MCQs for test (Exam) of Lecturer English

By Prof. Fazal Rehman Shamil
Last modified on September 5th, 2019

MCQs for test (Exam) of Lecturer English

  1. What is the opposite meaning of ORIENT? 
A casual
B fact
C disorder
D None of them


  1. Antonym of Receded
A Increased
B diminished
C A and B
D advanced


  1. Find the word just opposite of TIMID_______:
A gentle
B brave
C tired
D snicker


  1. Antonym of Malevolent is:
A poison
B primitive
C vicious
D kindly


  1. Find antonym of EXODUS ______:
A None of the given below
B stay
C typical
D All of the above


  1. What is the Antonym of Fervent?
A poisonous
B fiery
C apathy
D religious


  1. Find most opposite word of TENET
A respected
B doubt
C disrespected
D none
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  1. Antonym of Genuine
A bogus
B unsound
C palpable
D positive
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  1. What is the opposite meaning of BAROQUE? 
A plain
B abandon
C empty
D florid


  1. Find the Antonym of Expurgate
A purify
B entertain
C sterilized
D admit

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