(D). to
Answer (B). for

The Government which ruled by Women is known as

(A). Patriarchy
(B). Corporatocracy
(C). Petticoat government
(D). None of these
Answer (C). Petticoat government

Select the Synonym of Infringe

(A). Bound
(B). Escape
(C). Hard
(D). Breach
Answer (D). Breach

Select the Past Tense of Find

(A). Find
(B). Founded
(C). Found
(D). Both B and C
Answer (C). Found
You must bear——-his pranks ?

(A). some of
(B). In
(C). with
(D). All
Answer (C). with

My father wanted ——— study ?

(A). that I
(B). that I must
(C). me to
(D). that I should
(E). None
Answer (C). me to

Select the Synonym of Abrupt

(A). Calm
(B). Noisy
(C). Sudden
(D). All of these

Answer (C). Sudden

Look, It —— ?

(A). rains
(B). has been raining
(C). is raining
(D). had been raining
Answer (C). is raining

Gary is serious——-visiting Lahore ?

(A). To
(B). For
(C). Of
(D). On
Answer (C). Of

” Infallible ” define to the one who is free from all?

(A). mistakes & failures
(B). cares & failures
(C). cares & worries
(D). Worries & troubles

Answer (A). mistakes & failures