George Bernard Shaw MCQs [English Literature & Famous Authors]

Collection of important MCQs on George Bernard Shaw

Shaw’s The Dark Lady of the Sonnets is:

(A) a novel

(B) a full-length drama

(C) a short story

(D) a one-act play

George bernard shaw basic info
George bernard shaw basic info

The principal idea/theme  of Saint Joan is:

(A) Martyrdom of a saint

(B) Religion and Faith

(C) Reason Vs. Religion

(D) Atheism

Caesar and Cleopatra exposes:

(A) The hollowness of sexual love

(B) The hollowness of feminine beauty

(C) The hollowness of hero-worship

(D) The snares of beauty

Arms and the Man is a satire on:

(A) Love and Marriage

(B) War and Heroism

(C) Matrimonial maladjustment

(D) War and mutual hostility

The phrase ‘Don Juan in Hell’ is part of Shaw’s:

(A) St. Joan

(C) Back to Methuselah

(B) Man and Superman

(D) Caesar and Cleopatra

Shaw was primarily a :

(A) Novelist

(B) Dramatist

(C) Social Critic

(D) Journalist

George bernard shaw Books names
George bernard shaw Books names

What is the central idea/theme  of Shaw’s Mrs. Warren’s Profession?

(A) Problem of Orphans

(B) Social Service

(C) Nursing profession

(D) Prostitution

One of Shaw’s plays was proscribed on the charge of obscenity. Which


(A) Widowers’ Houses

(B) The Philanderer

(C) Mrs. Warren’s Profession

(D) Heartbreak House

Shaw refinished one of the plays of Shakespeare. Which?

(A) The Tempest

(B) Cymbeline

(C) The Winter’s Tale

(D) Pericles

What is the central idea/theme  of the play The Apple Cart?

(A) The working of Democracy

(B) The working of Monarchy

(C) The working of Autocracy

(D) The working of Theocracy

Which plays is not created and written by  Shaw?

(A) You Never Can Tell

(B) Getting Married

(C) Major Barbara

(D) The Skin Game

Name the last novel written by Shaw:

(A) An Unsocial Socialist

(B) Immaturity

(C) The Irrational Knot

(D) Love Among the Artists

At least in one respect Shaw was a greater dramatist than Shakespeare. In what respect?

(A) Shaw was more entertaining than Shakespeare

(B) Shaw wrote more plays than Shakespeare

(C) Shaw was a greater social critic than Shakespeare

(D) Shaw has a more variety of characters than Shakespeare

What reward was given to Shaw as a literary figure?

(A) He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature

(B) He was appointed the Poet Laureate of England

(C) He was awarded the Order of Merit

(D) He was Knighted

In which year was Shaw awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature?

(A) 1925

(B) 1927

(C) 1930

(D) 1932

In which of Shaw’s plays the “Chocolate Cream Hero” appears?

(A) Arms and the Man

(B) St. Joan

(C) Man and Superman

(D) Candida

What is the central idea/theme  of Shaw’s Man and Superman?.

(A) Man’s evolution into Superman

(B) The latent faculties of man

(C) The woman’s search for a fitting man

(D) Godly spark in man

Which of Shaw’s plays was first filmed?

(A) How He Lied to Her Husband

(B) Man and Superman

(C) Arms and the Man

(D) Back to Methuselah

Shaw said, “For art’s sake alone I would not face the toil of writing a single sentence.”

Which literary theory was Shaw opposing by this remark?

(A) The Theory of Art for Art’s Sake

(B) The Theory of Art for Life’s Sake

(C) The Theory of Negative Capability

(D) The Theory of Objective Correlative

The central idea/theme  of Shaw’s novel Love Among the Artists is:

(A) Love of Music

(B) Love of Painting

(C) Love of Dancing

(D) Love of Acting

What is Shaw’s Village Wooing?

(A) A short story

(B) An article published in a Periodical

(C) A One-Act play

(D) A tale in Verse

Shaw once wrote, “I write plays with the deliberate purpose to convert the nation to my opinion.”

What does this statement signify?

(A) That Shaw was a proud and haughty person

(B) That Shaw was an egoist

(C) That Shaw was a social reformer

(D) That Shaw was a powerful dramatist

The Prefaces of Shaw are significant because:

(A) They explain the central thought of the play concerned

(B) They explain Shaw’s Theory of drama

(C) Without these Prefaces his plays cannot be properly understood

(D) These Prefaces help the Producers of the plays to present them on the stage

Shaw drew his ideas for his play Man and Superman from the philosophical doctrines of which of the following?

(A) Bergson

(B) Spencer

(C) Nietzche

(D) Bradley

How many novels has G.B. Shaw written ?

(A) Three

(B) Four

(C) Five

(D) Six

What is Shaw’s An Unsocial Socialist ?

(A) A long treatise on Socialism in prose

(B) A novel

(C) A play

(D) A political article

The film version of Pygmalion is:

(A) The Sound of Music

(B) The Sound and Fury

(C) My Fair Lady

(D) Come September

The idea/theme  of Shaw’s Misalliance is:

(A) Man-Woman Relationship

(B) Parent-Child Relationship

(C) Both (A) and (B)

(D) None of the above

Shaw’s plays are famous as:

(A) Plays of ideas

(B) Plays of propaganda

(C) Plays of prophetic vision

(D) Plays of negative criticism

Professor Higgins appears in:

(A) Pygmalion

(B) Man and Superman

(C) Back to Methuselah

(D) Heartbreak House

In Which plays does G.B. Shaw attack Darwinism?

(A) You Never Can Tell

(B) Back to Methuselah

(C) Man and Superman

(D) St. Joan

What is the basic idea/theme  of Pygmalion?

(A) Phonetics and Pronunciation

(B) Grammar and Language

(C) Learning of a Foreign Language

(D) Teaching Methods

Shaw’s concept of Life Force is best enunciated in:

(A) Arms and the Man

(B) Candida

(C) Man and Superman

(D) Back to Methuselah

Name the first novel written by G.B. Shaw?

(A) Immaturity

(B) The Irrational Knot

(C) Love Among the Artists

(D) An Unsocial Socialist

Which is a play written by Shaw?

(A) The Patrician

(B) Heartbreak House

(C) A Modern Lover

(D) Sweeney Agonistes

George Bernard Shaw books names

Mrs. Warren’s Profession 1893
Arms and the Man 1894
Candida 1894
The Devil’s Disciple 1897
Caesar and Cleopatra 1898
Man and Superman 1903
Major Barbara 1905
The Doctor’s Dilemma 1906
Pygmalion 1912
Heartbreak House 1919
Saint Joan 1923
Back to Methuselah 1921
The Intelligent Woman’s Guide to Socialism and Capitalism 1928

George Bernard Shaw Basic info

Full Name George Bernard Shaw
Birthdate July 26, 1856
Birthplace Dublin, Ireland
Nationality Irish
Occupation Playwright, critic, polemicist
Notable Works “Pygmalion,” “Man and Superman,” “Saint Joan”
Literary Style Witty, satirical, social commentary
Nobel Prize Awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature (1925)
Political Views Socialist, advocate for social reform
Death Date November 2, 1950
Death Place Ayot St Lawrence, Hertfordshire, England

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