MCQs for the subject test (Exam)of English

MCQs for the subject test (Exam)of English

In this tutorial, we will cover the MCQs for the subject test (Exam)of English.

1. Opposite meaning of HERESY is

A rash
B error
C agreement
D None of them


2.what is the Antonym of GRUN

A Croak
B  applaud
C Find fault
D Complain


  1. Most nearly opposite in meaning of Unimpeachable is
A  faulty
B  fruitful
C rampaging
D None of them


  1. Find the word just opposite of PROVOKE 
A  soothe
B encourage
C insult
D anger


5. Antonym of SQUEAK is____

A Silence
B Cheap
C creak
D None of them


6.find the most opposite meaning of Vacillation

B steadfastness
C relief
D respect


  1. Antonym of ARTIFICIAL is _
A truthful
B solid
C natural
D All of the above


8.opposite meaning of CATEGORICAL is______

A positive
B conditional
C absolute
D certain


9.  Antonym of FRUGALITY is__

A wastefulness
B avarice
C carefulness
D avariciousness


10.the most opposite meaning of Untenable is

A tremulous
B sheepish
D supportable

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