Formula, Structure, and Rules of Present Indefinite Tenses – Negative Sentences

Formula, Structure, and Rules of Present Indefinite Tenses – Negative Sentences

Subject+ Do not or Does not + Base form of verb + object

Helping verb

 Do not + Does not

Examples of Tenses – Present Indefinite 

  1. You do not have a job.
   Subject Verb Object
You Do Not Job

2. It does not matter.

   Subject Verb Object
It Does Matter

3.  He did not go to school daily.

   Subject Verb Object
He Did not School

4. He did not go to the school library.

   Subject Verb Object
He Did not School

5.  He is not go University daily.

   Subject Verb Object
He Not go University

6. He did not go Islamabad daily.

   Subject Verb Object
He Did not Islamabad

7. I go to school daily.

   Subject Verb Object
I Go School

Present Indefinite Tense (NEGATIVE)

  1. He doesn’t have a bath every day.
  2. Sammy doesn’t play the cricket very well.
  3. Uganda don’t work hard in sports.
  4. Ellie doesn’t do the same job every day.
  5. They don’t know my Email.
  6. I don’t use social media every day.
  7. My parents doesn’t like movies.
  8. Alia doesn’t live among us now.
  9. I don’t drive to my work.
  10. I don’t need a new Car.
  11. Ali do not need more Cola.
  12. Shah does not need more Tea.
  13. Waqar does’nt need a lot of help.
  14. Bill does not need a lot of Cash.
  15. Bailey and Menny do not need a new house.
  16. I don’t see you.
  17. We don’t see the house.
  18. She does not see her friend.
  19. Bosco does not see his wallet.
  20. I don’t hear the music.
  21. He does not hear me.
  22. Jennifer does not hear the alarm.
  23. They do not hear the kids.
  24. Bilal do not hear the sound of motorcycles.
  25. I don’t like it.
  26. Ashraf don’t like green tea.
  27. Lazy people does not like work.
  28. Julie does not like me.
  29. The young generation don’t like classical music.
  30. I don’t need a new job.
  31. Ellies do not want an old motorcar.
  32. She does not want a new handbag.
  33. He does not want Tea.
  34. I do not like to study.
  35. Boys do not chase girls.
  36. Peter does not want to chat with Annabelle.
  37. Alice does not work for an IT company.
  38. I do not like this drink very much.
  39. I do not enjoy playing with other kids.
  40. Shank does not make models from clay.
  41. I do not practice bowling every morning.
  42. My brother does not earn 300 dollars a week.
  43. Our team did not play well yesterday
  44. He does not go to school by bus.
  45. You don’t speak French.
  46. John doesn’t speak Spanish.
  47. We don’t have time for a talk.
  48. It doesn’t affect.
  49. They don’t want to go to the playing field.
  50. She doesn’t like seafood.
  51. They do not play rugby every week.
  52. Jen is not a nice person.
  53. This motorcar does not make a lot of noise.
  54. I do not like watching movies.
  55. We are not from Sokovia.
  56. You do not wear pullovers.
  57. They do not speak Latin.
  58. He does not watch movies.
  59. I am not from France.
  60. Steve does not draw nice pictures.
  61. Akbar don’t like the food they serve at that restaurant.
  62. Jimmy doesn’t work on Sundays.
  63. My friends don’t usually sleep so early.
  64. I do not want to play with you.