Shamil’s Memory table

Shamil’s Memory table

shamil memory table
shamil memory table

Simple programs

C++ Program to input marks of subjects and show percentage, and grade

Program to convert temperature in Celsius to Fahrenheit in c++ and C with flowchart

if-else programs

Write a C++ program to input the day number and print the weekday by using the if-else statement.

Program to find the positive and negative number

Program to find the positive and negative number

C++ program to input the basic salary of an employee and calculate its Gross salary

C++ program to check whether a character is an alphabet, digit, or special character

Program to calculate the bill in c++

For loop programs

C++ program to show a table of a number

do-while loop

C++ Program to Display English Alphabets from A-Z

Sum of the first 10 natural numbers program in C++

Palindrome Program in C++

Array with for loops

Program to insert an element in an array at a specific position in C++

Program to show the Sum of Array Elements in C++

Array with nested for loops

C++ program to find the sum of each row and columns of a matrix

Array with while loops

Program in C++ to convert a decimal number into binary

User Define functions in C++

Demonstration of simple C++ program with User Define functions.


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