Advanced Multiple Choice Questions Of C Sharp (C#).NET

Advanced Multiple Choice Questions Of C Sharp (C#).NET

 1: Menu bar contains a set of ……. to provide controls in the form...

a) Status

b) Tool

c) Menu

d) Progress

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2: Which of the following is the same as the code window…

a) procedure

b) debug

c) object

d) form

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3: Which of the following function translates a numeric value to a variable…

a) mod

b) val

c) build In

d) balance

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4: Which of the following is true about C#…

a) can be compiled on a variety of computer platforms

b) It is a part of.Net Framework .

c) It is component oriented

d) All of the above

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5: Choose which one is converts a type to a string…

a) toSbyte

b) tosingle

c) toString.

d) toInt64

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6: Preprocessor allows testing a symbol to see if they evaluate to true…

a) undef

b) define

c) elif

d) if

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7: Which of the following String method used to compare two strings…


b) copy()


d) compare to

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8: Which of the following property represents the current position of the stream…

a) long Position

b) int Length 

c) long Length

d) All of these

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9: Which of the following statements is not correct about constructors…

a) a constructor can be a static constructor

b) a constructor cannot be overloaded

c) constructor cannot be declared as private

d) both b and c

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10: Which of the following is not true about destructor…

a) destructors can have modifiers or parameters 

b) Destructors cannot be inherited or overloaded

c) class can have one destructor only

d) all of above

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11: Which of the following is not a characteristic of exception handling…

a) catch

b) try


d) thrown

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12: Which of the following option is correct for an example of “instanceof”…

a) a function

b) a boolean

c) a lnguage construct

d) an operator

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