Formula, Structure, and Rules of Interrogative Sentences- Present Perfect Interrogative Tenses

Formula, Structure, and Rules of Interrogative Sentences- Present Perfect Interrogative Tenses

Formula of Present Perfect Interrogative Tenses

Have + Has + Subject + Past participle + object

Helping verb

Have + Has

Examples of Present Perfect Interrogative Tenses

  1. Has he seen my new collage?
   Subject Verb Object
He Seen Collage

2. Have they bought a new car?

   Subject Verb Object
They Bought Car

3.  Have the dog eaten their food?

   Subject Verb Object
The dog Eaten Food

4.  Has he sent you a text message?

   Subject Verb Object
He Text Message

5. Has he brought her laptop?

   Subject Verb Object
He Brought Her

Present Perfect Tenses – Other Examples

  1. I have been writing Blog on different topics for 2 weeks.
  2. He has been watching the movie for two hours.
  3. They have been playing baseball for an hour.
  4. He has been finding the shirt since morning.
  5. He has been studying in the home for three hours.
  6. Shine have been shopping at this fair for four hours.
  7. We have been watching a baseball in this Cineplex since one hour.
  8. Ali have been shopping in that mall since three hours.
  9. Angela have been singing different kinds of songs.
  10. Jouzy have been listening to melodious songs.
  11. Jazzy has been traveling around the USA for a month.
  12. Boys have been playing football in that field for five hours.
  13. The female poet has been reading romantic poems.
  14. I have not been watching the cricket match for an hour.
  15. Arsal have been preparing the assignment for two hours.
  16. Rich man have been helping poor people to live.
  17. Chef has been cooking since three hours.
  18. Ajmal have been working for three hours.
  19. Ricky have been watching basketball since 7pm.
  20. Sasha hasn’t been feeling well from two weeks.
  21. Aunt hasn’t been visiting us since May.
  22. He has been playing snooker for a long time.
  23. He has been living in Canada since he left college.
  24. Little sister has been playing hide-and-seek with the brother for hours.
  25. Detective have been looking for the missing clue of the murder case.
  26. James has been living with this sasha ever since his wife died.
  27. I have been working hard for the project since Monday.
  28. I have been going to gym for fitness every day for the last 1 years.
  29. I have been awaking late on Sundays for the last 2 months.
  30. I have been watching a baseball match every week since 4 weeks.
  31. I have been swimming on Sundays for the last 1 year.
  32. It has been thundering since evening.
  33. He has been playing snooker for two hours.
  34. Chef has been cooking in this hotel for 4 months.
  35. They have been listening songs for 1 hours.
  36. We have been living in USA since 1998.
  37. Fat boay have been eating for two hours.
  38. I have been coding since 2017.
  39. I‘ve been living in norway for almost twelve years.
  40. I‘ve been working all day and I’m absolutely tired of work now.
  41. He has been mourning for 30 minutes now.
  42. She has been drinking since morning.
  43. Dog has been barking for five hours.
  44. They have been travelling since Monday.