MCQS Database Systems- for computer science – Set 12

Multiple Choice Questions

Set 12

1. A language that provides a set of operations to support the basic data manipulation operations on the data held in the database is known as.

a) DML      b) DLD

c)DLL         d) DDL

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2. Data manipulation operations  includes the following operations:

a) modification of data stored in the database     b) insertion of new data into the database

c) deletion of data from the database                  d) All mentioned

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3. Allows any user to inform the system that what data is actually needed and to tell that how to retrieve the data is …?

a) Procedural DML          b) Non-procedural DML

c) Simple DML                d) DDL

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4. Allows the user to state that what data is needed rather than how it is to be retrieved is…

a) Procedural DML      b) Non-procedural DML

c) Simple DML            d) DDL

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5. Which one is generation language from 4GLs.

a) Form generators          b) Report generators

c) Graphics generators    d) All mentioned

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6. The definition of Data Model is…

a) Represent the conceptual schema that can be understood by the DBMS.

b) Consisting of a set of rules for database construction.

c) Data model constraints, which ensures that the data is accurate

d)Concepts for describing and manipulating the data, relationships and constraints of data.

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7. The relational data model is based on the concept of…

a) Numerical relation           b) Physical relation

c) mathematical relations    d) computational relation

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8. This module converts DML statements embedded in an application program into standard function calls in the host language is…

a) DML preprocessor       b) DDL compile

c) Catalog manager         d) Command processor

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9. There is a famous _____-Tier Client–Server Architecture

a)1                   b)2

c)3                   d)4

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