Expert Agent for Online Shopping Chat Service Project

Expert Agent for Online Shopping Chat Service Project

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Shopping chat service is a web application in which expert agent will be built by using the machine learning algorithms for answering the customer queries based on the understanding text message related to shopping services such as different type of Mall Store products such as Grocery & Beverages, Household Goods, Home Appliances and Textile, etc.

This web application will be beneficial for online customers or visitors. The expert agent will understand the customer query which is based on any format of the text-based message and effective response to the customer.

This web application facilitates the online customer to be updated with shopping service activities.

Expert Agent for Online Shopping Chat Service
Figure: Expert Agent for Online Shopping Chat Service

Functional Requirements

  • The application should have a graphical user interface that has a text-based chat interface for responding to customer queries.
  • The customer should be registered and log in to enter the graphical interface of a text-based chat interface.
  • A customer can chat using any English language text format, as there is no specific format that the customer has to follow.
  • The application should be used as a knowledge-based system with the help of machine learning algorithms to appropriately reply to the customer query.
  • The application should be provided the inappropriate answer tab for a customer when he/she seems the answer found inappropriate. The customer will click to the report button which will send to the admin.
  • The admin should manage and view inappropriate answer via main admin portal interface
  • The Expert agent will recognize the questions and answer to the customers.
  • The customer can query the services and activities specifically through online with the help of this web application.
  • The application should automatically save the activity of customer and expert agent while chatting in the text-based interface.
  • The admin should view the performance of the expert agent and update knowledge-based on the requirement.


C# or Java language

Project Domain / Category

Web Programming, Machine Learning


Artificial intelligence Concepts, Machine learning.