Example of Evaluative Language

Adverbs as an Example of Evaluative Language

  1. Effectively: He teaches his students very effectively.
  2. Skilfully: Engineers are showing their work skillfully.
  3. Successfully: Engineers are showing their work successfully.
  4. Convincingly: Spiritual leader is brain washing the people convincingly.
  5. Clearly: I am clearly telling you that you will fail in exam if you would not change your study habits.

Adjectives as an Example of Evaluative Language

  1. Skilful: Ali is a skillful person.
  2. Engaging: My content writing team always try its best to create engaging content
  3. Effective: My content writing team produce effective content for students and its helps to get the A grade in exams.
  4. Clear: The writer is clear about his thoughts.
  5. Convincing: Donald Trump have a very strong convincing power to convince the American citizens.
  6. Thought-provoking: His lecture was very thought-provoking.
  7. Successful: Imran khan is a successful person in the history of Pakistan politics.

Verbs as an Example of Evaluative Language

  1. Demonstrates.
  2. Conveys.
  3. Suggests.
  4. Emphasises.
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