Sentimental Poetry MCQs

Oriental Eclogues though romantic in feeling, is written in the prevailing mechanical

(a) Triplets

(b) Quatrains

(c) Couplets

(d) Sestets

Question’s Answer: Couplets

In his poem “In Yonder Grave a Druid Lies,” William Collins bemoaned which poet.

(a) James Thomson

(b) Pope

(c) Crabbe

(d) None of these

Question’s Answer: James Thomson

Gray briefly departs from his Welsh and material at the ____ phase of his poetry career and exhibits a new area of love interest in Norse.

(a) Third

(b) Fourth

(c) First

(d) None of these

Question’s Answer: Third

Persian Eclogues is the first work of which of the following?

(a) Thomas Gray

(b) James Thomson

(c) George Crabbe

(d) William Collins

Question’s Answer: William Collins

Which odes is an attractive event in the romantic revival for it presented a new world of witches, fairies, pygmies, and medieval kings, for the imagination to play in?

(a) “Ode to Simplicity”

(b) “Ode on the Popular Superstitions of the Highlands”

(c) “Ode to the Passions”

(d) “Ode to Fear”

Question’s Answer: “Ode on the Popular Superstitions of the Highlands”

Which is a creation of Collins?

(a) “Ode to the West”

(b) “Ode to Simplicity”

(c) “Ode to Evening”

(d) None of theseOde to Evening”

Question’s Answer: “Ode to Evening”

Which poem begins with the line: “The curfew tolls the knell of parting day”?

(a) Collins’ “Ode to Evening”

(b) Gray’s “Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard”

(c) Collins’ “Ode on the Passions”

(d) Gray’s “On the Death of a Favourit Cat”

Question’s Answer: Gray’s “Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard”

‘Nor second He, that rode sublime. upon the seraph wings of Ecstasy’. These lines are taken from Gray’s “The Progress of Poesy” alludes to

(a) William Shakespeare

(b) Spenser

(c) Milton

(d) Donne

Question’s Answer: Milton

The theme of Gray’s “The Bard” is the curse inflicted upon king Edward I and his progeny by 70.

(a) Some poets killed by him

(b) Some gods desecrated by him

(c) Some patriots killed by him

(d) None of these

Question’s Answer: Some poets killed by him

Gray’s poetic career has total _____  periods.

(a) Two

(b) Five

(c) Four

(d) Three

Question’s Answer: Three

Which of Gray’s poems, which are notable for their use of Northern mythology, were translated from Latin?

(a) “The Fatal Sisters”

(b) “The Progress of Poesy”

(c) “The Bard”

(d) “Elegy”

Question’s Answer: “The Fatal Sisters”

Which are the “The Gray’s Bard” and “The Progress of Poesy”?

(a) Long lyrics

(b) Verse tales

(c) Narrative poems

(d) Pindaric odes

Question’s Answer: Pindaric odes

Gray’s “Elegy written in a Country Churchyard”, the most perfect poem of the age was written in the year

(a) 1750

(b) 1749

(c) 1751

(d) 1752

Question’s Answer: 1750

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