Network Security topics for presentation

Presentation topics related to Network Security

1. Convergence of IT and SCADA: Associated Security Threats and Vulnerabilities
2. Enabling security in software-defined wireless sensor networks for internet of things
3. Survey of the low power wide area network technologies
4. Cloud Computing-Ensuring Data Security
5. Cyber security in the age of covid-19: A timeline and analysis of cyber-crime and cyber-attacks during the pandemic
6. Neural network architectures for the detection of SYN flood attacks in IoT systems
7. An Enrolment Gateway for Data Security in Heterogeneous Industrial Internet of Things
8. MisMesh: Security Issues and Challenges in Service Meshes
9. Analysis of security and reliability in cognitive radio networks over Rayleigh channels
10. A formal security analysis of ZigBee (1.0 and 3.0)
11. Improvements of the balance discovery attack on lightning network payment channels
12. Towards an Extensible Security Monitoring Architecture for Vehicular Networks
13. Internet of Things-Based Security Model and Solutions for Educational Systems
14. A New Network Intrusion Detection Method Based on Deep Neural Network
15. An efficient and provably secure certificateless key-encapsulated signcryption scheme for flying ad-hoc network
16. Security of the sensory data in the cloud
17. Vanet security: Defense and detection, A review
18. Driverless vehicle security: Challenges and future research opportunities
19. Security precautionary technology for enterprise information resource database based on genetic algorithm in age of big data
20. The ballot is busted before the blockchain: A security analysis of voatz, the first internet voting application used in us federal elections
21. Sharing Economy in Future Peer-to-peer Electricity Trading Markets: Security and Privacy Analysis
22. The Security Enhancement of Symmetric Key Crypto Mechanism based on Double Stage Secret Model
23. IoT security, privacy, safety and ethics
24. Smart Monitor for Enhancing Security in Smart Home Systems
25. Handoff Security Using Artificial Neural Networks in Cognitive Radio Networks
26. Fingerprinting Voice Applications on Smart Speakers over Encrypted Traffic
27. Integration of Information Security and Artificial Intelligence Implementation
28. Software-Defined Situation-Aware Cloud Security
29. Simulation testbed for railway infrastructure security and resilience evaluation
30. Security challenges for designing wearable and IoT solutions
31. The Security of Critical Infrastructures: Introduction and Overview
32. A Review of Cyber-Physical Security in the Generation System of the Grid
33. Using Linux TCP connection repair for mid-session endpoint handover: a security enhancement use-case
34. An Authenticated Key Scheme over Elliptic Curves and Security Considerations
35. Strength of Security and Privacy Metrics for Vehicular Communication using Vehicular Ad Hoc Network
36. An Automated Security Analysis Framework and Implementation for MTD Techniques on Cloud
37. Design and Implementation of Virtual Security Function Based on Multiple Enclaves. Future Internet 2021, 13, 12
38. Dynamic Trilateral Game Model for Attack Graph Security Game
39. Evaluating Security Threats for each Layers of IoT System
40. Security protocols analysis including various time parameters [J]
41. Model-free data authentication for cyber security in power systems
42. Scheduling drone charging for multi-drone network based on consensus time-stamp and game theory
43. Attack and system modeling applied to IoT, cloud, and mobile ecosystems: embedding security by design
44. Practical Vulnerability-Information-Sharing Architecture for Automotive Security-Risk Analysis
45. Optimized data protection and network attacks’ analysis throughout security classes identification with machine learning methods in radiofrequency applications
46. Performance Assessment of Open Source IDS for improving IoT Architecture Security implemented on WBANs
47. Design and Research of Metallurgical Energy Data Security Monitoring System Based on Android Platform
48. Literature Review on Security Issues and Limitations in Biometric Applications
49. Autosploit: A fully automated framework for evaluating the exploitability of security vulnerabilities
50. Digital Industrial Control Systems: Vulnerabilities and Security Technologies
51. Summary of Research on Information Security Protection of Smart Grid
52. An energy-efficient SDN controller architecture for IoT networks with blockchain-based security
53. Robust spammer detection using collaborative neural network in internet of thing applications
54. Layer based security in Narrow Band Internet of Things (NB-IoT)
55. A Review on Internet of Things (IoT): Security Challenges, Issuesand the Countermeasures approaches
56. Advancements in Optical Data Transmission and Security Systems
57. Web Security in IoT Networks using Deep Learning Model
58. Security Measures for Safeguarding the Bioeconomy
59. Security in 5G-Enabled Internet of Things Communication: Issues, Challenges and Future Research Roadmap
60. Dynamic Risk-Aware Patch Scheduling
61. Robust and Accurate Trust Establishment Scheme for Wireless Sensor Network.
62. Web of Things: Security Challenges and Mechanisms
63. Create a wealth of security CCTV cameras
64. A cloud-edge based data security architecture for sharing and analysing cyber threat information
65. Reinforcement learning for efficient network penetration testing
66. Lockdown: Balance availability attack against lightning network channels
67. Computing Neural Networks with Homomorphic Encryption and Verifiable Computing
68. Research and Practice of “Device-Device” Security Attack and Defense Based on IoT+ AI
69. Strong and scalable metadata security for voice calls
70. Heka: A novel intrusion detection system for attacks to personal medical devices
71. Data Security using Integrated GCN2 Encryption Algorithm
72. Security of vehicular ad-hoc networks: A comprehensive survey
73. A survey of edge computing-based designs for iot security
74. Local differential privacy for social network publishing
75. Modern Economics & Management Forum Research on the Social Security Fund Risk Control and Management Measures Based on Cloud Audit and Big Data Era
76. Resource Allocation for Enhancing Offloading Security in NOMA-Enabled MEC Networks
77. Teaching SDN Security Using Hands-on Labs in CloudLab
78. A survey of machine and deep learning methods for internet of things (IoT) security
79. A Scheme to Enhance the Security and Efficiency of MQTT Protocol
80. Machine learning approaches to IoT security: A systematic literature review
81. Dashboard visualization techniques in information security
82. Cyber Security Crimes, Ethics and a Suggested Algorithm to Overcome Cyber-Physical Systems Problems (CybSec1)
83. Light Weight Security and Authentication in Wireless Body Area Network (Wban)
84. Survey on Edge Computing Security
85. Preparation for Cyber Security Incident Response Training in Nuclear Power Plants
86. Service aware 6G: an intelligent and open network based on convergence of communication, computing and caching
87. Security Aspects for Rpl-Based Protocols: A Systematic Review in IoT
88. Data Security Using Directory Server in Identity and Access Management System
89. Voltage and reactive power control in a distribution network considering optimal network configuration and voltage security constraints
90. A Collaborative Framework for Traffic Information in Vehicular Adhoc Network Applications
91. Understanding Vulnerabilities and Data Security in Cloud Computing
92. Performance of a Security Control Scheme for a Health Data Exchange System
93. Addressing Security and Computation Challenges in IoT Using Machine Learning
94. Security in Wireless Sensor Networks: Attacks and Evasion
95. Block-phasor: A decentralized blockchain framework to enhance the security of synchrophasor