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Jopesh Addision Basic info
Jopesh Addision Basic info

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Thus I live in the world, rather as a spectator of mankind than as one of the species.” This line is taken from which of the following  essay?

(A) Sir Roger in Town

(B) The Aim of the Spectator

(C) Rural Manners

(D) The Spectator’s Account of Himself

Question’s Answer: The Spectator’s Account of Himself


Addison’s the Drummer is _________ .

(A) A moral comedy

(B) A tragedy

(C) A satirical play

(D) A prose romance

Question’s Answer: A moral comedy


What is the Richard Steele’s “The Conscious Lovers “?

(A) A long poem

(B) A play

(C) A Satire in verse

(D) A prose romance

Question’s Answer: A play

Jopesh Addision Books names
Jopesh Addision Books names

Who was the co-author of Addison writing The Coverley Papers?

(A) Dr. Johnson

(B) Abraham Cowley

(C) Daniel Defoe

(D) Richard Steele

Question’s Answer: Richard Steele


Addison’s Rosamond is:

(A) A long poem

(B) A satire

(C) A play

(D) A romance

Question’s Answer: A play


“His irony and urbanity are the two most prominant traits in the essays of Addison.”

Who has that opinion?

(A) Macaulay

(B) Deighton

(C) Lobban

(D) Dr. Johnson

Question’s Answer: Lobban


The success of the Spectator was immediate and permanent.” Whose view is this?

(A) Thackeray

(B) Deighton

(C) Fowler

(D) Hugh Walker

Question’s Answer: Deighton


The Tatler was started by:

(A) Addison

(B) Jointly by Addison and Steele

(C) Steele

(D) Cowley

Question’s Answer: Steele


“Addison almost created and perfected English Periodical Essay as an instrument for

the expression of social thought.” Whose view is this?

(A) J.H. Fowler

(B) Courthope

(C) Deighton

(D) Dr. Johnson

Question’s Answer: Courthope


Who is the Addison’s Cato?

(A) A comedy

(B) A long prose work

(C) A romance

(D) A tragedy

Question’s Answer: A tragedy


“Addison almost created and perfected English prose as an instrument for the of social thought.” Who has that opinion?

(A) Deighton

(B) Fowler

(C) Courthope

(D) Dr. Johnson

Question’s Answer: Courthope


Which characters in the Coverley Papers is a merchant of great eminence in the city of London?

(A) Lord Rochestor

(B) Will Honeycomb

(C) Captain Sentry

(D) Sir Andrew Freeport

Question’s Answer: Sir Andrew Freeport


In which year was Addison elected as a member of Parliament ?

(A) 1710

(B) 1706

(C) 1708

(D) 1712

Question’s Answer: 1706


Addison’s The Campaign is:

(A) A Romance

(B) A Play

(C) A Poem

(D) A Critical Treatise

Question’s Answer: A Poem


“A reader seldom peruses a book with pleasure till he knows whether the writer of it be a black or a fair one.” Which essay begins with this observation?

(A) Sir Roger at Home

(B) Sir Roger at Church

(C) The Coverley Household

(D) The Spectator’s Account of Himself

Question’s Answer: The Spectator’s Account of Himself


Which characters represents the class of Gallantry?

(A) Sir Andrew Freeport

(B) Captain Sentry

(C) Will Wimble

(D) Will Honeycomb

Question’s Answer: Will Honeycomb


“The most perfect gift that fitted Addison was his sense of humour.” Who has that opinion?

(A) Dr. Johnson

(B) Macaulay

(C) Deighton

(D) Cazamian

Question’s Answer: Deighton


In which year was Addison born?

(A) 1674

(B) 1673

(C) 1780

(D) 1672

Question’s Answer: 1672


Which series of essays started the vogue of journalistic literature?

(A) The Spectator

(B) The Tatler

(C) The Guardian

(D) The Rambler

Question’s Answer: The Tatler


In which literary Age did Addison write his Essays?

(A) Elizabethan Age

(B) Restoration Age

(C) Romantic Age

(D) Neo-classical Age

Question’s Answer: Neo-classical Age

The West Indian and The Fashionable Lover are two plays by which of the following?

(a) Addison

(b) Pope

(c) Steel

(d) None of these

Question’s Answer: Addison


Which work of Addison offers an excellent example of the rhetoric and fine sentiment, which are essentials of good writing?

(a) Cato

(b) Spectator

(c) Tatler

(d) Account of the Greatest English Poets

Question’s Answer: Cato


According to_____, “Whoever wishes to attain an English style, familiar but not coarse, and elegant but not ostentatious, must give his days and nights to the volumes of Addison.”

(a) Dr. Johnson

(b) William Hazlitt (English essayist)

(c) Richard Steele

(d) Jonathon Dr Jonathan Swift


Account of the Greatest English Poets was the creation of which of the following author?

(a) Addison

(b) Lamb

(c) Bacon

(d) Dr Jonathan Swift

Question’s Answer: Addison


The Vision of Mirza is a political allegory by which of the following?

(a) Steele

(b) Dr Jonathan Swift

(c) Addison

(d) Defoe

Question’s Answer: Addison


Addison’s The Drummer is

(a) An opera

(b) A masque

(c) A prose-comedy

(d) A tragedy

Question’s Answer: A tragedy


“I shall endeavour to enlighten morality with wit, and to temper wit with morality.” Identify the


(a) Cowley

(b) Defoe

(c) Steele

(d) Addison

Question’s Answer: Addison

Joseph Addison books names

Remarks on Several Parts of Italy 1705
The Campaign 1705
The Tatler 1709-1711
Cato 1713
The Spectator 1711-1712
The Freeholder 1715-1716
The Guardian 1713
Dialogues upon the Usefulness of Ancient Medals 1726
The Drummer 1716
Remarks on Several Parts of Italy 1705
Poetical Works 1721


Joseph Addison Basic info

Full Name Joseph Addison
Birthdate May 1, 1672
Birthplace Milston, Wiltshire, England
Nationality English
Occupation Essayist, poet, playwright, politician
Notable Works Co-founder of “The Spectator,” essays, plays
Literary Style Polished, elegant, moralistic
Education The Queen’s College, Oxford
Influences Classical literature, particularly the works of Virgil and Horace, French literature
Contemporaries Richard Steele, Jonathan Swift, Alexander Pope
Achievements Influential figure in English literature, significant contributions to periodical literature with “The Spectator”
Political Career Member of Parliament for Malmesbury and later for Lostwithiel
Death Date June 17, 1719
Death Place Holland House, London, England

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