Advanced C Plus Plus MCQs

Advanced C Plus Plus MCQs

1: processor translates the source code into object code as a whole that is called…

A: assembler

B: linker

C: compiler

D: debugger

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2: ……….. is a procedural language…

A: fortran

B: c

C: ada

D: all of these

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3: bjarne srtoustrup developed…

A: c language

B: c++

C: basic

D: fortran

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4: Between the angle brackets the name of ………. is given…

A: header file

B: functions

C: body

D: none of them

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5: which of the following is true about  header file…

A: definitions of various constants

B: definitions of various data types

C: prototypes of standard library functions

D: All of the above

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6: If a semicolon is not used at the end of the statement what message will be displayed by c++…

A: semicolon missing

B: terminator missing

C: error in statements

D: statement missing

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7: Which of the following the linker creates a file with extension…

A: cpp

B: ccp

C: obj

D: exe

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8: Used the term of running the program on the computer is…

A: compiling

B: loading

C: linking

D: executing

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9: syntax error accur due to…

A: missing semicolon

B: incorrect spelling

C: missing any brace

D: program without declaring 

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10: shortcut keys is used to compile and run the program in c++…

A: Alt+F9

B: Alt+F5

C: Ctrl+F9

D: F9

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11: A compiler can detect wich type of error

A: logical error

B: runtime error

C: syntax error

D: all of these

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12: which of the following operators can b categorized…

A: binary operators

B: unary operators

C: both a and b

D: none of these

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