Narrative Essay MCQs


Which is the synonym of Narrative in a Narrative essay?

(A). Story

(B). Non-fiction

(C). Fiction

(D). Monologue


Which of the following is a Narrative in a Narrative essay?

(A). Comparing the stories
(B). A comprehensive biography

(C). A detailed chronological story

(D). Summary of the story


Which of the following contains the background detailed information and the thesis?

(A). Conclusion

(B). Body

(C). Introduction 

(D). Title


Which of the following sums up the story?

(A). Introduction

(B). Body

(C). Conclusion

(D). None of these


What is the first step of writing a narrative in a Narrative essay?

(A). Write your conclusion

(B). Think of a thesis statement

(C). None of these

(D). Selecting the interesting topic


The term narrative can be used as which two parts of speech in a Narrative essay?

(A). Pronoun and adverb

(B). First and second person

(C). Noun and adjective

(D). Fiction and non-fiction


When did we want to compose a narrative, and what elements we must use in a Narrative essay?

(A). A well-developed plot and characters

(B). A suitable sequence of events

(C). An interesting and thorough setting

(D). Both a, b, c, and many other elements of good story writing.


The possible applications of narrative as an adjective are ______?

(A). Narrative essay and narrative speech

(B). Narrative poem and narrative song

(C). None of these

(D). Both a and b


Who is the writer of  Narrative as Rhetoric?

(A). James Phalen

(B). Mark Twain

(C). George Orwell

(D). Both A and B


What feature must be in writing an introduction?

(A). Argue the topic

(B). Give describes of the story

(C). Contrasting the topic facts

(D). Catch the reader

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