Basic MS Office MCQs

The Spelling and Grammer tool used for?

(A). Corrects Spelling Errors As You Type
(B). Indicates Grammatical Errors
(C). Identifies Words With Capitalization Problems
(D). All Of Above
Answer (D). All Of Above

The Spelling and Grammer tool used for
The Spelling and Grammer tool used for

Which is not included in a Font Style?
(A). Bold
(B). Regular
(C). Italic
(D). Superscript

Answer (D). Superscript

Which of the following is not a font style
Which of the following is not a font style

Select short cut key yo disply Hyperlink Fields In A Word Document.
Ctrl+Shift+F9 Key
(A). Ctrl+Alt Key
(B). Shift + F9
(C). Ctrl+F
(D). None
Answer (D). None

Define Landscape.
(A). Page Orientation
(B). A Font Style
(C). Paper Size
(D). Page Layout

Answer (A). Page Orientation

Which is the Default Page Orientation Of Word
(A). Portrait
(B). Long Sides
(C). Landscape
(D). Double Long Side

Answer (A). Portrait

Select from the following Is Not Available On The Ruler Of MS Word Screen ?
(A). Tab Stop Box
(B). Center Indent
(C). Left Indent
(D). Right Indent

Answer (B). Center Indent

removing unnecessary part of an image is known as
(A). HidingB.
(B). Cropping
(C). ordering
(D). Cutting
Answer : (B). Cropping

For the center alignment to a paragraph we can press?
(A). Ctrl + S
(B). Ctrl + C
(C). Ctrl + E
(D). Ctrl + C + A

Answer : (C).Ctrl + E

Select the bar is mostly located below tthe Title Bar
(A). Status Bar
(B). Tool bar
(C). Menu bar
(D). Scroll bar

Answer (C). Menu bar
Ctrl + B in Ms-Word used for what purpose?
(A). It converts selected text into the next larger size of the same font
(B). It applies Italic formatting t the selected text
(C). It makes to selected text bold
(D). It adds a line break to the document

Answer (C). It makes to selected text bold

CTRL+W in MS Word used for what
(A). Update the current Web page
(B). close the current window
(C). open the Print dialog box
(D). None of these
Answer (B). close the current window

The space left among the margin and the start of a paragraph is known as
(A). Indentation
(B). Gutter
(C). Spacing
(D). Alignment

Answer : (A). Indentation

Select the Text-styling feature of MS word is

(A). WordColor
(B). WordArt
(C). WordFont
(D). WordFill
Answer : (B). WordArt

Select the items that are placed at the end of a document
(A). End Note
(B). Foot Note
(C). Footer
(D). Header
Answer : (A). End No

What is the short key to change line height to 1.5
(A). Ctrl+1
(B). Ctrl + 5
(C). Ctrl + 3
(D). Ctrl + 2
Answer (B). Ctrl + 5
Select the number of letter that show little above the normal text is known as:
Answer : C.Superscript

Short cut key used to close the word file in MS Word:
(A) Ctrl+F4
(B) Shift+F4
(C) Alt+F4
(D) None of These
Answer (C) Alt+F4
Select short cut for double underline the text in MS Word:
(a) Ctrl+D
(b) Alt+shift+D
(c) Ctrl+D
(d) Ctrl+shift+D

Answer (d) Ctrl+shift+D

Short cut key fot finding the text in MS Word:
(A) Ctrl+P
(B) Ctrl+F
(C) Ctrl+H
(D) Ctrl+O

Answer (B) Ctrl+F

Select Help key in MS Word
(A) F11
(B) F2
(C) F1
(d) F5

View Answer
(a) F1
For cut of the text in MS Word_____ key is used
(A) Ctrl+w
(B) Ctrl+v
(C) Ctrl+x
(D) Ctrl+k

Answer (C) Ctrl+x
Which keys are for undo in MS Word?
(A) Ctrl+z
(B) Ctrl+v
(C) Ctrl+n
(D) Ctrl+k

Answer (A) Ctrl+z

Select the feature that starts a new line when a word or sentence reached a border
(A). Text Line
(B). New Line
(C). Text Align
(D). Text Wrapping
Answer : (D). Text Wrapping

The Position of a rectangular page for viewing and printing is known as
(A). Preview
(B). Direction
(C). Print Layout
(D). Orientation
Answer : (D). Orientation

How can we remove or hide border of a shape?
(A). No Line
(B). White Line
(C). No Outline
(D). No Border

Answer (C). No Outline

How can can change the thickness of a line?
(A). Line width
(B). Line Style
(C). Line Thick
(D). Line Height
Answer : (B). Line Style
Select the item contains full information about something in the text is called
(A). Footer
(B). Header
(C). Foot Note
(D). Head Note
Answer : (C). Foot Note

Slect the item is printed at the bootom of each page in word doucment.
(A). Header
(B). Footer
(C). Title
(D). Foot Note
Answer : (B). Footer

The term Color and pattern used to fill a closed shape is known as
(A). Fill Style
(B). WordArt
(C). Shape
(D). Fill Back
Answer : (A). Fill Style

Select the place where footnotes appear in a document
(A). End of document
(B). End of Heading
(C). Bottom of a Page
(D). None
Answer :(C). Bottom of a Page

The Drag And Drop used for what?
(A). Move And Copy Text Using The Mouse
(B). Switch From Insert To Over Type Mode
(C). Move And Copy Text Using The Clipboard
(D). Open A New Document And Drop It Into The Active Document

Answer(A). Move And Copy Text Using The Mouse

For spell checkingwhich Function Key Will Press ?
(A). F5
(B). F7
(C). F6
(D). F8

Answer (B). F7

Which is uded to insert a Sound File In Word Document ?
(A). From Insert -> Sound Menu Option
(B). From Insert -> Object Menu Option
(C). From Insert -> Subject Menu Option
(D). From Insert -> File Menu Option

Answer (B). From Insert -> Object Menu Option

Select the Maximum Number Of Columns Can Be Inserted In The Word Document.
(A). 65
(B). 50
(C). 55
(D). 45
Answer (D). 45

Select the Smallest and largest Font On Formatting Toolbar ?
(A). Smallest 8 And Largest 70
(B). Smallest 6 And Largest 72
(C). Smallest 8 And Largest 72
(D). Smallest 5 And Largest 70

Answer (C). Smallest 8 And Largest 72
Where is the Horizontal Split Bar On MS Word Screen?
(A). On The Top Of Vertical Scroll Bar
(B). On The Left Of Horizontal Scroll Bar
(C). On The Right Of Horizontal Scroll Bar
(D). On The Bottom Of Vertical Scroll Bar

Answer (A). On The Top Of Vertical Scroll Bar

The short cut key Ctrl + H is used for waht?
(A).Find And Replace Dialog Box With Activating Replace Tab
(B). Open Find And Replace Dialog Box With Activating Find Tab
(C). Open Find And Replace Dialog Box With Activating Go To Tab Open
(D). Open Insert Dialog Box Activating Insert Hyper Link Tab

Answer (B). Open Find And Replace Dialog Box With Activating Find Tab

For Align Center which Shortcut Will use?
(A). Ctrl + A
(B). Ctrl + B
(C). Ctrl + E
(D). Ctrl + D
Answer (C). Ctrl + E

The process to use format painter multiple times ?
(A). By Double Click On The Format Painter Icon
(B). Format Painter Cannot Be Use Multiple Times
(C). By Click On Lock Format Painter Icon
(D). None Of Above
Answer (A). By Double Click On The Format Painter Icon

The Word Documents can send to
(A). Microsoft PowerPoint
(B). Microsoft Access
(C). Microsoft Excel
(D). All Of Above
Answer (A). Microsoft PowerPoint

Which key is not use for changing the Case Of The text in MS Word
(A). Toggle Case
(B). Indent Case
(C). Sentence Case
(D). Lower Case

Answer (B). Indent Case

Select the default alignment in word
(A). Left
(B). Right
(C). Centre
(D). Justify
Answer (A). Lef
Short cut key to doucment ‘save’ in MS- WORD is
(A). Ctrl + S
(B). Ctrl + V
(C). Ctrl + C
(D). Ctrl + A

Answer (A). Ctrl + S

Microsoft Word is
(A). Word Processing programme
(B). Presentation programme
(C). Spreadsheet programme
(D). None of these

Answer (A). Word Processing programme

Select maximum number of columns that insert in a word document
(A). 45
(B). 50
(C). 55
(D). 40
Answer (A). 45

The term Selecting text means, selecting what?
(A). an entire sentence
(B). whole document
(C). a word
(D). All of the above

View Answer (D). All of the above

In MS-Word, the ruler used for?
(A). to set tabs
(B). to set indents
(C). to change page margins
(D). All of the above

Answer (D). All of the above

All of the above
For to change character size and typeface Which menu in MSWord can be used
(A). Format
(B). Tools
(C). View
(D). Data

Answer (A). Format


For selected text in MS Word used what?
(A) Ctrl+shift+A
(B) shift+A
(C) Alt+shift+A
(D) None of these

Answer (A) Ctrl+shift+A

Short cut key to Apply bullet list in MS Word
(A) Ctrl+shift+L
(B) Alt+shift+A
(C) Ctrl+shift+A
(D) None of these

Answer (A) Ctrl+shift+L

Select short cut key Apply auto format in MS Word:
(A) Ctrl+shift+A
(B) Alt+shift+A
(C) Alt+Ctrl+K
(D) None of these

Answer (C) Alt+Ctrl+K

Short cut key of Bold in Word
(A) Shift+B
(B) Alt+B
(C) Ctrl+B
(D) None of these

Answer (C) Ctrl+B

for text cancel text in MS Word:
(B) End
(C) Delete
(D) None of these

Answer (A) ESC

Select the following we can be used as watermark in a word document
(A). Text
(B). Image
(C). Art
(D). None Both A and B

Answer :D.None Both A and B
Select the item show dimly behid the main text
(A). Watermark
(B). Background
(C). Water Color
(D). Back Color
Answer : (A). Watermark
How to align paragraph in center in MS Word:
(A) Ctrl+O
(B) Ctrl+P
(C) Ctrl+F
(D) Ctrl+E

Answer (D) Ctrl+E

Which short cut keyS are used for undo in MS Word?
(A) Ctrl+n
(B) Ctrl+Y
(C) Ctrl+z
(D) Ctrl+v

Answer (B) Ctrl+Y

Which keys are used in MS Word for opning a new doucment
(A) Ctrl+z
(B) Ctrl+v
(C) Ctrl+N
(D) Ctrl+Y

Answer (C) Ctrl+N
In MS Word how To Justify the paragraph
(A) Shift+ J
(B) Alt+ J
(C) Ctrl+ J
(D) None of these

Answer C) Ctrl+ J
Select the Outline view in MS Word:
(A) Shift+O
(B) Ctrl+O
(C) Alt+Ctrl+O
(D) None of these

Answer (C) Alt+Ctrl+O
Select the Page view in MS Word:
(A) Alt+p
(B) Alt+Ctrl+P
(C) Ctrl+p
(D) None of these

Answer (B) Alt+Ctrl+P

Which keys are used to Paste text in MS Word
(A) Ctrl+Z
(B) Ctrl+ V
(C) Ctrl+D
(D) Ctrl+C

Answer (B) Ctrl+ V
Select from the following used to print page in MS Word:
(A) Ctrl+D
(B) Ctrl+L
(C) Ctrl+P
(D) Ctrl+ V

Answer (C)
How can we open the print page preview in MS Word
(A) Ctrl+F2
(B) Ctrl+F1
(C) Ctrl+F3
(D) None of these
Answer (A) Ctrl+F2
Which keys are used to replace text in MS Word:
(A) Ctrl+ J
(B) Ctrl+ E
(C) Ctrl+ F
(D) Ctrl+ H
Answer (D) Ctrl+ H
Which short cut key is used to use Italic style in MS Word:
(A) Ctrl+ I
(B) Ctrl+ G
(C) Ctrl+ H
(D) Ctrl+ E

Answer (A) Ctrl+ I

How we Insert hyperlink in MS Word
(A) Ctrl+ k
(B) Ctrl+ h
(C) Ctrl+ G
(D) Ctrl+ I

Answer (A) Ctrl+ k
28. Short cut keys for to Open task pane in MS Word:
(A) Ctrl+ F3
(B) Ctrl+ F2
(C) Ctrl+ F1
(D) Ctrl+ F4

Answer (C) Ctrl+ F1

How we can open style dialog box in MS Word:

Answer (C) CTRL+SHIFT+s

How to apply small size of text in MS Word:

How we can apply time in to text field Word
(D) None of these

Answer (A) Alt+SHIFT+T

Select short cut key to use open word count list in MS Word:
(D) None of these


The number of letter thatshow little below the normal text is known as
(A). Subscript
(B). Superscript
(C). Supertext
(D). Toptext
Answer : (A). Subscript
We can insert a page number on which place
(B). ooter
(C). END
(D). Both A and B
Answer : (D)Both A and B

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