Lord Byron MCQs [English Literature & Famous Authors]

Collection of important MCQs on Lord Byron

The Witch of Alps is a character in :

(A) Heaven and Earth

(B) Cain

(C) Manfred

(D) Werner

Question’s Answer: Manfred

How Acts are there in the play Manfred?

(A) Two

(B) Five

(C) Four

(D) Three

Question’s Answer: Three

To whom is the Tragedy Sardanapalus dedicated?

(A) Godwin

(B) Walter Scott

(C) Dryden

(D) Goethe

Question’s Answer: Goethe

Byron’s Beppo is a:

(A) A Venetian Story

(B) A Lyrical play

(C) A Turkish Tale

(D) A Monologue

Question’s Answer: A Venetian Story

Byron wrote an ode to a poet whom he admired. Who was that poet?

(A) Wordsworth

(B) Walter Scott

(C) Thomas Moore

(D) Thomas Gray

Question’s Answer: Thomas Moore

One of the following Poetic Plays is not created and written by  Byron. Which?

(A) Werner

(B) Cain

(C) Otho the Great

(D) Heaven and Earth

Question’s Answer: Otho the Great

What is Byron’s Hours of Idleness?

(A) A Narrative poem

(B) A Volume of his early poems

(C) A long Satire

(D) A Lyrical play

Question’s Answer: A Volume of his early poems

Byron himself calls his play The Two Foscari:

(A) A Horror Tragedy

(B) A Historical Tragedy

(C) A Lyrical Comedy

(D) A Tragi-comedy

Question’s Answer: A Historical Tragedy

To whom does Byron dedicate his play entitled Cain?

(A) William Wordsworth

(B) Sir Walter Scott

(C) S.T. Coleridge

(D) Robert Southey

Question’s Answer: Sir Walter Scott

How many Acts are there in the play Marino Faliero?

(A) Two

(B) Three

(C) Five

(D) Four

Question’s Answer: Five

Byron calls one of his Tales A Fragment of a Turkish Tale. Which is this tale?

(A) The Corsair

(B) The Giaour

(C) The Siege of Corinth

(D) Parisina

Question’s Answer: The Giaour

English Bards and Scotch Reviewers

Lord Byron pass away at the age of which of the following?

(A) 34 years

(B) 35 years

(C) 38 years

(D) 36 years

Question’s Answer: 36 years

One of the following poetic plays is written by Byron. Which?

(A) The Fall of Robespierre

(B) Remorse

(C) Otho the Great

(D) Manfred

Question’s Answer: Manfred

Seven Spirits act as characters in which of the following poetic plays. In which of the

following plays?

(A) Borderers

(B) Mysterious Mother

(C) Manfred

(D) Foresters

Question’s Answer: Manfred

Byron wrote a powerful satirical rejoinder in defence of Keats. What was that rejoinder?

(A) The Vision of Judgement

(B) Don Juan

(C) English Bards and Scotch Reviewers

(D) Marino Faliero

In which of Byron’s plays Adam and Eve are leading characters?

(A) Cain

(B) Werner

(C) Heaven and Earth

(D) The Deformed Transformed

Question’s Answer: Cain

What is Byron’s The Vision of Judgement?

(A) A  Poetic Play

(B) A Tale

(C) A Satire

(D) A Dream Allegory

Question’s Answer: A Satire

“A man must serve his time to every trade

Save Censure Critics all are ready made.”

In which work does Byron give this opinion?

(A) English Bards and Scotch Reviewers

(B) The Vision of Judgement

(C) The Curse of Minerva

(D) The Waltz

Question’s Answer: English Bards and Scotch Reviewers

To whom does Byron dedicate his tale Don Juan?

(A) Dryden

(B) Robert Southey

(C) Dr. Johnson

(D) Walter Scott

Question’s Answer: Robert Southey

Which poems shot up Byron into unprecedented popularity?

(A) Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage

(B) Beppo

(C) Don Juan

(D) Cain

Question’s Answer: Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage

Byron woke up one morning and found himself famous What was that occasion?

(A) The publication of his famous long poem Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage

(B) The publication of his popular work The Vision of Judgement

(C) The Conferment of the title Lordship on him

(D) The publication of his rejoinder English Bards and Scotch Reviewers

Question’s Answer: The publication of his famous long poem Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage

Byron wrote an Ode to one of the following historical personalities. Identify him:

(A) Napoleon Buonaparte

(B) Queen Victoria

(C) William Godwin

(D) Queen Mary

Question’s Answer: Napoleon Buonaparte

How many Cantos are there in Childe Harold’s

(A) Two

(B) Four

(C) Three

(D) Five

Question’s Answer: Four

Where is the scene of the Lyrical play Manfred laid ?

(A) On the Higher Alps

(B) On the sea-coast of Greece

(C) In Egypt

(D) In a vast desert

Question’s Answer: On the Higher Alps

Byron’s The Deformed Transformed is a :

(A) Drama

(B) Tale

(C) Elegy

(D) Satire

Question’s Answer: Drama

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