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Collection of important MCQs on P B Shelley

Shelley belonged to the:

(A) Earlier generation of Romantic poets

(B) Later generation of Romantic poets

(C) Earlier generation of Victorian poets

(D) Later generation of Victorian poets

Question’s Answer: Earlier generation of Romantic poets

PB Shelly Basic info
PB Shelly Basic info

Adonais is a Pastoral Elegy written on the death of which of the following?

(A) Byron

(C) Scott

(B) keats

(D) Southey

Question’s Answer: Keats

“Nothing of him that doth fade,

But doth suffer a sea-change

Into something rich and strange.”

These lines were inscribed upon the tomb of Shelley. From where were these lines borrowed?

(A) From Spenser’s Astrophel

(B) From Gray’s Elegy

(C) From Milton’s Lycidas

(D) From Ariel’s song in The Tempest

Question’s Answer: From Ariel’s song in The Tempest

“Life, like a dome of many-coloured glass, Stains the white radiance of Eternity

Until Death tramples it to fragments, die.” From which of Shelley’s poems are these lines quoted?

(A) Hellas

(B) Alastor

(C) Adonais

(D) The Cenci

Question’s Answer: Adonais

PB Shelly Books names
PB Shelly Books names

Which is Shelley’s autobiographical poem ?

(A) Adonais

(B) Queen Mab

(C) Alastor

(D) The Cenci

Question’s Answer: Alastor

From which source did Shelley get the idea of writing The Prometheus Unbound?

(A) Seneca

(B) Euripides

(C) Aeschylus

(D) Sophocles

Question’s Answer: Aeschylus

To whom is Shelley’s The Revolt of Islam dedicated?

(A) Jane Clairmont

(B) Mary Godwin

(C) Harriet Westbrook

(D) William Godwin

Question’s Answer: Jane Clairmont

Referring to Adonais, Shelley said, “I have dipped my pen in consuming fire for his

destroyers” Who were these destroyers ?

(A) The Editors of both Quarterly Review and Blackwood’s Magazine

(B) The Editors of Quarterly Review

(C) The Editors of Blackwood’s Magazine

(D) The Editors of The London Magazine

Question’s Answer: The Editors of both Quarterly Review and Blackwood’s Magazine

Where is the scene of Oedipus Tyrannus by Shelley laid?

(A) Troy

(B) Aethiopia

(C) Constantinople

(D) Thebes

Question’s Answer: Thebes

“Smiling they live, and call life pleasure:

To me that cup has been dealt in another measure.” This line is taken from which of the following  poem?

(A) Stanzas Written in Dejection Near Naple

(B) O World Life! O Time!

(C) A Lament

(D) The Dirge

Question’s Answer: Stanzas Written in Dejection Near Naples

Shelley’s Masque of Anarchy is:

(A) An Elegy

(B) A Satire

(C) A Sonnet

(D) An Ode

Question’s Answer: A Satire

The total span of Shelley’s life was about:

(A) 28 years

(B) 32 years

(C) 31 years

(D) 30 years

Question’s Answer: 30 years

Shelley was expelled from the Oxford University for the publication of which of the following?

(A) On the Necessity of Atheism

(B) The Revolt of Islam

(C) The Mask of Anarchy

(D) Hellas

Question’s Answer: On the Necessity of Atheism

____ called Shelley “an ineffectual angel beating in the void his luminous wings in vain”?

(A) Hazlitt

(B) John Ruskin

(C) Charles Lamb

(D) Matthew Arnold

Question’s Answer: Matthew Arnold

How many Cantos are there in Shelley’s The Revolt of Islam?

(A) 6

(B) 12

(C) 10


Question’s Answer: 12

Shelley’s death was caused by:

(A) Fighting

(B) Drowning

(C) Consumption

(D) Poisoning

Question’s Answer: Drowning

How many Acts  are there in Shelley’s play,The Cenci?

(A) Three Acts

(B) Five Acts

(C) Four Acts

(D) Six Acts

Question’s Answer: Five Acts

How many Acts are there in Shelley’s play. Oedipus Tyrannus?

(A) Four Acts

(B) Three Acts

(C) Two Acts

(D) Five Acts

Question’s Answer: Two Acts

How many Parts are there in Shelley’s The Sensitive Plant?

(A) TWO parts

(B) Four Parts

(C) Five Parts

(D) Three Parts

Question’s Answer: Three Parts

Which work of Shelley has the sub-title, The Spirit of Solitude?

(A) Queen Mab

(B) The Sensitive Plant

(C) The Cenci

(D) Alastor

Question’s Answer: Alastor

“I change but I cannot die”What is it that changes but does not die according to a poem by Shelley?

(A) Human spirit

(B) The West Wind

(C) The Cloud

(D) None of these

Question’s Answer: The Cloud

Shelley’s Ariel to Miranda was inspired by Shakespeare’s:

(A) The Tempest

(B) The Taming of the Shrew

(C) The Merchant of Venice

(D) The Winter’s Tale

Question’s Answer: The Tempest

“If winter comes, can spring be far behind ?” Which poem of Shelley ends with this line?

(A) The Cloud

(B) To a Skylark

(C) Ode to the West Wind

(D) To Night

Question’s Answer: Ode to the West Wind

How many Acts are there in Shelley’ play, Prometheus Unbound?

(A) Three Acts

(B) Five Acts

(C) Four Acts

(D) None of these

Question’s Answer: Four Acts

Shelley’s Defence of Poetry is a rejoinder to:

(A) Sidney’s Apologie for Poetrie

(B) Love Peacock’s The Four Ages of Poetry

(C) Byron’s English Bards and Scotch Reviewers

(D) Hazlitt’s The English Comic Writers

Question’s Answer: Love Peacock’s The Four Ages of Poetry

To whom is Shelley’s The Cenci dedicated?

(A) Byron

(B) Leigh Hunt

(C) Coleridge

(D) Wordsworth

Question’s Answer: Leigh Hunt

Which type of play is The Cenci?

(A) A comedy

(B) A tragi-comedy

(C) A tragedy

(D) A masque

Question’s Answer: A tragedy

What is Shelley’s O World! O Life! O Time!?

(A) A lyric

(B) An Ode

(C) A Sonnet

(D) An elegy

Question’s Answer: A lyric

PB Shelley Basic info

Full Name Percy Bysshe Shelley
Born August 4, 1792
Died July 8, 1822
Nationality English
Occupation Poet, Writer
Literary Period Romantic
Famous Works “Ozymandias”, “Prometheus Unbound”, “Adonais”, “To a Skylark”, “Ode to the West Wind”
Notable Themes Nature, love, political and social reform, freedom, the individual
Literary Style Romantic poetry, use of symbolism and imagery, exploration of idealism and imagination
Influences Classical literature, Romanticism, Greek philosophy, political radicalism

PB Shelley Books names

Queen Mab 1813
Alastor 1816
The Revolt of Islam 1818
Ozymandias 1818
Prometheus Unbound 1820
Adonais 1821
Epipsychidion 1821
Hellas 1822
The Triumph of Life 1824
A Defence of Poetry 1821

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