Application for Fee Concession

Student Application Example for Fee Concession


The principal




With due respect, it is stated that I belong to a working-class family. My father is a sole bread earner and works hard but he is unable to pay my fee due to his limited income. So, I have to do work part-time to cover my expenses and support my family as well. But it is too difficult to run a home smoothly when inflation is rising day by day.

I am a shining and genius student of Grade Nine. My teachers appreciate me because I always get 1st position. I have also received many awards for outstanding performance in extra-curricular activities. My parents dream to see me on a higher rank after completing my education. I am also fond of studies and want to acquire higher education.

So, I have no choice except to ask you for a full fee concession so that I can pursue my dream studies further. I assure you that I will keep my academic record excellent and outstanding like before.

If you will not consider my case, I will have to leave my education and I will not be able to make my parents’ dream come true.

I shall be grateful to you if you give me this favor.

Thank you,

Yours sincerely,


Grade ix

Section A