MCQS for Lecturer English, test, exam

MCQS for Lecturer English, test, exam

1. Opposite meaning of HERESY is?

A rash
B error
C agreement
D None of them


2.what is the Antonym of GRUN?

A Croak
B  applaud
C Find fault
D Complain


  1. Most nearly opposite in meaning of Unimpeachable is.
A  faulty
B  fruitful
C rampaging
D None of them


  1. Find the word just opposite of PROVOKE.
A  soothe
B encourage
C insult
D anger


5. Antonym of SQUEAK is____.

A silence
B Cheap
C creak
D None of them


6.find the most opposite meaning of Vacillation

A remorse
B steadfastness
C relief
D respect


7. Antonym of ARTIFICIAL is?

A truthful
B solid
C natural
D All of the above


8.opposite meaning of CATEGORICAL is.

A positive
B conditional
C absolute
D certain


9.  Antonym of FRUGALITY is.

A wastefulness
B avarice
C carefulness
D avariciousness


10.the most opposite meaning of Untenable is

A tremulous
B sheepish
C tender
D supportable

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