Presentation Topics of High Data Rate Communication

Presentation Topic: High Data Rate Communication

  1. Drone-aided communication as a key enabler for 5G and resilient public safety networks
  2. Inter-satellite optical wireless communication system design and simulation
  3. Implantable biomedical devices: Wireless powering and communication
  4. G3-PLC specification for powerline communication: Overview, system simulation and field trial results
  5. Terahertz terabit wireless communication
  6. A 10-Gbit/s wireless communication link using 16-QAM modulation in 140-GHz band
  7. Visible light communication: opportunities, challenges and channel models
  8. LED and CMOS image sensor based optical wireless communication system for automotive applications
  9. Digital signal processing for light emitting diode based visible light communication
  10. The human body characteristics as a signal transmission medium for intrabody communication
  11. RT-WiFi: Real-time high-speed communication protocol for wireless cyber-physical control applications
  12. A framework for energy-scalable communication in high-density wireless networks
  13. Experimental on hierarchical transmission scheme for visible light communication using LED traffic light and high-speed camera
  14. Trace-orthogonal PPM-space time block coding under rate constraints for visible light communication
  15. Transmission of data with orthogonal frequency division multiplexing technique for communication networks using GHz frequency band soliton carrier
  16. Wireless high-speed data transmission with phosphorescent white-light LEDs
  17. Visible light communication
  18. 6G: The next frontier: From holographic messaging to artificial intelligence using subterahertz and visible light communication
  19. Coherent THz communication at 200 GHz using a frequency comb, UTC-PD and electronic detection
  20. Modeling and design of millimeter-wave networks for highway vehicular communication
  21. IEEE 802.11 ad-based radar: An approach to joint vehicular communication-radar system
  22. Led-based visible light communication system: a brief survey and investigation
  23. Adaptive MIMO transmission techniques for broadband wireless communication systems [Topics in Wireless Communications]
  24. 100 m/500 Mbps underwater optical wireless communication using an NRZ-OOK modulated 520 nm laser diode
  25. HomePlug 1.0 powerline communication LANs—protocol description and performance results
  26. A hybrid radio frequency and broadcast visible light communication system
  27. 8 Gbit/s 16-QAM-OFDM transmission based on compact 450-nm laser for underwater wireless optical communication
  28. CDMA: principles of spread spectrum communication
  29. Visible light communication: concepts, applications and challenges
  30. Free space optical communication
  31. Device-to-device communication in cellular networks: A survey
  32. Mobile multi-gigabit visible light communication system in realistic indoor environment
  33. Prospects of CMOS technology for high-speed optical communication circuits
  34. Design of a low-latency, high-reliability wireless communication system for control applications
  35. Performance analysis of digital acoustic communication in a shallow water channel
  36. Evaluation of communication technologies for IEC 61850 based distribution automation system with distributed energy resources
  37. The potential of FBMC over OFDM for the future 5G mobile communication technology
  38. Image-sensor-based visible light communication for automotive applications
  39. Ground-to-satellite laser communication experiments
  40. Advances in visible light communication technologies
  41. Directed diffusion: A scalable and robust communication paradigm for sensor networks
  42. 2 Gbit/s data transmission from an unfiltered laser-based phosphor-converted white lighting communication system
  43. Using a CMOS camera sensor for visible light communication
  44. Power comparison between high-speed electrical and optical interconnects for interchip communication
  45. Power line channel characteristics and their effect on communication system design
  46. 26 m/5.5 Gbps air-water optical wireless communication based on an OFDM-modulated 520-nm laser diode
  47. Visible light communication: Applications, architecture, standardization and research challenges
  48. Esense: Communication through energy sensing

Research Area: High Data Rate Communication


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