The Anglo-Saxon period MCQs

Let me share important MCQs on The Anglo-Saxon period in English Literature.

______ is the oldest Anglo-Saxon poem in terms of Biblical.

(a) “Exodus”

(b) “Christ”

(c) “Genesis”

(d) “Daniel”

Question’s Answer: “Christ”


“Beowulf” is

(a) A collection of ballads

(b) An epic

(c) A romance

(d) A history of the Anglo-Saxon period

Question’s Answer: An epic


How many successive narratives in “Beowulf”?

(a) 7

(b) 12

(c) 4

(d) 3

Question’s Answer: 3


Which is the earliest poem in our literature?

(a) “Widsith”

(b) “Deor”

(c) “The Seafarer”

(d) “Beowulf”

Question’s Answer: “Beowulf”


“Beowulf” was composed in North Umbria by a Christian poet working

on pagan material in

(a) Early 6th century

(b) End of the 7th century

(c) End of the 4th century

(d) Beginning of 3rd century

Question’s Answer: End of the 7th century


Who is the author of “Beowulf”?

(a) Caedmon

(b) Cynewulf

(c) John Gower

(d) None of A, B, and C

Question’s Answer: None of A, B, and C


Which poem most accurately captures old tribal rituals and life?

(a) “The Seafarer”

(b) “Beowulf”

(c) “Widsith”

(d) None of A, B, and C

Question’s Answer: “Beowulf”


Who is called the father of English learning?

(a) Caedmon

(b) Bede

(c) Cynewulf

(d) Alfred

Question’s Answer: Bede


Bede, the great English ecclesiastical historian and scholar lived from

(a) 688 to 45

(b) 683 to 740

(c) 673 to 735

(d) 693 to 750

Question’s Answer: 673 to 735


Which is the oldest epic in Germanic literature?

(a) “The Wanderer”

(b) “Beowulf”

(c) “The Seafarer”

(d) “The Wife’s Complaint”

Question’s Answer: “Beowulf”


The line ‘Came on the dark night gliding, the shadowy prowler has been taken from

(a) “Beowulf”

(b) “Widsith”

(c) “Morte d’ Arthur”

(d) None of A, B, and C

Question’s Answer: “Beowulf”


The character of Heorrenda appears in

(a) “The Seafarer”

(b) “The Wanderer”

(c) “Deor”

(d) “Beowulf”

Question’s Answer: “Beowulf”


Bede, the famous Christian writer of the Anglo-Saxon period, wrote mostly in which language?

(a) English

(b) Latin

(c) French

(d) German

Question’s Answer: Latin


The life span of Bede is

(a) 688-750

(b) 683-745

(c) 678-749

(d) 673-735

Question’s Answer: 673-735


Ecclesiastical History of the English People was proudly written by

(a) Langland

(b) Malory

(c) Bede

(d) None of A, B, and C

Question’s Answer: Bede


Caedmon is a writer of

(a) 7th century

(b) 6th century

(c) 5th century

(d) 8th century

Question’s Answer: 7th century


Bede wrote his Ecclesiastical History in

(a) Latin

(b) French

(c) Greek

(d) English

Question’s Answer: Latin


Who is known as the Anglo-Saxon Milton”?

(a) Bede

(b) Caedmon

(c) Cynewulf

(d) None of A, B, and C

Question’s Answer: Caedmon


One of the following poems was not written by Caedmon

(a) “Beowulf”

(b) “The Judith”

(c) “Dream of the Road”

(d) “The Christ”

Question’s Answer: “Beowulf”


The poem “The Fates of the Apostles” has been written by

(a) Bede

(b) Caedmon

(c) Cynewulf

(d) Gower

Question’s Answer: Cynewulf


Caedmon and Cynewulf were two poets. They were

(a) Chaucer’s contemporaries

(b) Chaucer’s successors

(c) Chaucer’s predecessors

(d) Not definitely known

Question’s Answer: Chaucer’s predecessors


The poem “The Christ” is written by

(a) Chaucer

(b) Langland

(c) Gower

(d) Cynewulf

Question’s Answer: Cynewulf


The last known poem of the Anglo- Saxon period “The Battle of Maldon” was written in

(a) 990 A.D

(b) 993 A.D.

(c) 992 A.D.

(d) 991 A.D.

Question’s Answer: 991 A.D.


Besides being a poet, Alfred is a great

(a) Novelist

(b) Translator

(c) Essayist

(d) Playwright

Question’s Answer: Translator


Alfred, King of Wessex pass away in which year?

(a) 911 A.D.

(b) 903 A.D.

(c) 902 A.D.

(d) 901 AD.

Question’s Answer: 901 AD.


“The Ruined Burg” is a fine

(a) Ballad

(b) Ode

(c) Lyric

(d) Elegy

Question’s Answer: Elegy


“The Battle of Maldon” shows a revival of the heroic spirit. The poem

is attributed to

(a) Marlowe

(b) Anonymous

(c) Cynewulf

(d) Boethius

Question’s Answer: Anonymous


Alexander Neckham wrote a Treatise on science in

(a) French

(b) Latin

(c) English

(d) Spanish

Question’s Answer: Latin


In which literature, Aldhelm, Bede and Alcuin are renowned names?

(a) Greek literature

(b) French literature

(c) Latin literature

(d) English literature

Question’s Answer: Greek literature


The translation of the Cura Pastoralis was a credit by _______.

(a) Malory

(b) Bede

(c) Alfred

(d) None of A, B, and C

Question’s Answer: Alfred


Alfred’s translation of Boethius, De Consolatione Philosophiae is a work of

(a) Philosophy

(b) History

(c) Science

(d) Literature

Question’s Answer: Philosophy


“Praise of Virginity” has been written by

(a) Bede

(b) Alcuin

(c) Aldhelm

(d) None of A, B, and C

Question’s Answer: Aldhelm


Select the poem that is not written by Cynewulf?

(a) “Christ”

(b) “Juliana”

(c) “Beowulf”

(d) “The Fates of the Apostles”

Question’s Answer: “Beowulf”


Which is the oldest surviving English poem in the form of a dream?

(a) “The Dream of the Rood”

(b) “Andreas”

(c) “Elene”

(d) “Satan”

Question’s Answer: “The Dream of the Rood”


One of the following poems deals with contemporary history

(a) “The Ruin”

(b) “The Wife’s Lament”

(c) The Husband’s Message”

(d) “The Battle of Brunanburh”

Question’s Answer: “The Battle of Brunanburh”



Who is the writer of Scale of Perfection?

(a) Walter Hilton

(b) John Wyclif

(c) Malory

(d) None of A, B, and C

Question’s Answer: Walter Hilton


In Macaronic poem _____  and_____are used together.

(a) Latin and English

(b) French and English

(c) French and Latin

(d) English and Spanish

Question’s Answer: French and English


“Havelok” and “Hom”, the two romances based on Scandinavian

originals were written at the end of the

(a) 11th century

(b) 13th century

(c) 12th century

(d) 14th century

Question’s Answer: 13th century


Princess Goldburgh is a character in

(a) “Horn”

(b) “The Owl and the Nightingale”

(c) “Havelok”

(d) None of A, B, and C

Question’s Answer: “Havelok”


Meditation of the Passion has been written by

(a) Richard Rolle

(b) Wyclif

(c) Julian of Norwich

(d) Walter Hilton

Question’s Answer: Walter Hilton


When the “The Owl and the Nightingale” was written?

(a) 1220

(b) 1215

(c) 1210

(d) 1225

Question’s Answer: 1220


Which is the only political poem in English which has survived in complete form?

(a) “The Wanderer”‘

(b) “The Seafarer”

(c) “Song of Lewes”

(d) “The Owl and the Nightingale”

Question’s Answer: “Song of Lewes”


The earliest of the religious work The Poema Morale  (early Middle English moral poet) dates  ____ .

(a) 1174

(b) 1172

(c) 1170

(d) 1176

Question’s Answer: 1170


“The Ormulum” consisting of metrical paraphrases of the Gospel was written about

(a) 1249

(b) 1210

(c) 1209

(d) 1200

Question’s Answer: 1200

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