Report Writing on Republic Day

Examples of Report Writing on Republic Day [Essay Writing]

A report is an official document that outlines or summarizes the facts of a specific topic, issue, or event. The report is written by someone who is assigned to investigate any matter, topic, or problem or someone who is an expert in the subject.

To give you a better understanding of report writing, I am going to presents a report on Republic Day by illustrating it with an example.


Last Saturday, our school celebrate Republic Day like before.  our school is popular in celebrations of national ceremonies. All these ceremonies in an eventful manner. So, we started preparations with full energy and enthusiasm. Different activities were prepared to make the event more engaging and pleasurable. All the students were asked to reach the school at 8:30 am. we decorated our school with buntings, flowers, the national flag, and the pictures of heroes who played a great role at the time of independence.

At last, the wait was over and the Republic Day had come. A dais was put up and loudspeakers were fitted properly. The event started with prayers. The principal unfurled the national flag among loud cheers by the audience. A beautiful and eye-catching parade was performed by the students of different classes. It was an outstanding procession that made the audience engaged.

The students are in school uniforms and were looking more graceful. After the parade, some short dramas were performed in which the parliamentary system was staged. Besides this, the students come on stage in their turn and did various activities such as singing, dance, and recitation. The young students recited beautiful poems. These attractive little angles grab the attention of the audience.

Republic Day is the happiest day for a country so, the school had arranged it at a big level. The reason is that it is a great blessing for a country to exist independently on the map of the world. All the students along with teachers and other faculty members were too excited and enthusiastic. The grand event was celebrated with zeal and spirit, pomp, and show.

At the end of the event, our principal along with senior teachers delivered the most effective speeches. They gave us advice that we never hesitate to give sacrifice our lives whenever it will need to keep our country safe from enemies. They also included that we should enjoy this independence and work hard for the development and success of our country.

We promised them to become good citizens and make our country progressive in every field of life. In the end, we enjoyed the lunch offered by our principal. After having lunch, we came back home with a positive thought that our country is our homeland and we should always make it developed and secure from enemies. At that time, I wished to join the army and protect my country at any cost. I have always been proud to be a citizen of my country. I was so happy after attending the event of Republic Day.

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