Ben Jonson MCQs [English Literature & Famous Authors]

Collection of important MCQs on Ben Jonson

A critic says, “Ben Jonson’s Every Man in His Humour begins a new chapter in the

history of English drama.” Who is that critic?

(A) Saintsbury

(B) Bradley

(C) George Sampson

(D) T. S. Eliot

Question’s Answer: George Sampson

In the Prologue to one of his comedies, Jonson says, “A comedy would show an Image

of the time. And sport with human follies, not with crimes.” The prologue of which


(A) The Fountain of Self-love

(B) Every Man out of His Humour

(C) Every Man in His humour

(D) The Poetaster

Question’s Answer: Every Man in His humour

The Alchemist is

(A) an attack on tricksters and gulls

(B) a satire on his rivals

(C) an attack on cheats of London

(D) None of these

Question’s Answer: an attack on tricksters and gulls

Ben Jonson was born in which year?

(A) 1570

(B) 1573

(C) 1575

(D) 1577

Question’s Answer: 1573

Ben Jonson was basically:

(A) A Poet

(B) A Satirist

(C) An Essayist

(D) A Dramatist

Question’s Answer: A Dramatist

The first play written by Ben Jonson was:

(A) Every Man in his Humour

(B) The Alchemist

(C) Every Man out of his Humour

(D) None of these

Question’s Answer: Every Man in his Humour

How many ‘Humours’ are there in human mental make up?

(A) 1

(B) 2

(C) 4

(D) 3

Question’s Answer: 4

What is Ben Jonson’s ‘Sejanus His Fall”?

(A) A Comedy

(B) A Historical Play

(C) A Satire

(D) A Tragedy

Question’s Answer: A Tragedy

Which authors was not a contemporary of Ben Jonson ?

(A) Chapman

(B) Dryden

(C) Marston

(D) Dekker

Question’s Answer: Dryden

The Alchemist was played at Which theatres ?

(A) The Bankside Theatre

(B) The Hope Theatre

(C) The Globe

(D) The Queen’s Revels

Question’s Answer: The Globe

Which plays of Ben Jonson was left unfinished?

(A) Catiline His Conspiracy

(B) Sejanus His Fall

(C) The Arraignment

(D) The Sail Shepherd

Question’s Answer: The Sail Shepherd

The first play written by Ben Jonson was:

(A) The Case is Altered

(B) The Sad Shepherd

(C) The Portuster

(D) Sejanus His Fall

Question’s Answer: The Case is Altered

Ben Jonson belonged primarily to which age?

(A) Jacobian Age

(B) The Elizabethan Age

(C) Caroline Age

(D) Restoration Age

Question’s Answer: The Elizabethan Age

What is Ben Jonson’s ‘Sejanus His Fall” ?

(A) A Comedy of Humours

(B) A Satirical Play

(C) A Tragic Portrait

(D) A Roman Tragedy

Question’s Answer: A Roman Tragedy

Volpone the Foxe is:

(A) A Roman Tragedy

(B) A Comedy

(C) A Satire

(D) A Romance

Question’s Answer: A Comedy

Shakespeare himself played a leading role in one of Ben Jonson’s plays. In which play?

(A) The Alchemist

(B) Volpone the Foxe

(C) Every Man Out of His Humour

(D) Every Man in His Humour

Question’s Answer: Every Man in His Humour

Which plays of Jonson is written wholly in prose?

(A) The Sad Shepherd

(B) Bartholomew Fair

(C) Humours Reconciled

(D) The Divell is an Asse

Question’s Answer: Bartholomew Fair

Which plays is not created and written by  Ben Jonson?

(A) The Silent Woman

(B) The Alchemist

(C) The Maid’s Tragedy

(D) Volpone

Question’s Answer: The Maid’s Tragedy

Why Ben Jonson is famous?

(A) because of  Comedies of Satire

(B) because of  Comedies of Humours

(C) because of  Comedies of Multiple Love Conflicts

(D) because of  Tragi-Comedies

Question’s Answer: because of  Comedies of Humours

Which is a Roman Tragedy?

(A) The Arraignment

(B) Catiline His Conspiracy

(C) The Spanish Tragedy

(D) The Case is Altered

Question’s Answer: Catiline His Conspiracy

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