Advanced C++ multiple choice question

Advanced C++ multiple choice questions

1: Select one of the following is not valid for the variable name…

A: -abc


C: _abc

D: Abc

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2: ……. is the keyword of C++

A: include

B: main

C: main

D: define

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3: In the program the unique name are used that called…

A: tokens

B: variables

C: keywords

D: identifiers

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4: Actuall documents are prepared for the procss…

A: coding

B: running

C: executing

D: testing

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5: which symbols are used for making decision in flowchart….

A: sequence

B: selecion

C: iteration

D: program

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6: C++ introduced in…

A: 1998


C: 1931

D: 1934

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7: errors accur in the program are caleed…

A: logic

B: syntax

C: bugs

D: all of these

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8: In the program the word Main means…

A: keywords

B: use defined identifier

C: standarad identifier

D: none of these

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9: Which of the following is true for the used of escape sequence…

A: independently enclosed in single quotes

B: inside string constant

C: independently enclosed in double quotes

D: all of these

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10: Which of the following value a function return…

A: only one

B: more than one

C: according to statement

D: double

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11: …….. operator is used to allocate the memory of an object…

A: delete

B: *

C: $

D: new

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12: Function that is not used for string is…

A: strcspn ()

B: strspn ()

C: strstr ()

D: strnicmp ()

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