MCQs for test (Exam) of Lecturer English

MCQs for test (Exam) of Lecturer English

  1. What is the opposite meaning of ORIENT? 
A casual
B fact
C disorder
D None of them


  1. Antonym of Receded
A Increased
B diminished
C A and B
D advanced


  1. Find the word just opposite of TIMID_______:
A gentle
B brave
C tired
D snicker


  1. Antonym of Malevolent is:
A poison
B primitive
C vicious
D kindly


  1. Find antonym of EXODUS ______:
A None of the given below
B stay
C typical
D All of the above


  1. What is the Antonym of Fervent?
A poisonous
B fiery
C apathy
D religious


  1. Find most opposite word of TENET
A respected
B doubt
C disrespected
D none
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  1. Antonym of Genuine
A bogus
B unsound
C palpable
D positive
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  1. What is the opposite meaning of BAROQUE? 
A plain
B abandon
C empty
D florid


  1. Find the Antonym of Expurgate
A purify
B entertain
C sterilized
D admit

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