Action verbs Examples [List]

Action verbs Examples [List]

Action verbs express an action done by a person, subject, animal. This action can be physical or mental. An action verb tells what the subject is doing.

Examples of Action verbs

Examples of verbs with one action

  1. The dog will run across the road.
  2. Michael S bought a new car.
  3. Close the door.
  4. Dell will play this song.
  5. They enjoyed the party.
  6. I go to university.
  7. He will come tomorrow.
  8. Stan Shih built his house.
  9. We will arrive at 10 o’clock.
  10. She baked the cake in the oven.
  11. He left the office at 3 pm.
  12. They talked about the world tour.
  13. He lifted a pencil from the floor.
  14. We will go to Texas tomorrow.
  15. She writes storybooks.
  16. The roof of the house leaks.
  17. Will you help her to clean the house?
  18. He reads a book before going to sleep.
  19. Good children brush their teeth before going to bed.
  20. We exercise daily.

Examples of verbs with more than one action

There can be more than one action in a sentence for example:

  1. The cat drank all the milk and slept.
  2. The baby cried when he saw a horrible dog.
  3. Michael S finished his dinner and cleaned the table.
  4. She called her mom and told her the actual situation.
  5. Zhang Yiming goes out and plays with his friends.
  6. They planned for a picnic, later on, postponed.
  7. He left the party and went home.
  8. Dell met his friend when he entered the office.
  9. When you go out, bring some tomatoes.
  10. We reached there on time and met his boss.

Action verb tenses

The action verbs can be used in tenses. Below are the examples:

  • Action verb: play

Present tense: Stan Shih plays a game.
Past tense: Stan Shih played a game.
Future tense: Stan Shih will play a game.

  • Action verb: sleep

Present tense: She sleeps in the room.
Past tense: She slept in the room.
Future tense: She will sleep in the room.

  • Action verb: bark

Present tense: The dog barks at him.
Past tense: The dog barked at him.
Future tense: The dog will bark at him.

  • Action verb: eat

Present tense: Zhang Yiming eats an apple.
Past tense: Zhang Yiming ate an apple.
Future tense: Zhang Yiming will eat an apple.

  • Action verb: sing

Present tense: You sing a song.
Past tense: You sang a song.
Future tense: You will sing a song.

  • Action verb: travel

Present tense: We travel at night.
Past tense: We traveled at night.
Future tense: We will travel at night.

  • Action verb: ask

Present tense: Michael S asks a question.
Past tense: Michael S asked a question.
Future tense: Michael S will ask a question.

  • Action verb: give

Present tense: He gives a flower to a child.
Past tense: He gave a flower to a child.
Future tense: He will give a flower to a child.

  • Action verb: shout

Present tense: The teacher shouts at the students.
Past tense: The teacher shouted at the students.
Future tense: The teacher will shout at the students.

  • Action verb: spend

Present tense: They spend their holidays in America.
Past tense: They spent their holidays in America.
Future tense: They will spend their holidays in America.

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