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Which novels of D.H. Lawrence has autobiographical overtones?

(A) Women in Love

(B) Rainbow

(C) The White Peacock

(D) Sons and Lovers

Question’s Answer: Sons and Lovers

D.H Lawrence info
D.H Lawrence info

Which is not a novel written by Lawrence?

(A) The Burning Wheel

(B) Aaron’s Rod

(C) The Lost  Girl

(D) Kangaroo

Question’s Answer: The Burning Wheel

Which is a novel written by D.H. Lawrence?

(A) Dubliners

(B) The Voyage Out

(C) The Lost Girl

(D) Troy Park

Question’s Answer: The Lost Girl

In which novel do Mr. and Mrs. Morel appear as significant characters?

(A) The Rainbow

(B) Sons and Lovers

(C) Lady Chatterley’s Lover

(D) The Plumed Serpent

Question’s Answer: Sons and Lovers

D.H Lawrence books names
D.H Lawrence books names

What is Lawrence’s Sea and Sardinia?

(A) A Novel

(B) A Collection of Stories

(C) A Travel Book

(D) A Collection of Essays

Question’s Answer: A Travel Book

Why is the phrase ‘religion of the blood’ associated with D.H. Lawrence?

(A) Because several of his novels are sensuous

(B) Because several of his novels deal with the psychology of sex

(C) Because Lawrence advocated homo-sexuality

(D) Because several of his novels expose sexual experience

Question’s Answer: Because several of his novels expose sexual experience

Why D.H. Lawrence’s Lady Chattterley’s Lover is generally called an obscene novel?

(A) Its idea/theme  is irreligious

(B) Its idea/theme  is immoral

(C) Its idea/theme  is homosexual love

(D) Its idea/theme  is sexual experience

Question’s Answer: Its idea/theme  is sexual experience

Fantasia and the Unconscious is Lawrence’s:

(A) A Collection of his essays

(B) Concept of imagery and symbolism in literature

(C) A Collection of his lyrics

(D) A study of human psychology

Question’s Answer: A study of human psychology

What is the name of Lady Chatterley’s husband?

(A) George Coppard

(B) Mellors

(C) Sir Clifford

(D) Morel

Question’s Answer: Sir Clifford

In Sons and Lovers Mr. Morel appears in red and black colours. What do these colours symbolise ?

(A) His fastidious nature

(B) His sensual vitality

(C) His sophisticated taste

(D) His love of bright colours

Question’s Answer: His sensual vitality

What is the basic idea/theme  of Lawrence’s Rainbow?

(A) The balancing of instinct and intellect

(B) Visionary view of the world

(C) Love and passion

(D) Sin of illicit Love

Question’s Answer: The balancing of instinct and intellect

England, My England is Lawrence’s ________.

(A) A patriotic poem

(B) A novelette

(C) A One-Act Play

(D) A collection of his stories

Question’s Answer: A collection of his stories

D.H. Lawrence’s novels are largely located in:

(A) Industrial Countryside of Yorkshire

(B) Wessex Countryside

(C) Waverly Countryside

(D) Mining Country of Nottingham

Question’s Answer: Mining Country of Nottingham

D.H. Lawrence called ____  as “Thought Adventure”.

(A) Kangaroo

(B) Women in Love

(C) The White Peacock

(D) Rainbow

Question’s Answer: Kangaroo

What is the name of the man with whom Lady Chatterley has illicit love?

(A) Monet

(B) Mellors

(C) George Coppard

(D) Sir Clifford

Question’s Answer: Mellors

Tom and Lydia are central characters in which of the following novels. In which of the


(A) The Rainbow

(B) The Tresspasser

(C) The Women in Love

(D) The Plumed Serpent

Question’s Answer: The Rainbow

One of Lawrence’s novels is ______ and now available in its expurgated form, and not in its original form.

(A) Lady Chatterley’s Lover

(B) The White Peacock

(C) The Plumed Serpent

(D) Women in Love

Question’s Answer: Lady Chatterley’s Lover

D.H. Lawrence’s novels _____ was proscribed on the charge of obscenity.

(A) The Tresspasser

(B) Lady Chatterley’s Lover

(C) The Plumed Serpent

(D) The White Peacock

Question’s Answer: Lady Chatterley’s Lover

What is Lawrence’s Phoenix?

(A) A Drama

(B) A collection of Prose-articles

(C) A long poem

(D) A Collection of poems

Question’s Answer: A collection of Prose-articles

What is Lawrence’s The Mortal Coil?

(A) A Travel-Book

(B) A Collection of poems

(C) A Collection of essays

(D) A Collection of stories

Question’s Answer: A Collection of stories

D.H Lawrence Basic info

Full Name David Herbert Lawrence
Born September 11, 1885
Died March 2, 1930
Nationality English
Occupation Novelist, Poet, Essayist
Literary Period Modernism
Famous Works “Sons and Lovers”, “Women in Love”, “Lady Chatterley’s Lover”, “The Rainbow”, “The Plumed Serpent”
Notable Themes Sexuality, nature, industrialization, relationships, personal growth
Literary Style Psychological realism, lyrical prose, vivid imagery
Influences Thomas Hardy, Walt Whitman, Friedrich Nietzsche, Sigmund Freud

D.H Lawrence Books names

The White Peacock 1911
Sons and Lovers 1913
The Rainbow 1915
Women in Love 1920
The Lost Girl 1920
Aaron’s Rod 1922
Kangaroo 1923
The Plumed Serpent 1926
Lady Chatterley’s Lover 1928
The Man Who Died 1931
The Escaped Cock 1932
The Virgin and the Gypsy 1930
The Collected Letters of D.H. Lawrence Various

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