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Henry Fieldings Basic info
Henry Fieldings Basic info

Collection of important MCQs on Henry Fielding

The most famous novel of Fielding is:

(A) Pamela

(B) Joseph Andrews

(C) Amelia

(D) Tom Jones

Question’s Answer: Tom Jones

Fielding and his three other fellow novelists are famous as:

(A) The Four Makers of the English Novel

(B) The Four Pillars of the English Novel

(C) The Four Wheels of the Van of the English Novel

(D) The Four Founders of the English Novel

Question’s Answer: The Four Wheels of the Van of the English Novel

Who is the author of Pamela ?

(A) Fielding

(B) Smollett

(C) Richardson

(D) Sterne

Question’s Answer: Richardson

What is the subtitle of Pamela ?

(A) Virtue Reconsidered

(B) Virtue Rewarded

(C) Virtue Its Own Reward

(D) A Virgin Maid

Question’s Answer: Virtue Rewarded

Which novels is not created and written by  Fielding?

(A) Tom Jones

(B) Joseph Andrews

(C) Amelia

(D) Tristram Shandy

Question’s Answer: Tristram Shandy

Henry Fieldings books names
Henry Fieldings books names

Which novels  is not created and written by  Smollett?

(A) Humphry Clinker

(B) Tristram Shandy

(C) Roderick Random

(D) None of these

Question’s Answer: Tristram Shandy

Who is the author of Sentimental Journey?

(A) Fielding

(B) Smollett

(C) Richardson

(D) Sterne

Question’s Answer: Sterne

Who is the author of the novel “Roderick Random” ?

(A) Fielding

(B) Richardson

(C) Sterne

(D) Smollett

Question’s Answer: Smollett

Who was the first author who brought into vogue the proper English Novel?

(A) Fielding

(B) Smollett

(C) Richardson

(D) Sterne

Question’s Answer: Richardson

Who is the author of Adventures of an Atom?

(A) Sterne

(B) Smollett

(C) Fielding

(D) Richardson

Question’s Answer: Smollett

Fielding’s last novel was:

(A) Tom Jones

(B) Adventures of Joseph Andrews

(C) Pamela

(D) Amelia

Question’s Answer: Amelia

How many novels did Richardson write?

(A) Three

(B) Two

(C) One

(D) Four

Question’s Answer: Three

Who is the author of Tristram Shandy?

(A) Fielding

(B) Sterne

(C) Smollett

(D) Richardson

Question’s Answer: Sterne

Tristram Shandy is written in:

(A) Nine Volumes

(B) Four Volumes

(C) Seven Volumes

(D) Two Volumes

Question’s Answer: Nine Volumes

Fielding’s Tom Jones is called _____ .

(A) An epic in prose

(B) An immoral novel

(C) A vulgar novel

(D) A lyrical novel

Question’s Answer: An epic in prose

What type of hero is Tom Jones?

(A) A wandering rogue

(B) An immoral adventurer

(C) A social reformer

(D) A knight on his journey

Question’s Answer: A knight on his journey


Which of the novels is not a creation of Samuel Richardson?

(a) Pamela

(b) Clarissa

(c) None of these

(d) Gone with the Wind

What kind of novel is Epistolary novel?

(a) Which is based on a letter written by a great man

(b) Which is written in the form of artletters

(c) Which is based on fanciful stories of ghosts and witches

(d) Which is a science fiction

Question’s Answer: Which is written in the form of artletters

Which novels was not a creation of English novelist “Henry Fielding”?

(a) Tom Jones

(b) Joseph Andrews

(c) Robinson Crusoe

(d) Shamela

Question’s Answer: Robinson Crusoe

Which novelists is a contemporary of Fielding?

(a) Joseph Conrad

(b) Daniel Defoe

(c) Charles Dickens

(d) Thomas Hardy

Question’s Answer: Daniel Defoe

Which novel is a creation of Richardson ?

(a) The Castle

(b) Pamela

(c) Moll Flanders

(d) Shamela

Question’s Answer: Pamela

Which of the novels is a creation of Samuel Richardson?

(a) Jane Eyre

(b) A Farewell to Arms

(c) Clarissa

(d) Gone with the Wind

Question’s Answer: Clarissa

Scottish poet “Tobias Smollett” lived for how many years?

(a) Sixty five

(b) Fifty five

(c) eight nine

(d) Fifty

Question’s Answer: Fifty

Fielding’s Shamela seems to be a parody of which of the following?

(a) Robinson Crusoe

(b) Clarissa

(c) Pamela

(d) Moll Flanders

Question’s Answer: Pamela

Which of these novels has been written in Epistolary style?

(a) Joseph Andrews

(b) Pamela

(c) Shamela

(d) Tom Jones

Question’s Answer: Pamela

Which novels was the creation of English novelist “Henry Fielding”?

(a) Robinson Crusoe

(b) Tom Jones

(c) Ulysses,a Novel by James Joyce

(d) Moll Flanders

(e) (b), (c) & (d)

(b), (c) & (d)

Heartfree is a leading character in which novels of Fielding?

(a) Tom Jones

(b) Jonathan Wild

(c) Joseph Andrews

(d) Shamela

Question’s Answer: Jonathan Wild

Which statements about Tom and Sophia in Tom Jones can be considered as correct?

(a) Sophia and Tom are mother and son

(b) Tom and Sophia are brother and sister

(c) Tom and Sophia are lover and beloved

(d) None of these

Question’s Answer: Tom and Sophia are lover and beloved

Sophia is the leading female character in which of the novels of Fielding?

(a) Shamela

(b) Joseph Andrews

(c) Jonathan Wild

(d) Tom Jones

Question’s Answer: Tom Jones

Which novelists is not a contemporary of Fielding?

(a) Daniel Defoe

(b) James Joyce

(c) Scottish poet “Tobias Smollett”

(d) Richardson

Question’s Answer: James Joyce

English novelist “Henry Fielding” can be put in which categories?

(a) Early 18th century novelist

(b) A prose-romance writer of 16th century

(c) Gothic novelist

(d) Modern novelist

Question’s Answer: Early 18th century novelist

E.M. Forster has divided characters in a novel into two categories-round and

flat. Which category would you assign the bulk of Tom Jones’s cast?

(a) Flat characters

(b) Round characters

(c) Flat and round both

(d) Neither flat nor round

Question’s Answer: Flat characters

In Tom Jones conventional society may be seen as its embopass away in _____ .

(a) The character of Tom

(b) The character of Sophia

(c) The character of Lady Bellaston

(d) The character of Blifil

Question’s Answer: The character of Blifil

In Fielding’s Tom Jones Mr. Western, the father of Sophia, wants her to marry with which of the following?

(a) Tom Jones

(b) Black George

(c) Allworthy

(d) Mr. Blifil

Question’s Answer: Mr. Blifil

In Fielding’s Tom Jones ‘Nightingale’ is the name of which of the following?

(a) A bird

(b) A male character

(c) An Inn

(d) A female character

Question’s Answer: A male character

Whom does Jonathan Wild marry in Fielding’s novel Jonathan Wild?

(a) Laetitia Snap

(b) Fanny

(c) Shamela

(d) Pamela

Question’s Answer: Laetitia Snap

What happened at the end of the novel Jonathan Wild ?

(a) Jonathan Wild marries Mrs.Heartfree

(b) Jonathan Wild renounces the world and becomes a priest

(c) Jonathan Wild is hanged

(d) None of these

Question’s Answer: Jonathan Wild is hanged

______ saved the life of Mrs. Waters from the villain Northerton In Tom Jones by English novelist “Henry Fielding”.

(a) Blifil

(b) An oldman

(c) Allworthy

(d) Tom

Question’s Answer: Tom

When was English novelist “Henry Fielding” was born?

(a) 8 March 1714

(b) 23 December 1700

(c) 14 June 1721

(d) 22 April 1707

Question’s Answer: 22 April 1707

In Fielding’s Tom Jones, Tom has a misapprehension of having committed incest with his mother, Mrs. Waters, This situation is ________ .

(a) Quixotic

(b) Oedipus-like

(c) Homeric

(d) Herculean

Question’s Answer: Oedipus-like

According to_____, “In Tom Jones there is too much plot.”

(a) Samuel Taylor Coleridge

(b) F.R. Leavis

(c) Arnold Kettle

(d) Ian Watt

Question’s Answer: Arnold Kettle

In the context of Fielding’s Jonathan Wild,  which of the statements can be considered as correct?

(a) Jonathan Wild was an organiser of thieves

(b) Jonathan Wild was a priest sa

(c) Jonathan Wild, was a philanthropist

(d) None of these

Question’s Answer: Jonathan Wild was an organiser of thieves

Blueskin is a character in which novels of Fielding?

(a) Joseph Andrews

(b) Tom Jones

(c) Amelia

(d) Jonathan Wild

Question’s Answer: Jonathan Wild

The novels of which novelist have been termed ‘comic epic in prose”?

(a) Jane Austen

(b) Henry James

(c) English novelist “Henry Fielding”

(d) James Joyce

Question’s Answer: English novelist “Henry Fielding”

In Fielding’s Joseph Andrews, Joseph Andrews was turned out of the house for what motives?

(a) Joseph Andrews was very lazy

(b) Joseph Andrews was dishonest.

(c) Joseph Andrews refused to satisfy the sexual desire of Lady Booby

(d) None of these

Question’s Answer: None of these

Which is Smollett’s last work?

(a) Peregrine Pickle

(b) Roderick Random

(c) Humphrey Clinker

(d) None of the above

Question’s Answer: Humphrey Clinker

Smollett models his novels on

(a) Dr Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels

(b) Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe

(c) Cervantes’ Don Quixote

(d) Fielding’s Joseph Andrews

Question’s Answer: Cervantes’ Don Quixote

In Fielding’s Amelia, Which statements is correct about Dr. Harrison?

(a) Dr. Harrison was a villain always trying to do some harm to Amelia

(b) Dr. Harrison was a benefactor for Booths

(c) Dr. Harrison is the narrator an the novel

(d) None of these

Question’s Answer: Dr. Harrison was a benefactor for Booths

How many books are there in Tom Jones?

(a) 18

(b) 16

(c) 17

(d) 15

Question’s Answer: 18

In Tom Jones. Sophia is finally happily married to

(a) Blitil

(b) Tom Jones

(c) Squire Western

(d) None of these

Question’s Answer: Tom Jones

With which characters did Amelia marry in Fielding’s Amelia?

(a) Mr. Fitzpatrick

(b) Booth

(c) Parson Andrews

(d) Bhil

Question’s Answer: Booth

Comic epic in prose was initiated by which of the following author?

(a) Samuel Richardson

(b) Pope

(c) Fielding

(d) Prior

Question’s Answer: Fielding

Henery Fielding’s Tom Jones was dedicated to ___________ .

(a) The Jolly Beggars

(b) Josheph Andrews

(c) Samuel Richardson

(d) None of these

Question’s Answer: Josheph Andrews

Which novelist had a connection to the medical field that he subsequently referenced in his works?

(a) Richardson

(b) English novelist “Henry Fielding”

(c) Scottish poet “Tobias Smollett”

(d) Daniel Defoe

Question’s Answer: Scottish poet “Tobias Smollett”

Which novels was not a creation of Smollett?

(a) Roderick Random

(b) Humphrey Clinker

(c) Peregrine Pickle

(d) Clarissa Harlowe

Question’s Answer: Clarissa Harlowe


   Henry Fielding books names

Shamela 1741
Joseph Andrews 1742
The History of the Life of the Late Mr. Jonathan Wild the Great 1743
The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling 1749
Amelia 1751

Dr Samuel Johnson Basic info

Full Name Samuel Johnson
Birthdate September 18, 1709
Birthplace Lichfield, Staffordshire, England
Nationality English
Occupation Writer, lexicographer, critic, essayist
Notable Works “A Dictionary of the English Language,” “The Lives of the Poets,” “Rasselas”
Literary Style Periodic sentences, moralistic, classical influences
Education Pembroke College, Oxford (did not graduate)
Influences Classical literature, particularly the works of Shakespeare, Milton, and Dryden
Contemporaries James Boswell, Edmund Burke, Oliver Goldsmith
Achievements Created one of the most influential dictionaries of the English language, significant contributions to English literature and criticism
Death Date December 13, 1784
Death Place London, England

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