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Examples of Report Writing on Flood [Essay Writing]

A report is a sharp, concise, and formal document that concentrates on facts rather than arguments and reasoning. The report is written for a particular audience and purpose. It analyses a problem, event, topic, or situation. Moreover, it makes recommendations to take future actions. The report is written in a clear, well-structured, and well-formatted form. We can also say report an evaluation of the facts.

In this article, we will talk about how to write a report on floods by giving an example. So, let’s start:


There is a village about 100 kilometers far from our town. There is a large population living there. Every year, the flood comes there and carry away their assets along with the life of many people and their animals. But last year, the flood was too devastating. It affected many areas and damaged everything badly. As the signal of the flood was received, all the schools, colleges, universities, railway stations, government offices, and airports were closed. Other precautions were made but they proved ineffective.

Several areas got caught in this natural calamity. In flood-hit areas, many buildings and mud houses had collapsed and made various people homeless. They were so worried because they were suffering from a very difficult time That was a huge flood that didn’t give people to move to other safe places.  The children were afraid of and were crying frequently. A large number of people were drowned in water. The animals were also drowned and washed away. The heavy and strong water carried away all the assets of people.

A large number of crops had been ruined because of deep water. Everything was underwater and destroyed severely. Electric supply had also been stopped. In this critical time, it was too difficult to survive where people have don’t even have shelter to live. The government took active steps to relief work immediately. The rescue teams were reached the affected areas and shifted various people to the safer areas. It is being said that two persons among the rescue team were also drowned. However, they got training in swimming but the flow of water was very strong so, they failed to swim in heavy water.

The government sent bottles of drinking water and packets of dry food to the flood-hit areas in order to help the people and save their lives. The supply of food was made through helicopters. In this time of trial, various voluntary organizations participated in relief work and help people as much as they could. But despite all these helping activities, the flood made a large amount of damage that will take a long time to recover. People have lost everything. Now, the government is making applicable policies to help people financially so that they can build their houses again and start living a happy life as before. The government is also making strategies to overcome such natural disasters and save people from the coming trouble. In this regard, various steps will be taken especially the development of districts.

Report #2

A flood report typically includes information about the location, duration, and severity of the flood, as well as any damages or losses incurred as a result of the flood. It may also include details about the causes of the flood, such as heavy rainfall or a broken dam, and any efforts that were taken to mitigate the flooding. Below is an example of a flood report:

Title: Flood Report – XYZ Town, State

Date of Flood: January 1, 2022 Duration: 3 days Location: XYZ Town, State

Summary: On January 1, 2022, XYZ Town experienced a severe flood due to heavy rainfall over a three-day period. The flood caused significant damage to homes, businesses, and infrastructure in the town.

Cause: The flood was caused by a prolonged period of heavy rainfall, which overwhelmed the town’s drainage system and caused the local river to overflow its banks.

Impact: The flood affected a large portion of XYZ Town, causing significant damage to homes and businesses. Many residents were forced to evacuate their homes and seek shelter elsewhere. In addition, several roads and bridges were damaged or washed away, making it difficult for emergency services to reach affected areas.

Response: The local emergency services worked quickly to evacuate residents and provide temporary shelter for those who were displaced. The town also implemented measures to reduce the impact of future floods, such as reinforcing the banks of the local river and improving the drainage system.

Conclusion: The flood in XYZ Town caused significant damage and disruption, but the quick response of the local emergency services and the implementation of preventative measures will help to minimize the impact of future floods.

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