How to Conclude a Presentation?

How to Conclude a Presentation

All good and effective things come to an end, like a presentation. The way in which you wind up has a great impact that how the people will respond and remember your presentation. A weak ending with no inspiration will leave them unmotivated as well. Within a little time, they will even forget your message.

On the other hand, a strong ending will prove effective and empower your audience. It will compel them to take any action that you want them to take.

So, it is crucial to ending your presentation with full inspiration that can fire the audience. Below are some tips we are going to share with you. By following them, you will come to know how to conclude a presentation. So, let’s start:

  1. Refer back to the opening message

While closing your presentation, look back at the message you conveyed when you started the presentation. Summing up the whole speech and round off your message. For this, you can present a question when you start your presentation and answer it at the end. You can also finish a story (you started at the beginning) with a lesson that can make the people inspired.

  1. Summarize the key points

In the end, summarize the core points you want to be realized and remembered by the audience. This is the best way to emphasize your key points and the actual message you want to deliver. Repeat these main points by counting them on your fingertips or pointing at where content is displayed like a projector or a writing board.

  1. Call the audience to action

It is not enough to elaborate on your points and convey a message to the audience. The most important thing is a call to action. You have to motivate them to take action as you want them to take. Here, one of the strategies is to count or write the good things that will happen when the audience will act what you recommend.

  1. Use a powerful quote

Using a powerful quote can make the conclusion most impressive to take action by the audience. For this, if you use an obscure quote rather than a simple and famous quote, it will surely impact the audience’s interest and response. An obscure quote will make your audience more attentive. remember, the quote must be relevant to your topic of presentation. It will resonate with the people.

  1. Recapture the audience’s attention

Don’t let your audience divert their attention to something else. End your presentation with full passion, motivation, and promises as well. For this, ask them to remember the main points you discussed during the presentation. Help them to stay connected with the topic.

  1. Ask a rhetorical question

Leaving your audience with an interesting question is the best way to make them think about the presentation frequently even when it is ended. Make sure the question can be applied on the topic and the audience remains thinking about all opportunities and possibilities regarding its answer.

  1. Thank your audience

In the end, must thank your audience who remained there and listened to you. Realize to the audience that you are grateful to them for their precious time. You can say that I solely appreciate you for the attention and interest you gave me.

  1. Show an impressive image

If possible, show your audience an impressive image that can leave a lasting impact on them. Your audience should compel to think about the image as well as the message you delivered them. For example, if you are talking about the worth of time, in the end, you can show your audience a running timer. By seeing the timer, they will realize the worth of time.

  1. Use a short but strong sentence

Leave your audience with a catchy statement. It will grab their attention and they always remember it. For instance, Julius Caesar often stated: “I came, I saw, I conquered.”


In the end, we can state that your presentation can’t make effective and impressive unless you know how to conclude it appropriately. This ending depends upon the interest and response of the audience. so, try to end it in a way that the audience must remain thinking about the presentation especially the message you want to convey to them. Moreover, they also compel take any action you want.