List of Famous Top books on Formal Methods in Software Engineering

List of Famous Top books on Formal Methods in Software Engineering

In this post, we will see a list of some famous books on formal methods in software engineering. 

S. No.Author nameBook name
1Gerard O’ReganConcise guide to formal methods
2Jean-Francois Monin and M.G. HincheyUnderstanding formal methods
3John WordsworthSoftware development with Z
4Paul Boca & P. BowenFormal Methods: State of art and new directions
5Jonathan JackyThe way of Z: practical programming with formal methods
6Ria MegninCode in every class
7Inc. AvidPro tools Official Courseware
8Michael FisherAn introduction to practical formal methods using temporal logic
9Steve McConnelSoftware Project Survival Guide
10Antoni  DillerAn introduction to Formal methods
11Michael Harrison & Harold ThimblebyFormal methods in human-computer interaction
12Ramakrishna ReddyConfessions of a Software Techie
13Marilyn WolfComputers as Components
14Butler, MichaelFormal Methods, and Software engineering
15C. Neville Dean & Michael G. HincheyTeaching and Learning Formal Methods
16Klaus SchneiderVerification of Reactive Systems: Formal methods and algorithm
17Marcel ViniciusFormal Methods: Foundations and applications
18Sandeep NagarIntroduction to Scilab
19Miro SamekPractical UML Statecharts in C/C++
20Doron A. PeledSoftware reliability methods
21Juliano Iyoda & Leonardo de MouraFormal methods: Foundations and applications
22Jean-Louis BoulangerFormal methods: Industrial Use from Model to Code
23Giampaolo BellaFormal Correctness of Security Protocols
24Dines BjornerSoftware Engineering 3
25David MakinsonSets, Logic and Maths for computing
26J. R Abrial & A. HoareThe B-Book: Assigning programs to meanings
27Howard Bowman and John DerrickFormal methods for Distributed Processing
28Simone Cavalheiro & Jose FiadeiroFormal Methods: Foundations and applications
29Kevin LanoThe B Language and method
30Adenilso Simao & Carroll MorganFormal methods: Foundations and applications


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