Information Retrieval topics for presentation

Presentation topics related to Information Retrieval

  1. Personalized Query Suggestions
  2. Mode Classification and Natural Units in Plainchant
  3. Colorizing and Captioning Images Using Deep Learning Models and Deploying Them Via IoT Deployment Tools
  4. Global retrieval of phytoplankton functional types based on empirical orthogonal functions using CMEMS GlobColour merged products and further extension …
  5. Short search space and synthesized-reference re-ranking for face image retrieval
  6. Predicting Session Length for Product Search on E-commerce Platform
  7. Retrieval of compounds
  8. Context-aware attention network for image-text retrieval
  9. Prostate histopathology image classification and retrieval using weakly-supervised multimodal fusion and representation learning
  10. Eye movements of recent and remote autobiographical memories: fewer and longer lasting fixations during the retrieval of childhood memories
  11. Names and their meanings: A dual-process account of proper-name encoding and retrieval
  12. Overview of Touché 2020: Argument Retrieval
  13. LifeCLEF 2020 teaser
  14. Multi-grained Fusion for Conditional Image Retrieval
  15. Unraveling the role of retrieval deficits in autobiographical memory impairment in schizophrenia: a comparison of involuntary and voluntary autobiographical …
  16. Imram: Iterative matching with recurrent attention memory for cross-modal image-text retrieval
  17. Aerosol retrievals from different polarimeters during the ACEPOL campaign using a common retrieval algorithm
  18. Assessment of single-channel algorithms for land surface temperature retrieval at two southern Brazil sites
  19. Ancient Chinese Character Image Retrieval Based on Dual Hesitant Fuzzy Sets
  20. Dentate gyrus circuits for encoding, retrieval and discrimination of episodic memories
  21. Fuzzy retrieval of encrypted data by multi-purpose data-structures
  22. Context-Aware Passage Term Weighting For First Stage Retrieval
  23. Knowing what you need to know in advance: The neural processes underpinning flexible semantic retrieval of thematic and taxonomic relations
  24. Learning Joint Visual Semantic Matching Embeddings for Language-guided Retrieval
  25. Proposal and Comparison of Health Specific Features for the Automatic Assessment of Readability
  26. Gaps between actual and ideal personal information management behavior
  27. Deep Recurrent Neural Network with Tanimoto Similarity and MKSIFT Features for Medical Image Search and Retrieval
  28. Less is more: faster and better music version identification with embedding distillation
  29. Overview of the CLEF eHealth evaluation lab 2020
  31. Retrieval of Scientific Documents Based on HFS and BERT
  32. Content based fine-grained image retrieval using convolutional neural network
  33. Improved Algorithms for Remote Sensing-Based Aerosol Retrieval during Extreme Biomass Burning Events
  34. Multi-semantic region weighting and multi-scale flatness weighting based image retrieval
  35. Contextual Re-Ranking with Behavior Aware Transformers
  36. The impact of ad quality and position on Mobile SERPs
  37. Probing the physical limits of reliable DNA data retrieval
  38. Image Retrieval Using the Fused Perceptual Color Histogram
  39. Pairwise Context Similarity for Image Retrieval System using Variational Auto-Encoder
  40. Learning discriminative hashing codes for cross-modal retrieval based on multi-view features
  41. Proof by Experimentation? Towards Better IR Research
  42. Spectator: An Open Source Document Viewer
  43. Support Recovery in the Phase Retrieval Model: Information-Theoretic Fundamental Limit
  44. Privacy-Preserving Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Compressible Encrypted Images
  45. An efficient radix trie‐based semantic visual indexing model for large‐scale image retrieval in cloud environment
  46. Improving the Retrieval of Crop Canopy Chlorophyll Content Using Vegetation Index Combinations
  47. Improve The Efficiency Of Content-based Image Retrieval Through Incremental Clustering
  48. Strategic retrieval prevents memory interference: The temporal dynamics of retrieval orientation
  49. Content-Based Medical Image Retrieval Using Delaunay Triangulation Segmentation Technique
  50. Ice cloud retrieval from high spectral resolution measurements in the thermal infrared: Application to IASI and IASI-NG
  51. Weighted multi-deep ranking supervised hashing for efficient image retrieval
  52. Soil Moisture Retrieval in Farmland Areas with Sentinel Multi-Source Data Based on Regression Convolutional Neural Networks
  53. Impact of a problem-oriented view on clinical data retrieval
  54. The numerics of phase retrieval
  55. ASR Error Correction with Augmented Transformer for Entity Retrieval
  56. Hybrid phase retrieval with chromatic dispersion in single-lens system
  57. Tyre pattern image retrieval–current status and challenges
  58. Improved CNN-Based Hashing for Encrypted Image Retrieval
  59. Improving the retrieval of offshore-onshore correlation
  60. High-order histogram-based local clustering patterns in polar coordinate for facial recognition and retrieval
  61. Theoretical foundations and verification of a multispectral, inversion-type microwave precipitation profile retrieval algorithm
  62. Deep Job Understanding at LinkedIn
  63. Deformation-aware 3d model embedding and retrieval
  64. Overview of the track on sentiment analysis for dravidian languages in code-mixed text
  66. Conceptmap: A conceptual approach for formulating user preferences in large information spaces
  67. Who Will Influence Memories of Listeners: Evidence From Socially Shared Retrieval-Induced Forgetting
  68. Improved search space shrinking for medical image retrieval using capsule architecture and decision fusion
  69. After initial retrieval practice, more retrieval produces better retention than more study in the word learning of children with developmental language disorder
  70. Mathematical expression retrieval in PDFs from the Web using mathematical term queries
  71. Phase retrieval for partially coherent observations
  72. Value network engagement and effects of memory-related processing during encoding and retrieval of value
  73. Challenges in the atmospheric characterization for the retrieval of spectrally resolved fluorescence and PRI region dynamics from space
  74. The official soundtrack to “Five shades of grey”: Generalization in multimodal distractor-based retrieval
  75. Why do learners ignore expected feedback in making metacognitive decisions about retrieval practice?
  76. Destabilizing different strengths of fear memories requires different degrees of prediction error during retrieval
  77. Overview of the ImageCLEF 2020: Multimedia retrieval in medical, lifelogging, nature, and internet applications
  78. A Study on Lemma vs Stem for Legal Information Retrieval Using R Tidyverse
  79. A measurement fault elimination method in one-dimensional Fourier phase retrieval
  80. Graph Wasserstein Correlation Analysis for Movie Retrieval
  81. AVADA: toward automated pathogenic variant evidence retrieval directly from the full-text literature
  82. Deep-learning-based retrieval of piping component catalogs for plant 3D CAD model reconstruction
  83. Unsupervised Legal Concept Extraction from Indian Case Documents using Statutes
  84. Semantic Path-Based Learning for Review Volume Prediction
  85. A Straightforward Framework For Video Retrieval Using CLIP
  86. Improving Library Book Retrieval By Using Topic Modeling
  87. Parameter retrieval methods in ptychography
  88. Smart City Security: Face-Based Image Retrieval Model Using Gray Level Co-Occurrence Matrix
  89. Optical image encryption and authentication scheme based on partial joint power spectrum and phase-retrieval technique
  90. … Wave Instrument radiometry of the Jovian icy moons-Numerical simulation of the microwave thermal radiative transfer and Bayesian retrieval of the physical …
  91. Retrieval of Carbon Dioxide Using Cross-Track Infrared Sounder (CrIS) on S-NPP
  92. Precipitation Retrievals from Passive Microwave Cross-Track Sensors: The Precipitation Retrieval and Profiling Scheme
  93. An Improved Divide-and-Conquer Algorithm for Finding Top-k Longest Common Subsequence
  94. Classifying Leitmotifs in Recordings of Operas by Richard Wagner
  95. More Photos are All You Need: Semi-Supervised Learning for Fine-Grained Sketch Based Image Retrieval
  96. Data retrieval system of JMA analog seismograms in the Headquarters for Earthquake Research Promotion of the Japanese Government
  97. Comparing different space-borne sensors and methods for the retrieval of land surface temperature
  98. Retrieval of sea surface temperature from the scanning microwave radiometer aboard HY-2B
  99. Image annotation: the effects of content, lexicon and annotation method
  100. ECMO Retrieval over the Mediterranean Sea: Extending Hospital Arms
  101. Retrieval model for total nitrogen concentration based on UAV hyper spectral remote sensing data and machine learning algorithms–A case study in the …
  102. Spatiotemporal retrieval of dynamic video object trajectories in geographical scenes
  103. Band selection algorithms for foliar trait retrieval using AVIRIS-NG: a comparison of feature based attribute evaluators
  104. A Regularised Intent Model for Discovering Multiple Intents in E-Commerce Tail Queries
  105. Ranking and Retrieval under Semantic Relevance
  106. Human Motion Data Retrieval Based on Staged Dynamic Time Deformation Optimization Algorithm
  107. Convolutional Neural Networks for Literature Retrieval
  108. Integration of images into the patent retrieval process
  109. An Ensemble Deep Neural Network for Footprint Image Retrieval Based on Transfer Learning
  110. A Case Study of Multi-class Classification with Diversified Precision Recall Requirements for Query Disambiguation
  111. A k-anonymity based Scheme for Private Location-related Content Retrieval in NDN
  112. Deep saliency hashing for fine-grained retrieval
  113. Fundamental limits of caching for demand privacy against colluding users
  114. Novel and Diverse Recommendations by Leveraging Linear Models with User and Item Embeddings
  115. A content-based image retrieval scheme using compressible encrypted images
  116. Individual corpora predict fast memory retrieval during reading
  117. BIBFRAME and the future of the description, linking and retrieval of information resources
  118. The linked open bibliographic data and its behavior in the information retrieval

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