Database Models Solved MCQs Questions Answers

Database Models Solved MCQs Questions Answers

1. Letters, digit and symbols are known as
A. bits
B. characters
C. fields
D. records
E. none
Answer: B
2. Which behavior allows the database to specify user-defined for databases operation?
A. stationary
B. semantic
C. dynamic
D. triggered
E. none of these
Answer: C
3. Which model that concept must be used to describe database structure?
A. structural
B. server
C. client
D. data
E. all of these
Answer: D

4. DML statements convert to normal procedure calls in the host language are…..
A. DML compiler
B. DML precompile
C. DML executor
D. DML pre executor
E. Both C&D
Answer: B

5………… database are classified to store data for data constraints, data relationships, and data types
A. logical design
B. client module
C. server module
D. structure
E. bothA&B
Answer: D
6. Which diagram is used to represent object oriented attributes, and functions?
A. functional
B. entity
C. attribute
D. class
E. both B&D
Answer: D
7. Considering binary relationships, possible cardinality ratios are
A. one: two
B. 1: N
C. M: N
D. Both B&C
E. all of the above
Answer: D
8. The attributes that can be arranged into hierarchy are called
A. derived
B. atomic
C. composite
D. simple
E. none of these
Answer: C
9. ERD is used to represent ……?
A. function
B. attribute
C. both A&B
D. hierarchy
E. entity
Answer: E
11. Which features allows users to update the database
A.  basic set of operations
B. basic set of modules
C. basic set of design
D. basic set of instructions
E. none of above
Answer: A

12. Which smallest item can assume value 0 or value 1 in a computer?
A. record
B. character
C. field
D. bit
E. all of the above
Answer: D
13. Tables may be stored in
A. System
B. files
C. storage
D. Records
E. Both A&D
Answer: B
14. Which Model uses a collection of tables to represent data relationships
A. physical
B. View
C. Logical
D. relational
E. None of these
Answer: D
15. Java Database Connectivity (ODBC) standard corresponding features provide
A. java language
B. NET language
C. Structured Query Language
D. C language
E. None of the above
Answer: A
16. The uses of C++
E. Both A&C
Answer: B
17. ……… digit is a Bit.
A. octal
B. decimal
C. hexadecimal
D. binary
E. both C&D
Answer: D
18. Which abstraction Process of suppression to highlight important features for the understanding of details regarding storage
A. structural
B. data
C. client
D. server
E. both A&C
Answer: B

20. DML statement will convert DML precompile to normal way calls in the
A. Host language
B. Query language
C. Compiler language
D. System language
E. All of the above
Answer: A

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