Report Writing on Blood Donation Camp

Examples of Report Writing on Blood Donation Camp [Essay Writing]

If you don’t know how to write a report, I will guide you in this regard. In this article, we will make an example and elaborate report writing on blood donation camps. So, let’s move forward and start learning report writing:

Example 1: Report Writing on Blood Donation Camp

Last Thursday 17-Feb-22, a camp for blood donation was organized in our town. The program was arranged by some concerned people and a medical team. Before organizing the camp, an announcement was made to aware the people about the purpose of organizing the camp. People were asked to donate their blood so that it could be used to the poor people who need this but could not afford the expense. The medical team was included 5 physician doctors and 15 medical students. A lot of people especially the young people were present there.

The program started at 9:00 in the morning. Everyone was excited to donate his blood and participate to help the needy people. The medical students were sitting at distant places and all the people coming for donating blood were standing in a queue.

They came one by one to the students. They first wrote their name and age to keep a record of this program. After that, they analyzed the blood group and noted it. Then they started taking their blood. I also donated my blood enthusiastically because I wanted to help people. Several people became a part of that mission in a positive way.

In the end, when the donation process was being done, a doctor gave a motivational speech. He thanked all of us and encouraged us by telling us the benefits of blood donation. I really wondered to hear this and decide to donate blood after a few months frequently. The doctor told that donating blood not only helps needy people but is also beneficial for our own health. The reason is that it triggers our liver to make more blood. The program ended at 2 o’clock in the afternoon.

Example 2: Report Writing on Blood Donation Camp

On Saturday 23rd January 2022, our college organized a camp or blood donation on our campus. All the students were asked to donate blood. 7 nurses and 3 doctors from District Civil Hospital came to our college for providing their valuable services for the mission. The core goal of this program was to collect blood and donate it to the District Army Hospital.

The principal, faculty members including me, and students donated their blood happily. We felt proud of such kind of good deed by helping poor people. Furthermore, outsiders were also invited for this purpose. A large number of people gave their blood willingly. All were happy that they got the opportunity to participate in this act.

The doctors collected more than five hundred units of blood from the volunteers. The collected blood was donated to the hospital as per the goal of the program to save the lives of the soldiers. After donating blood, I felt heartily happiness and contentment after giving a great service to humanity.

The principal also arranged fresh juices for all the volunteers so that they may not feel fatigued after donating blood. In the last moments, the principal thanked everyone for their cooperation and we promised to frequently become a part of such programs.

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