American Prose MCQs [English Realism ]

The moral decay of competitive society is described in:

(a) The Rise of Silas Lapham

(b) Harper’s Magazine

(c) Hazard of New Fortunes

(d) Atlantic

Question’s Answer: Hazard of New Fortunes


In which of Crane’s writings does he rewrite the story of a shipwreck he personally witnessed?

(a) The Open Boat

(b) The Red Badge

(c) Maggie

(d) Main Travelled Road

Question’s Answer: The Open Boat


The Red Badge of Courage, a Novel by Stephen Crane has as its theme of ______.

(a) Love

(b) Envy

(c) Satire

(d) War

Question’s Answer: War


What is the Utopian novel in In 1907 that was written by W.D Howells?

(a) A Traveller from Altruria

(b) Through the Eye of the Needle

(c) Harper’s Magazine

(d) Hazard of New Fortunes

Question’s Answer: Through the Eye of the Needle


W.D. Howells advocated socialism in which of the following?

(a)  The Rise of Silas Lapham

(b) Hazard of New Fortunes

(c) A Traveller from Altruria

(d) Through the Eye of the Needle

Question’s Answer: A Traveller from Altruria


When Howells left Boston for New York?

(a) 1850

(b) 1723

(c) 1880

(d) 1800

Question’s Answer: 1880


Who referred to Garland and Howells as his literary fathers?

(a) Frank Norris

(b) Stephen Crane

(c) Jack London

(d) Theodore Dreiser

Question’s Answer: Stephen Crane


Who is the author of the? “A newspaper is a court/where everyone is kindly and unfairly tried / by a squalor of honest men”.

(a) W.D. Howells

(b) Hamlin Garland

(c) Frank Norris

(d) Stephen Crane

Question’s Answer: Stephen Crane


Which novel of W.D. Howells captures him at the height of his abilities?

(a) Dr. Breen’s Practice

(b) The Atlantic

(c) The Rise of Silas Lapham

(d) A Woman’s Reason

Question’s Answer: The Rise of Silas Lapham


Who after Crane’s death felt that Maggie was the best thing he did?

(a) W.D. Howells

(b) Henry James

(c) Jack London

(d) Henry Fleming

Question’s Answer: W.D. Howells


Whose writings do Nietzsche and Karl Marx disagree with?

(a) William Dean Howells

(b) Jack London

(c) Stephen Crane

(d) Henry James

Question’s Answer: Jack London


The hero of Jack London’s socialist novel The Iron Heel is presented as a what kind of hero?

(a) Filmstar

(b) Priest

(c) Sailor

(d) Superman

Question’s Answer: Superman


Theodore Dreiser, American novelist

gives the readers a relief from the America hetoric of ______.

(a) Democracy

(b) Feudalism

(c) Moral law

(d) Monarchy

Question’s Answer: Moral law


______ was Theodore Dreiser’s first novel for a publisher.

(a) The Financier

(b) The Titan

(c) Sister Carrie

(d) An American Tragedy

Question’s Answer: Sister Carrie


Soviet readers have coupled Jack ‘London with

(a) William Dean Howells

(b) Upton Sinclair

(c) Stephen Crane

(d) Frank Norris

Question’s Answer: Upton Sinclair


Whose hero is not so much a victor as a martyr in a protracted class struggle?

(a) W.D. Howells

(b) Jack London

(c) Stephen Crane

(d) Frank Norris

Question’s Answer: Jack London


For whom do the moral and social codes of America represent the truths of human nature?

(a) Frank Norris

(b) Jack London

(c) W.D. Howells

(d) Theodore Dreiser

Question’s Answer: Theodore Dreiser


Care in Dreiser’s Sister Carrie is a

(a) A sophisticated town lady

(b) French lady

(c) Pretty country girl

(d) None of A, B, and C

Question’s Answer: Pretty country girl


We can divide Henry James’s literature into _______ periods.

(a) Three

(b) Four

(c) Five

(d) Two

Question’s Answer: Four


To which period do James’s three novels Roderick Hudson, The American and Daisy Miller belong?

(a) Second

(b) Fourth

(c) Third

(d) First

Question’s Answer: First


Who ridiculed James’s concem with style?

(a) Stephen Crane

(b) Jack London

(c) B.G. Wells

(d) Edith Wharton

Question’s Answer: B.G. Wells



According to _________ ,

‘It is art that makes life, makes it interesting, important.”

(a) H. G. Wells

(b) Henry James

(c) Edith Wharton

(d) Stephen Crane

Question’s Answer: Henry James


Who called Dreiser’s An American Tragedy a harrowing novel?

(a) W.D. Mowells

(b) Irving Babbit

(c) F.R. Leavis

(d) Jack London

Question’s Answer: Irving Babbit


In which novel does James portray young businessman Christopher Newman face to face with intriguing

aristocracy of France?

(a) The American

(b) Roderick Hudson

(c) Daisy Miller

(d) The Tragic Muse

Question’s Answer: The American


James revealed his mastery of realistic fictional technique in

(a) The Bostoniars

(b) Portrait of a Lady

(c) The American

(d) The Princess Cassamassima

Question’s Answer: Portrait of a Lady


When was Henry James’s The Wings of the Dove’ published?

(a) 1900

(b) 1904

(c) 1903

(d) 1902

Question’s Answer: 1902


In 1904, Henry James got published his

(a) Roderick Hudson

(b) The Golden Bowl

(c) The Europeans

(d) The American

Question’s Answer: The Golden Bowl


Lily Brat occurs in E. Wharton’s

(a) The House of Mirth

(b) The Custom of the Country

(c) Ethan Frome

(d) Hudson River Bracketed

Question’s Answer: The House of Mirth


The absence of a fully realised conflict is especially noticeable in Wharton’s

(a) Beginning novels

(b) Unfinished novel

(c) Later novels

(d) Posthumous work

Question’s Answer: Later novels


Henry James left behind incomplete

(a) The Ambassadors

(b) The Ivory Tower

(c) The Outcry

(d) The Golden Bowl

Question’s Answer: The Ivory Tower


Which of James’s novels explores the artist’s dilemma in choosing between the conflicting aims of life and art

(a) Portrait of a Lady

(b) The Tragic Muse

(c) The Americans

(d) Roderick Hudson

Question’s Answer: The Tragic Muse


Edith Wharton has a sharp eye for which of the following?

(a) Town life

(b) Love

(c) Romance

(d) Social absurdities

Question’s Answer: Social absurdities


Edith Wharton’s The House of Mirth The Custom of the Country and Hudson River Bracketed deal with

(a) London

(b) New York

(c) Paris

(d) Belgium

Question’s Answer: New York


Wharton’s novels and stories have frequently been compared with which of the following author?

(a) Henry James

(b) John Steinbeck

(c) Gertrude Stein

(d) Henry Adams

Question’s Answer: Henry James


The hero Vance Weston is a character of which book of Edith Wharton’?

(a) The House of Mirth

(b) Ethan Frome

(c) The Custom of Country

(d) Hudson River Bracketed

Question’s Answer: Hudson River Bracketed

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