Dynamic Verbs  Examples [List]

Dynamic Verbs  Examples [List]

A dynamic verb is used to indicate a process, sensation, or action. It is opposite to the stative verbs that express a state and preferably not written in progressive forms. However, there are also certain verbs that are both stative and dynamic. These verbs are as under:

I think you should leave now. (stative verb)
I am thinking to go by bus. (dynamic verb)

You have three pencils. (stative verb) to
You are having your lunch. (dynamic verb)

Dynamic verbs are used in the perfect and simple forms like eats, eaten, has eaten, had eaten. They are also used in progressive or continuous forms like is eating, was eating, has been eating, had been eating.

Dynamic verbs are also called action verbs as they indicate an action. Dynamic means moving or changing so dynamic verbs indicate the actions in which some movement or activity is done.

Types of dynamic verbs

The dynamic verb has three major types:

  • Accomplishment verbs

These verbs express actions with a logical endpoint.

  • Achievement verbs

These verbs indicate actions that occur instantly.

  • Activity verbs

Activity verbs indicate actions that can continue for an unspecified period.

Examples of dynamic verbs in perfect form:

  1. He has finished his homework.
  2. She has stolen Dell’s watch.
  3. They have sliced bread very beautifully.
  4. She has cooked the meal when the guest reached.
  5. I have done my homework.
  6. We had reached there on time.
  7. The architecture had made the map.
  8. Have you completed the task?
  9. Has she typed the letter?
  10. Dell has watched the movie.
  11. She has slept.
  12. We have completed all the work.
  13. The car has stopped.
  14. Zhang Yiming has painted the picture.
  15. Have you seen my dress?
  16. She has closed the door.
  17. When I called, they had gone.

Examples of dynamic verbs in the progressive or continuous form:

  1. He is eating his lunch.
  2. She was running after her mother.
  3. They were sleeping when someone rang the bell.
  4. It is raining for one hour.
  5. He was trying to chase the car.
  6. They were walking along the road.
  7. Are you studying at this moment?
  8. She was smelling the rose.
  9. He was tasting the fish.
  10. You were having the surgery at that moment.
  11. Plants are growing fastly.
  12. Are you listening to me?
  13. Stan Shih is telling a lie.
  14. We are going abroad.
  15. He was wearing the watch when I saw him.
  16. She was dancing at the party.
  17. He was snoring last night.

Examples of dynamic verbs in simple form:

  1. I write stories in the magazine.
  2. He helped his cousin many times.
  3. I saw him running fast.
  4. I met Michael S yesterday.
  5. She whispered something in her brother’s ear.
  6. He threw the chocolate out of the home.
  7. My father worked hard for the speech.
  8. He plays cricket every Sunday.
  9. She has learned the English language.
  10. The students listened to the lecture peacefully.
  11. He borrowed me some money.
  12. Her daughter drinks little water during the winter season.
  13. I called her at lunch tomorrow.
  14. The principal asked the teacher about the progress of the students.
  15. They enjoyed swimming yesterday.
  16. He goes to university daily.
  17. She waters her plants daily.

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