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oliver Goldsmith Basic info
oliver Goldsmith Basic info

Collection of important MCQs on Oliver Goldsmith

Who stoops to conquer in the play ‘She Stoops to Conquer”?

(A) Miss Neville

(B) Miss Williams

(C) Miss Hardcastle

(D) A Maid

Question’s Answer: Miss Hardcastle

On his grave the following epitaph was written: ‘A gentle master who left scarcely any kind of writing untouched. Who is the writer of  this Epitaph?

(A) Garrick

(B) Dr. Johnson

(C) Burke

(D) Reynolds

Question’s Answer: Dr. Johnson

oliver Goldsmith Books names
oliver Goldsmith Books names

To ____ ,  Goldsmith dedicate his play ‘She Stoops to Conquer ?

(A) Lord Chesterfield

(B) Joshua Reynolds

(C) Mr. Whitehead

(D) Dr. Samuel Johnson

Question’s Answer: Dr. Samuel Johnson


Goldsmith belongs to _______ literary age.

(A) The Age of Johnson

(B) The Age of Pope

(C) The Augustan Age

(D) The Age of Wordsworth

Question’s Answer: The Age of Johnson

Goldsmith travelled over the Continent for two years supported only:

(A) By playing on his flute

(B) By reading aloud his poems and singing songs

(C) By his friends

(D) None of these

Question’s Answer: By playing on his flute

literary age was so poor and supportless that for some time he _____

(A) served as a bookseller’s hack but left it

(B) lived with professional beggars

(C) took to teaching in basic schools but failed

(D) took to writing articles to local Papers

Question’s Answer: lived with professional beggars

Goldsmith’s first work published under his name of ______ .

(A) The Good Natured Man

(B) The Vicar of Wakefield

(C) The Deserted Village

(D) The Traveller

Question’s Answer: The Traveller

She Stoops to Conquer was published in:

(A) 1780

(B) 1774

(C) 1750

(D) 1775

Question’s Answer: 1774

Goldsmith was born in which country?

(A) Scotland

(C) Ireland

(B) England

(D) Border of England-Scotland

Question’s Answer: Ireland

The alternative title of ___was given by Goldsmith to She Stoops to Conquer

(A) The Errors of a Night

(B) The Mistakes of a Night

(C) The Blunders of a Night

(D) The Follies of a Night

Question’s Answer: The Mistakes of a Night

Who said of Goldsmith that He wrote like an angel but talked like poor Poll’ ?

(A) Beanclerk

(B) Garrick

(C) Masson

(D) Newberry

Question’s Answer: Beanclerk

The Deserted Village was written by Goldsmith in the memory of which of the following?

(A) His father who had pass away not long before

(B) His brother who had pass away a few months earlier

(C) A village in Ireland where Goldsmith passed his boyhood days

(D) It refers to no particular village

Question’s Answer: His brother who had pass away a few months earlier

What is Goldsmith’s ‘The Good Natured Man’ ?

(A) A Narrative Poem

(B) A Play

(C) A Novel

(D) A Satire in Verse

Question’s Answer: A Play

Name the work which Goldsmith left unfinished on account of his death:

(A) The Vicar of Wakefield

(B) The Good Natured Man

(C) Retaliation

(D) The Deserted Village

Question’s Answer: Retaliation

At the age of ___ Goldsmith pass away.

(A) Fifty-six

(B) Fifty-eight

(C) Forty-eight

(D) Forty-six

Question’s Answer: Forty-six

What is Goldsmith’s The Bee?

(A) A Short Poem

(B) A Prose Pamphlet

(C) A Book of Stories

(D) A Periodical

Question’s Answer: A Periodical

What is Retaliation?

(A) A Galaxy of Animated Reparties

(B) A Prose Romance

(C) A Story in Verse

(D) A Novel

Question’s Answer: A Galaxy of Animated Reparties

But finally he found both a sheltering rock and literary recognition by writing:

(A) An account of his continental tours

(B) A history of France

(C) A history of England

(D) Writing articles in National Journals

Question’s Answer: A history of England

Goldsmith published a series of letters under the title The Letters of a Citizen of the World.”

They were professed to have been written by:

(A) A French Traveller

(B) A Roman Traveller

(C) A Chinese Traveller

(D) A Japanese Traveller

Question’s Answer: A Chinese Traveller

What is Goldsmith’s She Stoops to Conquer?

(A) A Satire on Hero Worship

(B) A Farce

(C) A Satire on Women

(D) A Comedy

Question’s Answer: A Comedy

Oliver Goldsmith books names

The Vicar of Wakefield 1766
The Citizen of the World 1762
She Stoops to Conquer 1773
The Deserted Village 1770
The Good-Natur’d Man 1768
An History of the Earth and Animated Nature 1774
Poems for Young Ladies 1767
The Traveller 1764
The Life of Richard Nash, Esq 1762
Retaliation 1774
A History of the Earth and Animated Nature 1774

Oliver Goldsmith Basic info

Full Name Oliver Goldsmith
Birthdate November 10, 1728
Birthplace Smithstown, County Longford, Ireland
Nationality Irish
Occupation Poet, playwright, novelist, essayist
Notable Works “The Vicar of Wakefield,” “She Stoops to Conquer,” “The Deserted Village”
Literary Style Sentimental, pastoral, comedic
Education Trinity College, Dublin; University of Edinburgh (did not graduate)
Influences Classical literature, especially the works of Virgil and Horace
Contemporaries Samuel Johnson, Edmund Burke, David Garrick
Achievements Influential figure in English literature, significant contributions to the novel and drama of the 18th century
Death Date April 4, 1774
Death Place London, England

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