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Collection of important MCQs on Robert Browning

“God’s in his heaven-

All’s right with the world!”

In which poem do these lines occur?

(A) Evelyn Hope

(B) Life in Love

(C) Pipa Passes

(D) The Patriot

Question’s Answer: Pipa Passes

“I was ever a fighter, so one fight more,

The best and the last. !”

In which poem of Browning’s do these lines occur?

(A) The Lost Leader

(B) Rabbi Ben Ezra

(C) My Last Duchess

(D) Prospice

Question’s Answer: Prospice

Who was Rabbi Ben Ezra ?

(A) He was a renowned Roman Catholic Priest

(B) He was a real Jewish scholar

(C) He was a great Greek philosopher

(D) He was a great theologian of Persia

Question’s Answer: He was a real Jewish scholar

What does the lover do with his beloved in Porphyria’s Lover?

(A) He strangles her to death

(B) He goes on a long ride together

(C) He elopes with her

(D) He strips her naked

Question’s Answer: He strangles her to death

Browning wrote a poem entitled The Lost Leader. Whom does he

call the lost leader?

(A) Tennyson

(B) Milton

(C) Byron

(D) Wordsworth

Question’s Answer: Wordsworth

Who was Andrea del Sarto on whom Browning has written a dramatic monologue?

(A) A renowned sculptor

(B) A renowned musician

(C) A renowned painter

(D) A renowned architect

Question’s Answer: A renowned painter

Who was Fra Lippo Lippi on whom Browning has written a famous monologue?

(A) A renowned painter

(B) A renowned sculptor

(C) A renowned artisan

(D) A renowned actor

Question’s Answer: A renowned painter

Browning wrote a poem in memory of his wife had pass away time back.

What was the title of that poem ?

(A) Pippa Passes

(B) Home Thoughts from Abroad

(C) The Lost Leader

(D) Prospice

Question’s Answer: Prospice

Which is the exact meaning of Prospice?

(A) Hope

(B) Maud

(C) Looking forward to

(D) In Memory of

Question’s Answer: Looking forward to

Which monologues is written by Browning?

(A) Ulysse

(B) Maud

(C) Locksley Hall

(D) sAndrea del Sarto

Question’s Answer: Andrea del Sarto

“Through worlds I shall traverse not a few;

Much is to learn, much to forget

Ere the time be come for taking you.”

From which monologue are these lines quoted?

(A) My Last Duchess

(B) Porphyria’s Lover

(C) Evelyn Hope

(D) Prospice

Question’s Answer: Evelyn Hope

“O Thou soul of my soul I shall clasp thee again, And with God be the rest.”

Whom does Browning address as “soul of my soul” in these lines?

(A) His beloved whom he could not marry

(B) His wife Elizabeth Barret Browning who had pass away

(C) His sister who pass away young

(D) An imaginatry heroine of the poem

Question’s Answer: His wife Elizabeth Barret Browning who had pass away

“Fail I alone, in words and deeds? Why? all men strive and who succeeds.”

This line is taken from which of the following  poem? ?

(A) Andrea del Sarto

(B) The Last Ride Together

(C) Rabbi Ben Ezra

(D) Porphyria’s Lover

Question’s Answer: The Last Ride Together

Robert Browning belonged to the group of which of the following?

(A) Early Romantic poets

(B) Victorian poets

(C) Georgian poets

(D) Later Romantic poets

Question’s Answer: Victorian poets

The most significant poetical work of Mrs. Browning was:

(A) Sonnets

(B) Sonnets from the Portuguese

(C) Ecclesiastical Sonnets

(D) Holy Sonnets

Question’s Answer: Sonnets from the Portuguese

Which poem of Browning begins with the lines?

“Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be.

The last of life, for which the first was made.”

(A) Rabbi Ben Ezra

(B) Home-Thoughts from Abroad

(C) The Last Ride Together

(D) The Lost Leader

Question’s Answer: Rabbi Ben Ezra

Robert Browning was one of the:

(A) Most agnostic poets

(B) Most pessimistic poets

(C) Most optimistic poets

(D) Most atheistic poets

Question’s Answer: Most optimistic poets

Robert Browning’s wife was also a renowned poet. What was her name

(A) Charlotte Barrett Browning

(B) Emily Barrett Browning

(C) Anne Barrett Browning

(D) Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Question’s Answer: Elizabeth Barrett Browning

“Who knows but the world may end tonight ?” This highly striking line is quoted from:

(A) Rabbi Ben Ezra

(B) The Last Ride Togethe

(C) Evelyne Hope

(D) Fra Lippo Lippi

Question’s Answer: The Last Ride Together

From which source did Browning get the idea for the title of his monologue Caliban upon Setebos?

(A) Shakespeare’s The Tempest

(B) Darwin’s Theory of Evolution

(C) The concept of Early Man

(D) Shaw’s Man and Superman

Question’s Answer: Shakespeare’s The Tempest

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