MCQs History of Early Period

Let me share some important MCQs on the History of the Early Period of English Literature.

According to __ ,  “literature  is the humanization of the whole world”?

(a) Goethe

(b) Plato

(c) Chaucer

(d) Shakespeare

Question’s Answer: Goethe


Anglo-Saxon literature, broadly speaking ranges from

(a) 8th to 12th centuries

(b) 6 to 10th centuries

(c) 7 to 11 centuries

(d) 8 to 10th centuries

Question’s Answer: 7 to 11 centuries


In which year, Athelstan, King of Wessex and the Scots at Mercia defeated Brunanburh?

(a) 974

(b) 927

(c) 947

(d) 937

Question’s Answer: 937


The Romans, trying to hold their empire together against barbarian invaders, withdrew from England in A.D.

(a) 390

(b) 400

(c) 420

(d) 410

Question’s Answer: 410


The reign of Henry II covers the period from

(a) 1144-48

(b) 1134-79

(c) 1154-89

(d) 1144-45

Question’s Answer: 1154-89


What is the year of Norman Conquest of England in the Battle of Hastings?

(a) 1099

(b) 1066

(c) 1070

(d) 1072

Question’s Answer: 1066


What is the year of the Battle of Lewes?

(a) 1564

(b) 12

(c) 1464

(d) 1264

Question’s Answer: 1264


What period is the reign of Edward I ?

(a) 1289-1315

(b) 1284-1345

(c) 1279-1307

(d) 1293-1319

Question’s Answer: 1279-1307


Peasant Rebellion took place in

(a) 1380

(b) 1382

(c) 1381

(d) 1383

Question’s Answer: 1381


Black Death is famous name of _____ .

(a) The great Famine

(b) The Epidemic of Cholera

(c) The Epidemic of Plague

(d) None of A, B, and C

Question’s Answer: The Epidemic of Plague


Edward III defeated the French at the Battle of Poitiers and the Battle of Crecy respectively in

(a) 1342 and 1352

(b) 1338 and 1348

(c) 1388 and 1393

(d) 1336 and 1346

Question’s Answer: 1336 and 1346


Laurence Minot, the petriotic versifier belongs to the

(a) 13 century

(b) 14 century

(c) 12 century

(d) 15 century

Question’s Answer: 14 century


, When the first great public school “Winchester College “ was established?

(a) 1371

(b) 1399

(c) 1374

(d) 1373

Question’s Answer: 1373


Identify the year that marked the fall of Constantinople

(a) 1405

(b) 1483

(c) 1498

(d) 1453

Question’s Answer: 1453


In which year did the Hundred Years’ War with France begin?

(a) 1338

(b) 1348

(c) 1358

(d) 1368

Question’s Answer: 1338


Edward III pass away in which year?

(a) 1376

(b) 1378

(c) 1377

(d) 1379

Question’s Answer: 1377


What was the year of the Battle of Crecy?

(a) 1349

(b) 1348

(c) 1347

(d) 1346

Question’s Answer: 1346


The period of the Black Death in England was:

(a) 1347-48

(b) 1348-49

(c) 1349-50

(d) 1350-51

Question’s Answer: 1348-49


Henry IV ascended the throne in

(a) 1398

(b) 1401

(c) 1400

(d) 1399

Question’s Answer: 1399


When the War of Roses began?

(a) 1450

(b) 1465

(c) 1497

(d) 1455

Question’s Answer: 1455


Which dialect became the Standard English (King’s English) by the time of Chaucer?

(a) Northern diulect

(b) Eust-midlund dialect

(c) Southern dialect

(d) West-midland dialect

Question’s Answer: Eust-midlund dialect


Henry IV addressed Parliament in English for the first time in

(a) 1397

(b) 1398

(c) 1400

(d) 1399

Question’s Answer: 1399


Which period of English history after the death of Chaucer was known as

Post-Chaucerian age?

(a) 1450-1480

(b) 1490-1530

(c) 1400-1450

(d) 1401-1440

Question’s Answer: 1400-1450


Edward III came to the throne in

(a) 1327

(b) 1322

(c) 1317

(d) 1332

Question’s Answer: 1327


Richard II came to the throne in

(a) 1375

(b) 1381

(c) 1396

(d) 1377

Question’s Answer: 1377


Henry IV pass away in which year?

(a) 1415

(b) 1476

(c) 1413

(d) 1416

Question’s Answer: 1413


Joan of Arc headed the French army during which reign?

(a) Richard II

(b) Henry V

(c) Henry VII

(d) Henry VI

Question’s Answer: Henry VI


When Henry VII came to the throne?

(a) 1470

(b) 1499

(c) 1485

(d) 1480

Question’s Answer: 1485


The War of Roses was fought between which of the following?

(a) Richard II and Henry IV

(b) The House of York and the House of Lancaster

(c) Edward ill and Henry IV

(d) Edward II and Richard II

Question’s Answer: The House of York and the House of Lancaster


St. Paul’s School was established in 1504 to serve as a model school for the teaching of

(a) French

(b) Latin

(c) Greek

(d) Latin and Greek

Question’s Answer: Latin


The medieval feudal system came to an end with the coming of the rule of

(a) Henry VI

(b) Henry V

(c) Henry VII

(d) Richard II

Question’s Answer: Henry VII


In The War of Roses, ‘Roses’ stands for

(a) Houses

(b) Girls

(c) Flowers

(d) Places

Question’s Answer: Houses


Which language became the official language in England after Norman Conquest?

(a) Latin

(b) French

(c) German

(d) English

Question’s Answer: French


The Hundred Years’ War was fought between in 1338.

(a) England and Italy

(b) England and France

(c) The Romans and the Saxons

(d) The Greeks and the Romans

Question’s Answer: England and France


Giraldus Cambrensis wrote Gemma Ecclesiastica at the end of the

(a) 11th century

(b) 12th century

(c) 14th century

(d) 13th century

Question’s Answer: 13th century


Henry VII married Anne Boleyn in

(a) 1533

(b) 1532

(c) 1531

(d) 1534

Question’s Answer: 1533


The Reformation began during the reign of

(a) Henry VIII

(b) Henry VII

(c) Edward VI

(d) Queen Mary

Question’s Answer: Henry VIII


Which King won for lim the title of the Defender of the faith”?

(a) Henry VIII

(b) Henry VII

(c) Edward III

(d) Edward VI

Question’s Answer: Henry VIII

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