English language MCQs

Who completed “Hero and Leander” a Poem by Christopher Marlowe and _________.

(a) Chapman

(b) William Shakespeare

(c) Ben Jonson

(d) Heywood

Question’s Answer: Chapman


The resounding use of exotic place in Paradise Lost has its origin in

(a) Arden of Feversham

(b) Tamburlaine

(c) The Spanish Tragedy

(d) None of these

Question’s Answer: Tamburlaine


Tamburlaine is the perfect illustration of the view maintained in

(a) Kyd’s The Spanish Tragedy

(b) Milton’s Paradise Lost

(c) Hobbes’ Leviathan

(d) Marlowe’s Tamburlaine

Question’s Answer: Hobbes’ Leviathan


Who gave the name ‘Sporting Kyd’ to Thomas Kyd?

(a) Ben Jonson

(b) William Shakespeare

(c) Marlowe

(d) John Lyly

Question’s Answer: Ben Jonson


Marlowe’s mighty lines’ first came into Elizabethan drama with

(a) Dr. Faustus

(b) Edward II

(c) Tamburlaine

(d) None of these

Question’s Answer: Tamburlaine


Thomas Kyd is well-known for adhering to the

(a) Senecan School

(b) Romantic School

(c) Medieval School

(d) Primitive School

Question’s Answer: Senecan School


Tamburlaine the Great was first produced in

(a) 1554-55

(t) 1560-61

(c) 1587-88

(d) 1540-41

Question’s Answer: 1587-88


Tamburlaine is the story of ____.

(a) A sailor

(b) A French soldier

(c) A Scythian shepherd

(d) A Roman soldier

Question’s Answer: A Scythian shepherd


The ‘blood and thunder’ element of Thomas Kyd’s drama proved one of the of Pre-William Shakespearean


(a) Nemesis

(b) Experiments

(c) Weaknesses

(d) Attractive features

Question’s Answer: Attractive features


The most celebrated and the most successful of Marlowe’s character’s speech was by

(a) Helen of Troy

(b) Edward II

(c) Gaveston

(d) Dr. Faustus

Question’s Answer: Dr. Faustus


Thomas Kyd was the son of a parent with a profession of ___________ .

(a) Wine merchant

(b) Dramatist

(c) Writer

(d) London notary

Question’s Answer: London notary


The most popular of Kyd’s plays is

(a) Cornelia

(b) Jeronimo

(c) Solyman and Perseda

(d) The Spanish Tragedy

Question’s Answer: The Spanish Tragedy


Kyd’s The Spanish Tragedy was translated into German and Dutch and one of the Elizabethan dramatists is supposed to have collaborated with him. Who was he?

(a) Ben Jonson

(b) Fletcher

(c) Middleton

(d) Beaumont

Question’s Answer: Ben Jonson


Thomas Nash distinguished himself a

(a) Playwright

(b) Humorist

(c) Satirist

(d) Allegorist

Question’s Answer: Satirist


Nash’s The Unfortunate Traveller was published in

(b) 1594

(a) 1504

(c) 1590

(d) 1540

Question’s Answer: 1594


Nash’s The Unfortunate Traveller the first Elizabethan

(a) Tragedy

(b) Romance

(c) Novel

(d) Comedy

Question’s Answer: Novel


Marlowe’s The Jew of Malta is a dramatic presentation of

(a) Machiavellian man

(b) A duke

(c) A scholar

(d) A king

Question’s Answer: Machiavellian man


Thomas Kyd was the founder of

(a) Dramatic romance

(b) tragedy

(c) Satire

(d) Romantic comedy

Question’s Answer: Romantic comedy


Which Elizabethan fiction writer writes more like eighteenth century novel?

(a) Deloney

(b) Lyly

(c) Nash

(d) Greene

Question’s Answer: Deloney


The first picaresque novel is

(a) Anatomy of Absurdity

(b) Terrors of Night

(c) The Life of Jack Wilton

(d) None of these

Question’s Answer: The Life of Jack Wilton


Thomas Nash had a rich fund humour that resembles that of

(a) Rabelais

(b) Dr Jonathan Swift

(c) Dryden

(d) None of these

Question’s Answer: Rabelais


Who was the first great realist whose graphically depicted contempor London life and its manners?

(a) Thomas Sackville

(b) Thomas Deloney

(c) Robert Greene

(d) Thomas Nash

Question’s Answer: Thomas Nash


Which work of Nash is a study of superstition of the age?

(a) Christ’s ears over

(b) Anatomy of Absurdity

(c) The Unfortunate Traveller

(d) Terrors of Night

Question’s Answer: Terrors of Night


“The Life of Jack Wilton” : A Novel by Thomas Nashe is a _________.

(a) Romance

(b) Tragedy

(c) Comedy

(d) Both tragedy and comedy

Question’s Answer: Both tragedy and comedy


When John Lyly was bor?

(b) 1570

(a) 1554

(c) 1544

(d) 1540

Question’s Answer: 1540


Nash pass away at the age of

(a) 25

(b) 30

(c) 40

(d) 33

Question’s Answer: 33


John Lyly wrote his Euphues when he was in

(a) M.A.

(b) B.A.

(c) Matriculation

(d) Higher Secondary

Question’s Answer: M.A.


John Lyly wrote some Latin verses in praise of the Queen in

(a) 1597

(b) 1580

(c) 1590

(d) 1570

Question’s Answer: 1597


The Arraignment of Paris contains an elaborate tribute to the

(a) James I

(b) Charles I

(c) Queen Elizabeth

(d) James II

Question’s Answer: Queen Elizabeth


Greene’s Pandosto supplied plot to William Shakespeare’s

(a) The Tempest

(b) Pericles

(c) King

(d) The Winter’s Tale

Question’s Answer: The Winter’s Tale


Lyly’s The Golden Book of Marcus Aurelius was translated by

(a) Francis Bacon

(b) John Foxe

(c) Thomas North

(d) Richard Hooker

Question’s Answer: Thomas North


Which Lyly’s comedy stands apart from his other plays being

in the tradition of Plautus and Terence?

(a) Midas

(b) Euphues

(c) Sapho and Phao

(d) Mother Bombie

Question’s Answer: Mother Bombie


George Peele was born about

(a) 1558

(b) 1530

(c) 1530

(d) 1500

Question’s Answer: 1558


The Arraignment of Paris, Edward I, The Battle of Alcazar and The Old Wives Tale are written by

(a) Thomas Kyd

(b) Thomas Nash

(c) George Peele

(d) John Lyly

Question’s Answer: George Peele


Which work of Robert Greene is best known for its early’ reference to William Shakespeare?

(a) Pandosto

(b) Groatsworth of Wit Bought with a million of Repentance

(c) Menaphon

(d) None of these

Question’s Answer: Groatsworth of Wit Bought with a million of Repentance


As a writer of prose romance, Greene is remembered for

(a) Mamilia

(b) Pandosto

(c) Menaphon

(d) Never too Late

Question’s Answer: Pandosto


David and Fair Bathsheba was the creation of George Peele in

(a) 1599

(b) 1595

(c) 1596

(d) 1590

Question’s Answer: 1599


Which work of Robert Greene gave the plot to William Shakespeare’s The Winter’s

(a) Pandosto

(b) Groat’s Worth of Wit

(c) Orlando Furioso

(d) Friar Bacon

Question’s Answer: Pandosto


Robert Greene entered St. John’s College Cambridge at the age of

(a) 16

(b) 18

(c) 17

(d) 15

Question’s Answer: 15


Which is the first work of Robert Greene?

(a) Mamillia

(b) Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay

(c) Orlando Furioso

(d) Pandosto

Question’s Answer: Orlando Furioso


Robert Greene’s Looking Glass for London and England was written in collaboration with

(a) George Peele

(b) Thomas Nash

(c) John Lyly

(d) Thomas Lodge

Question’s Answer: Thomas Lodge

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